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  • Free Hamlet Essays: Hamlet’s Fatal Mistake

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    Hamlet’s Fatal Mistake When you play a part or a role to disguise your true character it harms you in the end. Hamlet’s antic disposition was a tragic error on his part because it let to his eventual demise. Hamlet displays the antic disposition in order to fool Claudius, although Claudius is the only character to not be fooled. When Hamlet denies Ophelia his love, she goes mad and takes her life. Hamlet becomes confused as to whether he is insane or not. For these reasons, Hamlet’s decision

  • Role Reversal in King Lear

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    hands of their own children. These characters’ deaths are incredibly tragic because they are brought on by their own actions instead of by the circumstances that surround them. Lear and Gloucester are not bad men but rather good men that make the fatal mistake of not acting according to their positions in life. In doing so, they ultimately force their children, Cordelia and Edgar respectively, to take on the roles that they cast off. Lear is a king, but from the beginning of the play he chooses to

  • The Spanish Armada

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    The Spanish Armada also called the Invincible Armada, and more correctly La Armada Grande. It was a fleet intended to invade England and to put an end to the English aggression against the Spanish Crown. However it was a fatal mistake and after a week’s fighting the Spanish Armada was shattered, this led to the gradual decline in maritime power of Spain. Spanish powers dominated and influence much of the “known world” during the 16th Century. Spanish leader King Phillip II had reasons to eliminate

  • Theme Of Lord Of The Flies

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    Ralph trusted the littleuns to work without his guidance, he put faith in them that they will work for their common goal to survive. In stead of working they screwed around, that cost them dearly in up coming events in the book. Ralph's other fatal mistake was to trust Jack with power. Without knowing it Jack single handily formed a second tribe, which was full of hate, fear, and evil. Ralph's trust in Jack nearly killed him and other innocent life on the island, but indeed it paid a toll that cost

  • Pride in Homer's Iliad

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    thought of as illogical or foolish. This is certainly true. But, that is how life was in that time- peoples' beliefs were to be the death of them. Pride was the downfall of all characters in Homer's epic poem, The Iliad. Hectors fatal mistake was that he chose pride over his own well being in the battle with Achilles. He could have taken safety within the walls of Troy, or disappeared into a mass of his comrades, but Hector chose to stand his ground and confront Achilles

  • Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown - Moral and Philosophical Considerations

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    faith, personified in his wife, who, to reinforce the allegory, is even named Faith. But in order to encounter evil, he must part with his Faith at least temporarily, something he is either willing or compelled to do. It is here that he makes his fatal mistake, for evil turns out to be not some abstraction nor something that can be played with for a while and then put down, but the very pillars of Goodman Brown's worldhis ancestors, his earthly rulers, his spiritual overseers, and finally his Faith.

  • Comparing the Tragedies of Julius Caesar, Death of a Salesman, and Oedipus Rex

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    for others more than himself he makes a fatal mistake, he lets Antony live. Brutus says to the conspirators, "For Antony is but a limb of Caesar"(Act II scene I line 165) meaning that if Caesar is killed Antony will die off too. Brutus clearly does not regard Antony as being a threat,  but little does Brutus know that Antony will stir up the town to seek revenge after the assassination of Caesar. This mistake will cost him his own life. When he

  • Antigone: A Greek Tragedy

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    Antigone disobeyed Creon’s law, about burying Polyneices, simply because she felt it to be her duty to the gods. Although both Creon and Antigone suffer greatly in the play, I believe that Creon is the tragic hero. Creon was a king who made a fatal mistake, he didn’t listen to other people. In the beginning of the play Creon decided not to bury the body of his dead nephew Polyneices. He proclaimed throughout his city that whoever buries Polyneices will be stoned to death. Creon hoped that by making

  • An Ounce Of Cure

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    school play. Watching him with the other girl was more than she could bear and the night she went to see the play was “the beginning of months of real, if more or less self-inflicted, misery” for her. While baby-sitting one night, she made the fatal mistake of getting drunk. She then calls her best friend, who shows up with another girl and several boys, to help her with her situation. Before she was able to cover up the ill-fated events, the couple returned home unexpectedly. She then had to explain

  • Can Gays And Straights Be Friends Summary

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    The Lack of Male Intimacy As I sit in the auditorium of the school I attend, I listen to the speaker of the day make his fatal mistake. He has done well up until now, relating to us only facts and ideas. Now, he has suffered from a lapse in judgment, and seems to have forgotten his surroundings - an all male audience. He has the audacity to display genuine, vulnerable emotion. I wait for the response I know he will get. The sound fills my ears. The all male audience brings forth a sarcastic

