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  • Pornography on the Internet

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    always like this? Not really, as we have seen, the Internet and the pornography industry have come together to make quite an explosion that has brought many issues to the surface. It's a scary fact to realize that 83.5% images available on the Internet are pornographical. And it is even more of a problem when the Internet's pornography is available to curious children that happen to bump onto them. One of the more drawing freatures of the young Internet was its freedom. Its "… a rare example of true

  • Effects of Internet Pornography

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    Effects of Internet Pornography It used to be almost impossible for children to get pornography. Comer stores would place adult magazines such as playboy on the top rack behind all the other magazines so that only the title was visible and it was out of reach of children. Movie stores would have separate rooms at the front of the store for their porn videos; this way they could monitor who went into the room. In today's technologically advanced society, pornographic magazines and videos are

  • The Benefits of Internet Pornography

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    Since it is associated with graphic and sexually explicit content, pornography is quickly dismissed from society. Many people view it as obscene and find it unfortunate that such content exists. However, pornography is a medium of expression that has existed for thousands of years and contrary to the conservative views that many people have, it has allowed its audiences and participants to benefit economically, technologically and socially. Pornographic and erotic works have closely been related

  • The Importance Of Internet Pornography

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    being spent on internet pornography (McDonough-Taub). The United States is responsible for eighty-nine percent of the total number of pornographic websites worldwide (IFR). In the U.S., 40 million Americans access pornography daily, and the gross revenue from this is about 4.9 billion worldwide. This same income for the U.S. alone is 2.8 billion dollars a year (Willingham). So not only does the United States consume pornography, it also is its greatest producer. Internet Pornography has become routine

  • The Internet Pornography: The Dangers Of The Internet

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    Internet Pornography Pornography has been around for a very long time and has been created in many different mediums. The most recent of these mediums is the Internet. It is essential to take a look at how this new medium has impacted the production and use of pornography. Specifically, it is important to examine the ways that the Internet has made the pornography more dangerous. Pornography has many potential dangers such as emotional and sexual dissatisfaction, poor body image, unhealthy views

  • Internet Pornography

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    Since the internet is so easy, accessible and essentially unregulated, it leaves room for many controversies, including electronic commerce, credit card fraud, invasion of privacy and more. One of the most controversial problems is internet pornography. Imagine receiving unwanted e-mail and suddenly get sent nude pictures of people and links which invite you to more of what they have already shown. Think about your son, daughter or even yourself being on a music site and you accidentally click

  • Internet Pornography

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    Internet Pornography Material that is reserved for adult use has been widely available to everyone via the Internet. Without any regulation the Internet has remained untouched until a few days ago when the president passed the Communications Decency Act. This law was put into effect to put an end to the problems that have derived from the Internet. The CDA makes it a crime to knowingly send "indecent" material that could be viewed by a minor over a computer online service or on the Internet computer

  • Pornography on the Internet

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    Pornography on the Internet The Internet is a method of communication and a source of information that is becoming popular among those who are interested in the information superhighway. The problem with this world we know as Cyberspace, the ‘Net, or the Web is that some of this information, including pornographical material and hate literature, is being accessible to minors. Did you know that 83.5% of the images available on the Internet are pornographical? Did you know that the Internet’s

  • Internet and Child Pornography

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    The Internet has become such a vast and quickly growing technology that law makers have had difficulty keeping up with the technological advances within the internet grid and the sick minds of individuals. One specific area of concern is internet safety regarding minors, especially in the area of pornography. There is a controversy that surrounds the policing of the Internet for illicit activities such as pornography that has been going on since the early 1990’s between the U.S. government and

  • Censoring Pornography on the Internet

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    The internet was created for the cold war, in the event that the U.S. were attacked, there would be no communication among the nations leaders, because traditional communication would be disrupted by a nuclear blast. Since that time, the internet survived only though commercialization, the original form of the internet was scrapped when the cold war ended. Now, with this medium in the hands of anyone who wants to pay for service, the Internet has exploded with controversial materials that some people