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Long ago there was a man named Johann Gutenberg. He was a very intelligent man. He created one of the greatest inventions in history. He created the printing press. You may ask yourself, what is the printing press? I will soon explain.
Johann Gutenberg was born in 1399 named Genefliesch zur Laden. He changed his name to Gutenburg after the name of his wealthy father’s house. Gutenberg died in 1468 in Mainz, Germany where he was born.
In the footsteps of his father, he first trained as a goldsmith in Strasburg, Germany and joined the goldsmith’s guild in 1434. He moved back to Mainz and befriended Johann Fust who became his partner and provided him with money to create the printing press. The most well known publication was the Gutenberg Bible, which showed the perfection of his invention. Later Fust sued Gutenberg for possession of the Gutenberg Bible. No other information was ever recovered from this incidence but it is assumed that Johann Gutenberg got his hands on the printing press.
In Gutenberg’s time, not everyone was educated. There was not enough time to hand-write hundreds or even thousands of books. So, instead of learning, people worked. In 1448, Johann Gutenberg made it possible for many people to learn. The printing press was a machine that could write many books with ink. Around this time there was a w...
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