  • Essay On Tsar's Power Crumbled In 1917

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    do with the tsars lack of effort for reforms. The country was undergoing tremendous hardships as industrial and agricultural output dropped. Famine and poor morale could be found in all aspects of Russian life. Furthermore, the tsar committed a fatal mistake when he appointed himself supreme commander of the armed forces because he was responsible for the armies constant string of

  • Julius Caesar, Death of a Salesman, and Oedipus Rex

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    good of Rome.  Because he does for others more than himself he makes a fatal mistake, he lets Antony live. Brutus says to the conspirators, "For Antony is but a limb of Caesar"(Shakespeare 165) meaning that if Caesar is killed Antony will die off too. Brutus clearly does not regard Antony as being a threat, but little does Brutus know that Antony will stir up the town to seek revenge after the assassination of Caesar. This mistake will cost him his own life.  When he dies he becomes a prime example

  • Free Essays - Janie's Metamorphosis in Their Eyes Were Watching God

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    identity became clay in her family and friends hands. Most noteworthy was Janie's grandmother, Nanny. Janie blossomed into a young woman with an open mind and embryonic perspective on life. Being a young, willing, and full of life, Janie made the "fatal mistake" of becoming involved in the follies of an infatuation with the opposite sex. With this phase in Janie's life Nanny's first strong hold on Janie's neck flexed its grip. Preoccupation with romantic love took the backseat to Nanny's stern view

  • Macbeth Tragic Hero Essay

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    be noble, yet he falters and ultimately falls prey to his conscience.  As a result, Macbeth is the tragic hero of this play because he makes a fatal mistake, he endures great suffering, and he possesses a destructive hamartia. As aforementioned Macbeth's first characteristic of the tragic hero is that he makes a fatal mistake. Macbeth's fatal mistake is that he listens to others too much and he is particularly credulous as to what they say.  Macbeth

  • How The USA Lost The Vietnam War

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    Robert S. McNamara, appointed by John F. Kennedy to the position of U.S. Secretary of Defense in 1961, said about the Vietnam War, “It is important to recognize it’s a South Vietnamese war. It will be won or lost depending upon what they do. We can advise and help, but they are responsible for the final results, and it remains to be seen how they will continue to conduct that war,'; (McNamara 72). Despite these guidelines for assisting in the war, the U.S. would end up doing much more

  • Intel Knows Best? A Major Marketing Mistake

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    INTEL Knows Best? A Major Marketing Mistake Problem Statement When Thomas Nicely, a mathematician at Lynchburg College in Virginia, first went public with the fact that Intel's new Pentium chip was defective Intel admitted to the fact that it had sold millions of defective chips, and had known about the defective chips for over four months. Intel said its reasoning for not going public was that most people would never encounter any problems with the chip. Intel said that a spreadsheet user doing

  • Free College Admissions Essays: Learning from Mistakes

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    Learning from Mistakes One day that I will probably never forget is the day that I had to play Jonathan Walker. He was easily the best table tennis player in our school and he had even been offered to play on the National Junior team. I remember the match as if it was yesterday. It was the time of year when competition smelled thick in the air and everyone was excited about Inter-House Sports. I was particularly involved in Tennis and Chess but I was really excited about Table Tennis as I had

  • Sophocles' Antigone - Creon's Mistakes

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    Creon's Mistakes in Antigone In the awe-inspiring play of Antigone, Sophocles introduces two remarkable characters, Antigone and Creon. A conflict between these two obstinate characters leads to fatal consequences for themselves and their kindred.  The firm stances of Creon and Antigone stem from two great imperatives: his loyalty to the state and her dedication to her family, her religion but most of all her conscience. The identity of the tragic hero of this play is still heavily debated

  • If People Claim That They Are Not Infallible, Then How Can They Have Real Beliefs?

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    Infallibility: A Mistaken Concept A person's assumption that they are not infallible is not based on systematic calculation of his own mistakes; rather, it is based on certain facts that he has observed, which leads him to make certain predictions. Firstly, a person realizes in his perception of other individuals, that all people make mistakes, and therefore assumes that the same applies for himself. This proof manifests itself in all as aspects of life. A student in Calculus class furiously

  • Summary of Now and On Earth by Jim Thompson

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    such an important thing is mentioned in the book, a worker went into a dinner and asked for a beer and a cheese sandwich, he handed the waitress a dollar and she gave him but a dime in return, he asked if there is some mistake and she said "Oh no. Sandwich, fifty. Beer, forty. No mistake." "Funny, What's those?" in a rather sarcastic tone. "Why their my breasts, you fool! What'd you think they were?" He responded "Didn't know. Everything else is so high in here I thought they might be the cheeks