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  • Elderly Disability

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    have ranged widely, including functional limitations6-9, level of physical activity10, 11, depression12-15, cognitive status13, 16, 17, comorbidities18, 19, falls6, 20, self-rated health21, 22, social interaction23 and others24. Understanding the incidence of disability in the oldest-old is a critical step in identifying methods of reducing disability in this at-risk age group. We examined incident disability in a large cohort of participants aged 90 and older, The 90+ Study. As part of their participation

  • Clinical dentistry

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    and incidence of a disease. Disease Prevalence: The number of decayed, missing, and filled surfaces that exist in the mouth at any one time. Only one examination is required to determine prevalence. (Prevalence is what is present at one point in time!) Disease Incidence: The number of decayed, missing, and filled surfaces that occur over a given period of time. Two different examinations are required to determine incidence- one before, and one at the end of a selected time period. (Incidence is

  • Pre-Columbian Health Of Ancient South American Peoples

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    Paleopathological examination of a skeleton can reveal intricacies in the life way of persons of the past. Several studies have been conducted to obtain information for a comparative analysis of post-contact diseases inflicted upon the Americas to trace the origin or presence of certain infectious diseases, particularly those normally associated with Columbian contact e.g. the syphilis (Gerzsten et al. 1997). It should be noted that evidence of pre-contact syphilis in South America is not present

  • Nursing Workplace Incidence of Violence

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    In today’s world violence can be expected anywhere at any time. This includes what was considered at one time a low risk area, the medical facility. Today the incidence of violence is increasing. There are two types of violence the first is lateral violence or aggression which is amongst hospital or medical personal. The other is external factors consisting of patients or visitors instituting violence or aggression among themselves or against healthcare workers. This is known as a code grey in my

  • Increase in Cancer Incidence

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    cancer of the world health organization (WHO), the global burden of cancer has been expected to almost double in the next decade. This trend is not only limited to the cancer incidence but is expected to be replicate in the cancer death or even more [1]. As per the 2012 WHO report, the most common cause as per the incidence globally is lung(1.8 million,13 %), breast (1.7 million,11.9%) and large bowel (1.4 million,9.7%). Cancer death were most commonly associated with lung (1.6 million, 19.4%), liver

  • Investigating What Factors Affect Reflection

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    Investigating What Factors Affect Reflection Prediction: The angle of incidence is proportional to the angle of Refraction. Angle I Angle r 10 6 20 14 30 21 40 28 50 34 60 39 70 44 80 47 Results: Angle I Angle r 10 8 20 15 30 20 40 28 50 33 60 38 70 42 80 47 Averages of both results: Angle I ======= Angle r 10 7 20 14.5 30 20.5 40 28 50 33

  • Refraction of Light

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    Light: the quantum phenomenon that provides luminous energy for our world. Radiant energy is why we can observe a twinkling star in the night sky, perceive colors from a painting, distinguish daytime and nighttime, and witness life itself. However, the concept of light is difficult to digest. Many questions about it are yet to be pondered, and most existing ones require technology beyond your and my reach to answer. But we can prove something without much modern tools: manipulation of light. Manipulation

  • The Speed of Light Through Perspex

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    different speeds through different mediums. The speed of light in air is 300,000,000m/s. When light enters an optically denser medium, it bends towards the normal (refracts). You can work out the refractive index of by dividing the sine of the incidence angle by the sine of the angle of refraction and then working out the ratio of the two. Sine i Sine r From this refractive index you can work out the speed of light through the chosen medium by dividing the speed of light through air

  • Investigating How the Speed of Light Differs in Air and in Perspex

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    refracts through different substances. On passing from a less dense medium to a more dense medium, light is refracted towards the normal, and thus the angle of incidence, i, is larger than the angle of refraction, r., Willebrord van Roijen Snell (1591-1626), came up with a law explaining the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of the angle of refraction is a constant for any given pair of medium. so a simple statement of his law is: sin i / sin r = a constant, n So

  • Problems with Tax Evasion in Kenya

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    In Kenya, tax revenues make up to 80% of the government’s budgetary resources with a negligible proportion coming from grants and loans owing to the stringent conditionalities adopted as part of Structural Adjustment programmes (SAPs) imposed on the Kenyan government in the 1990s by International monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (Muriithi and Moyi, 2006). Government use taxation to raise revenues to cover their expenditures on the provision of social goods and services, to regulate the level