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  • Investigating the Relationship Between Foot Size and Height

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    Investigating the Relationship Between Foot Size and Height I predict that the taller the pupil is, the bigger their foot size will be. Plan ==== I’ve been given 60 pieces of data from pupils, about their height and foot size. I will be using a piece of software called Fathom where I will place this information into a scatter graph, to see whether or not my hypothesis is correct. Fathom will produce a line of best fit on my graph and tell me what my r-value is. The r-value shows

  • Analysis of Data Between Height and Weight in Girls and Boys

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    Analysis of Data Between Height and Weight in Girls and Boys In my first investigation, I will be analysing data between height and weight in girls and boys. I will also use this data to compare the results between boys and girls as well. I will use a variety of graphs to show this. PREDICTIONS I predict that as the heights increase, so will

  • The Relationship Between Height and Weight for the Pupils in a Secondary School

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    The Relationship Between Height and Weight for the Pupils in a Secondary School Introduction ============ For this investigation, I am going to use data on secondary school pupils to find the distribution of the data and also to look for any meaningful relationships between the heights and weights of the students. When I was looking at the various things that I could study, one of the factors that I looked at was data collection. The amount of data was large, spanning across

  • A Comparison of Broadsheet Newspapers with Tabloid Newspapers

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    A Comparison of Broadsheet Newspapers with Tabloid Newspapers Investigation 1 Hypothesis 1 "Broadsheet newspapers have a longer average word length than tabloid newspapers" My theory is that broadsheet newspapers use a more complex style of language. In effect I think this will result in a longer average word length in a broadsheet than in a tabloid newspaper. Both newspapers will have a large amount of short word included in the articles, however, this can not be avoided due

  • Statistics Investigation

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    big but the foot size is not. I can see this because the points are far away from the line of best fit. The graph shows a positive correlation, which means there is a positive gradient. As the value of the y-axis increases, so does the value of the x-axis, which means that in general, as the height increases, so does the foot size. This means when I square root the value of r2, to get r, I know to take the positive square root of 0.69. For the above graph, r=0.83 to 2sf. For graphs showing

  • Central Currency

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    Measures of central tendency which include, the mean, median and mode, attempt to provide the centre point of the data set as wells as represent it with all with one value. Whereas measures of variability (range, interquartile range, variance and standard deviation) attempt to show the spread or difference in a data set. The mean, also known as the average, is the sum of all the values in a set of data divided by the number of values in said set. For example a class of 10 students were administered

  • Comparing Left-Handed and Right-Handed People

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    Comparing Left-Handed and Right-Handed People Are left-handed people more intelligent and creative than the right-handed in Mayfield High School? In my coursework, I am going to focus on the IQ, Key Stage 2 results, favourite colour, favourite subject and height of students in Mayfield High School. Specify, I will concentrate on the Year 7,8 and 9 boys and girls because these year groups have closer relationship with the Key Stage 2 results. In the following coursework I am going

  • Newspaper Comparisons

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    Newspaper Comparisons Introduction For this statistical coursework I will compare the length of words in tabloid and broadsheet newspapers. My sources are 'The Sun' (a tabloid) and 'The Times' (a broadsheet). Predictions / Hypotheses * Broadsheets, on average, use long words, while tabloid newspapers generally contain shorter words than broadsheets. * Tabloids have a wider variation in the number of letters per word than broadsheets * The most common (modal) number of

  • Relationship between Height and Weight

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    Relationship between Height and Weight I am using the data from Mayfield high school as I am unable to use data from Nabwood School. This is because although the school has a database system, information regarding height and weight of year 10 and 11 students will not be accurate as it was taken when students came to the school in year 7, which was three or four years ago (if they are now in years 10 and 11). Therefore to try and update the database with the latest height and weight of year

  • A Comparison of Newspaper Articles

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    A Comparison of Newspaper Articles Introduction I have chosen the "Read All About It" option for my Maths Coursework. This involves comparing articles from newspapers and comparing them. I have chosen to use two newspapers for my investigation. I have chosen to compare articles from a Tabloid and a Broadsheet newspapers. The papers I have chosen are "The Mirror" and "The Guardian". I am predicting that the articles in the broadsheet newspapers would be more complex and often longer

