Analysis Of Fat Is A Feminist Issue

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“Fat is a Feminist Issue” Susie Orbach’s story, “Fat is a Feminist Issue,” is a story that myself and many other, young and old women alike, can relate to. It seems that every channel we listen to or watch, has something to do with dieting, exercising, and having procedures to eliminate being fat. There are so many different claims of pills that will help us to lose weight and even will just cause the weight to drop-off without any changes in diet or exercise. It makes one confused to attempt to locate the product that will be the best, and will work on each individual basis. Ms. Orbach, mentions that “physical fitness and beauty are every woman’s goals.” In my opinion, this is an overstatement and not true. Many women do not care if they are physically fit and beauty is not a common goal. However, I will say that there are also many women who would like to be physically fit, and partake in the riches of make-up and attending hair salons, but they do not have the initiative to do so. Sometimes, it may be that they can work on their fitness level, but do not have the money to purchase products that are required to help them achieve the beauty they desire. My argument is though, that many women are confident, and do not require the “physical fitness and beauty” as Ms. Orbach states. Later in the story, Ms. Orbach discusses how fat women who disregard what the world believes, are fat and staying that way because of rebellion. “My fat say ‘screw you’ to all who want me to be the perfect mom, sweetheart, and maid. Take me for who I am, not for who I’m supposed to be. If you are really interested in me, you can wade through the layers and find out who I am”. Ms. Orbach, states that, “in this way, fat expresses a rebelli... ... middle of paper ... ...any women do desire to be that typical “stereo-type” that portrays the perfect, ideal woman. Attaining it is easy for some, but very difficult for others. Does it matter to every woman who lives in the world, as the story seems to incline; no, not at all! It matters to the majority, yes, probably so. However, it is certainly not something that every woman thinks about, or will die from, if they are not that perfect “fit”. Each woman is unique, and offer their own, style and beliefs. Classifying every woman to be in a certain category is not the way the world is. A feminist issue, yes there is one, but not completely. Being fat is an issue for men and for women alike, and some people care about it and some don’t. That is the bottom line! References: They Say I Say with readings.Fat Is a Feminist Issue.By Susie Orbach.Page 448-453. November 2012.
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