Hotel del Coronado Essays

  • The Legend of Kate Morgan

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    Legend of Kate Morgan. I would like to share with you the story of Kate Morgan in association with the haunting of the Hotel Dell Coronado and the mysteries surrounding her death. On November 24th, 1892 a young woman checked into room 302 of Hotel Del Coronado under the name of Lottie Anderson Bernard. Five days later she was found dead on the exterior stairs of the hotel leading to the beach. She had a gun wound to her head and a pistol was found at her side. What happened to this young woman

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In California

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    whip but I thought it was mayo so I took a bite and instantly got angry. So first experience in California, bad. But putting that aside I knew there was going to be lots of fun to come. After the long drive we then had arrived at our hotel in Hollywood. The hotel was so nice, it smelt like lavender and had beautiful decor inside that matched the theme of Hollywood. We checked into our room and looked around the nice travel shampoo, the soft towels, and the bed situation. I always won that fight

  • Arizona Essay

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    cities that would be in possession of valuable treasures. Marcos de Niza was informed about Cibola by an Indian informer. When de Niza returned from his exhibition, he claimed he had seen de Seven Cities of Cibola in the distance. Spanish explorer Coronado was the second European to explore the area. His expedition entered the area in 1540 until 1542 during its search for Cibola. However, he did not find it. He only found little Indian villages, including the settlement of the Zuni Pueblos, which probably