  • Essay On Anthropometric Measurements

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    rule but fail to satisfy the empirical rule. Essentially, the researcher can be 98% confident that the average upper leg length is between 37.47cm and 40.25cm for females, and between 41.50cm and 43.64cm for males. At the 90% level of confidence, the means would lie between 37.88cm and 39.85cm for females, and 41.71cm and 43.44cm for males. References Black, K. (2009). Business statistics: Contemporary decision making. John Wiley & Sons. Center for Disease Control. (2009). National health and nutrition

  • Biomass Estimation & Sampling Techniques

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    Introduction A series of sampling techniques were used in the field in order to estimate the amount of biomass that an area contained. The experiments were conducted at the Bisley Park on a Saturday. Two different methods were employed, namely quadrat-based methods and the disc-pasture metre method. The results gained from these samples were used to create an estimate of the biomass in the area. Materials and Methods There are two techniques used in the quadrat-based methods, namely the

  • Statistics

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    Statistics Hypotheses 1. The higher the IQ, the higher the average SATs results. There will be a stronger relationship between the girls’ IQ and SATs results than the boys’. 2. Boys will have a higher IQ than girls. 3. IQ will increase as age increases. Plan I have been given two sheets of containing 100 pieces of data on each. The data is secondary as I have not collected it myself. One set is from key stage three and the other from key stage four. The data includes year group

  • Height and Weight Data on High School Children

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    group and gender. Therefore my data will be representative of Mayfield High School. Once I have collected the data I will then organize the heights and weights of the girls and boys in a grouped frequency table. I will then use this table to find the mean, mode, median of the results of the heights and weights of these males and females. I will then construct a cumulative frequency graph to find and locate the median, lower quartile and upper quartile. This will then be used to draw a box plot for the

  • Essay On Inferential Statistics

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    been rejected. It is important to note that the use of the word “significant” here does not correspond to the independent variable having a significant effect on the dependent variable. The term “significant” when used in significance testing simply means that there is some measurable effect, not that it is significant.

  • Investigating the Factors that Affect the Price of a Second Hand Car

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    Investigating the Factors that Affect the Price of a Second Hand Car Introduction I am going to test which factors affect the price of a second hand car using a variety of different statistical techniques. From what I discover using these techniques I will conclude which factors are the most important. I will examine only cars within the reach of a normal family, i.e. not luxury cars. I will also exclude classic cars as these are unlikely to perform like normal second hand cars.

  • What is Wisdom?

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    exactly does this definition mean? Some fallacies about wisdom include: confusing wisdom with intelligence, having a college degree, having common sense, or simply having life experiences. In order to prove these fallacies wrong, the definition of wisdom needs to be explored. The dictionary meaning of wisdom included the words sagacity and erudition. Sagacity, according to the dictionary, means “quickness of discernment; shrewdness; high intelligence (pg 292).” Erudition means “learning, knowledge gained

  • Effects of working less hours.

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    gain something you must also lose something in return. In this case you gain more time with friends,family, and studies, but you lose pay and may even irritate your boss. Less pay is obvious as you are working fewer hours so you get less money, which means your standard of living goes down. More time for leisure activities such as, friends and family gives you a closer bond with your friends and family. Working fewer hours could also irritate your boss, since you are making him either hire a new worker

  • Kelly Criterion Case Study

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    The Kelly Criterion or sometimes called a Kelly bet is a formula used to decide the optimal sized stake of the bank to bet on a certain outcome. The way the Kelly Criterion works is that if one believes to have an edge over the bookmakers odds for a certain outcome one applies the kelly formula to calculate how much of their bank to stake and then do this for a series of bets resulting in a profit. Many argue the Kelly strategy is the strongest strategy among all betting strategies in the long term

  • Catapult Experiment

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    Data Analysis The scientific question investigated in this experiment was, “Which household object, when catapulted at a 45 degree angle, will travel the farthest?” The hypothesis in this experiment was, “If four household objects are catapulted at a 45 degree angle, then the standard white dice will travel the farthest.” The independent variable in this experiment is changing the object launched. The dependent variable in this experiment is the change in distance traveled. The control variables