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  • Into The Forest

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    Into the forest. In the novel ‘into the forest’ the two main characters, Nell and Eva, lived together their entire lives. Although they grew up with together in the same remote place with the same parents, they developed unique personalties and views on life. In the early stages of the novel there are small things that differentiate the two girls. For example, Nell, wants to be thrifty, save and preserve the things, while Eva is prepared to use things to get something done, her thinking isn’t

  • Forest: The Importance Of Forest In The World

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    Forest is an area of land filled with trees as well as other vegetation. Depending on the latitude of the forest and its location, different species of woody trees and other sorts of vegetation will be around. Similar to the plant species, not only does different forest will have their own plant species pool, they also serve as habitats for numerous amounts of species, ranging from insects to birds to mammals. With all the animal and plant species combined, it would not be an understatement to say

  • A Day in the Forest

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    A Day in the Forest It was a calm, overcast day, and I found myself resting at the side of a large oak tree, admiring the beauty of the woods that surrounded me. The sunless sky covered the woods over the treetops which created a canopy over my head. The crimson and auburn foliage was a magnificent sight, as this was the season known as Fall. There was a gentle breeze, creating the single sound of rustling leaves. The leaves appeared as though they were dying to fall out of the tree and

  • The Rain Forest

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    The Rain Forest The destruction of the rainforest is a problem that the people of the world can not continue to ignore. 14 percent of the Earth's land used to be covered by rainforests yet this number has dropped significantly to only about 6 percent ( Rainforests provide the people of the world with many necessities, some of which would no longer be available if rainforests did not exist. In the last 50 years, rainforests have declined at

  • Depletion Of Forests

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    Can you picture our earth without forests? Many of us can’t. Forests cover approximately one fifth of the worlds land surface and play an important role in our everyday lives (Dudley 4). Forests provide us with many products and services from helping maintain erosion to providing jobs for our citizens. Humanity depends on the survival of a healthy ecosystem and deforestation is causing many social, economic and ecological problems. One ecological problem is Global warming witch is caused when carbon

  • The Light In The Forest

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    The Light In The Forest Conrad Richter's book, The Light In The Forest, is about a boy from Pennsylvania who was adopted into an Indian family. After a long period of time, True Son had to go back to his white family. The ordeal in the story is that he wanted to go back to the Indians and not stay in the white village. When he came back, he made a big mistake and got kicked out of the Indian village. In my opinion, Cuyloga made the most difficult decision in the novel when he decided to send True

  • Forest Fires

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    In the year 2000, fire fighters battled raging infernos as some of the worst wildfires in 50 years rampaged across a dozen states. Not only were these fires the worst in half a century, but they may be the worst ever recorded. In a single week in mid August, 86 major wildfires were raging in a dozen states from Arizona and California up to Colorado and Wyoming to Montana, Oregon and South Dakota. Five million acres of land burned, more then double the annual average for the past decade. A controlled

  • Environment and Forest Lost

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    everyday lives, carrying out their business. In this sense, coral reefs are the sea's main metropolises. Without coral reefs and the rainforest the world will be driven into chaos without its benefits so spare this undeveloped old growth tropical rain forest and a coral reef from destruction by development and let this designated areas be a national park with its bustling life force.

  • The Comparison Of Forest Of Ar

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    The Comparison of Forest of Arden versus Forest of Eden It is the innate desire of man to seek a place of freedom, .an utopia, which allows him to escape into fantasies and away from the hardships of reality. In the play 'As you like it'; by William Shakespeare, the playwright indirectly compares the Forest of Arden to the Forest of Eden by exploring the theme of illusions, the idea of the forest as a place of refuge and Arden's mystical powers. The two forests are not only related by the fact

  • Rain Forest

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    Long ago, the Earth had a green belt of rain forests around its middle that covered almost twelve percent of the earth's land surface.(Miller & Berry 3) Today, the rain forest covers two percent of the earth's land surface and it is declining rapidly. The following will be a description of the rain forest, factors in its destruction, and if there are any answers to slow or halt the process. "Today, as we enter the last decade of the twentieth century, we have reached a turning point; we can no longer