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  • Feminist Issues In Feminism

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    one: Prompt 1 “Birth Matters” Birth and reproductive rights have proved to be a much more complicated issue when looking through a feminist, intersectional lense, than how it is perceived by the American public. Bettina gave an enlightening lecture on reproductive and birth rights, explaining all the components involved in birth rights issues; and the intersections of these issues with other issues in feminism. Zakiya Luna Further illustrates this in her essay, “From Rights to Justice: Women of Color

  • Eating Disorders: A Feminist Issue

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    Eating Disorders: A Feminist Issue What is a feminist approach to understanding eating disorders? Not all feminists have the same understanding of eating disorders. There are many different theories that are prevalent in feminist literature today. This web page will explore some of the different feminist perspectives about the cause of eating disorders in our culture. Power Control and obedience In her book Unbearable Weight, Susan Bordo (1993) makes the argument that the fear of women's

  • Analysis Of Fat Is A Feminist Issue

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    “Fat is a Feminist Issue” Susie Orbach’s story, “Fat is a Feminist Issue,” is a story that myself and many other, young and old women alike, can relate to. It seems that every channel we listen to or watch, has something to do with dieting, exercising, and having procedures to eliminate being fat. There are so many different claims of pills that will help us to lose weight and even will just cause the weight to drop-off without any changes in diet or exercise. It makes one confused to attempt

  • Feminist Issues in The Handmaid's Tale

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    Feminist Issues in The Handmaid's Tale The Handmaids Tale, by Margaret Atwood, can be classified as a distopic novel. The Republic of Gilead in The Handmaids Tale is characteristic of a distopia in that it is not intended as a prediction of the future of our society, but rather as a commentary on current social trends. Atwood has created this nation by isolating what she might consider the disturbing aspects of two diametrically opposed factions of our society (namely the religious right and

  • Feminist Issues In The Yellow Wallpaper

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    Feminist and socialist issues are imperative for progressive thinking and actions in today’s society. These issues were particularly new and diverse within the 19th and 20th century, when men were more in control of woman and women were required to fulfill specific roles. Most notably, writer, Charlotte Perkins Gilman became very active on these issues personally and incorporated them in her stories. One story in particular is The Yellow Wallpaper, where she brilliantly associates real life depictions

  • Is Fat Really A Feminist Issue Analysis

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    Is Fat really a Feminist Issue? In the article, “Fat Is a Feminist Issue” in They Say I Say, Susie Or Bach claims that women in America are viewing themselves as overweight, and they must have a feminist perspective rather than to blame others for their “failure… to control their weight, control their appetites and control their impulse: ( 449). She also explains her view on the obesity issue with women in the United States. Or Bach demonstrates that most women are seen as beautiful only if they

  • Feminist Issues in Katherine Anne Porter

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    Feminist Issues in Katherine Anne Porter Historically women have been considered intellectually inferior to men and also a source of temptation and evil. Women have also been considered naturally weaker than men, squeamish, and unable to perform work requiring muscular or intellectual development. In most early societies, and up until fairly recently, domestic chores were relegated to women, leaving heavier labor such as hunting, plowing, and careers outside of the home to men. Maternity was

  • The Stereotypes Of Feminism In The Feminist Movement

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    similar identity to yourself. In the feminist movement there has been a mis-match of identities and a lack of a clear collective identity, which has often led to people not fully understanding what feminism truly means (Bickford 112). Feminism as a movement has been strongly focused on identity politics, this has struck some problems though with collective identities and stereotyping. Many stereotypes exist both within feminism and throughout society in which the feminist movement is trying to break down

  • General Discourses of Feminism in IR

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    likewise the feminist approach started to get recognition in IR, right after the cold war and begun to growing remarkably since then. (Tickner 2001) In order to know the feminist theory of international relations we should focus on what are feminists’ perceptions towards the key concepts in international politics like, security and peace, war and military power but we should bear in mind that gender is the corner stone of their analysis of these concepts. (Zalewski 1995) There are several feminist theories

  • Feminism And Cultural Feminism

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    feminism (Echols 35). The two became separated because radical feminist stressed patriarchy and lack of female rights, while cultural feminism embraces the differences of men and women (Echols 36). According to Alice Echols, cultural feminism can be achieved within patriarchal societies because they focus on male behavior and away from biology and the stricter of male supremacy like radical feminism does (page 36). Cultural feminist try to improve human relationships in the world by making an effort