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  • Analysis Of Fatal Attraction

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    Teresa Dolezal Abnormal Psychology Professor Amanda Ellis Film Paper 3/31/14 Film Paper: Fatal Attraction’s Borderline Personality Disorder In the 1987 movie titled Fatal Attraction, a happily married New York lawyer named Dan Callagher (Michael Douglas) has an affair with his colleague Alex (Glenn Close), and the two enjoy a steamy weekend while Dan's wife and daughter are away. But soon after the weekend ends, Dan receives multiple harassing phone calls from Alex and soon finds out that she is

  • Analysis Of The Movie Fatal Attraction

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    For my final essay, I have chosen the movie “Fatal Attraction”, and I will focus on Alex Forrest and her mental disorder. Borderline Personality was displayed in the movie and Alex had almost every symptom of this disorder. Throughout this essay, I will be discussing Alex’s characteristics, intelligence, motivation, stress, social influences and/ or personality theories, treatment, and if the depiction of the disorder and treatment is consistent with what was discussed and read in the course. Summary

  • Germany's Fatal Attraction to Hitler

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    YEAR 10 HISTORY ESSAY: GERMANY’S FATAL ATTRACTION TO HITLER Adolf Hitler, easily one of the most influential people to have ever walked on the Earth. His rise to power also one of the most oppurtunistic seized to date. How did he achieve such a powerful control over Germany and its people? Through what you could call a series of unfortunate events. After the First World War were forced to take blame for its happening. They were forced to pay ridiculous amounts in reparations & compensation

  • Analysis Of The Film Fatal Attraction

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    Part A: Symptoms and Diagnoses When most people hear the name Alex Forrest, the first thing that comes to mind is a psychopath who cannot get over a breakup. The actuality is that this “antagonist” of the 1987 film Fatal Attraction is not an insane villain, but rather a person who suffers from a mental illness. Alex never receives an official diagnosis in the film, but there are several possible diagnoses that can be made. Some of the symptoms she displays are listed in the diagnostic criteria for

  • Summary Of The Movie Fatal Attraction

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    The movie “Fatal Attraction”, featuring Glenn Close as Alex, the mistress, and Michael Douglas as Dan Gallagher, portrays a case of borderline personality disorder. Dan Gallagher enjoys a weekend affair with Alex as his wife is out of town. All seems fine until Dan tries to go home, and leave the affair in the past. Throughout the rest of the film the audience sees a stream of events that depict the extreme and hostile reaction Alex has to the end of the affair. In the end, Alex is killed by Dan’s

  • Differential Diagnosis of Alex Forrest of Fatal Attraction

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    For my case study my group and I chose the movie “Fatal Attraction”, and we chose Alex Forrest for our case study. For my part I chose to do the diagnosis aspect on Alex Forrest. Throughout this paper I will be diagnosing Alex Forrest. The following key clinical data will be discussed: client demographics, presenting problem, preliminary diagnostic information, symptoms, client characteristics and history, diagnostic impressions, potential disorders, and the DSM diagnosis. Demographics Alex Forrest

  • Theme Of Love In The Mysterious Stranger

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    a whole new world for Bella; through her persistence for knowledge and stubborn demeanor she finds an answer and finds her true love. In contradiction, in Mysterious Stranger, the curiosity of Franziska will bring her success and will also be her fatal flaw. If it were not for this curiosity, she wouldn’t have ventured into the ruins of castle Klatka and she wouldn’t have invited him back to their estate. When they first are journeying through the woods and come into contact with the wolves, Franziska

  • Beauty Is Painful In Today's Society

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    There is a reason why the quote, “Beauty is Painful” is known in today’s society. This quote was not made up just for an expression. There are women all over the world who has a different portrayal of beauty and its true meaning. Not all women love their bodies, and not all women have the perfect physical appearance. In today’s society lots of women believe the true portrayal of beauty is a low BMI, narrow hips, prominent bust, and hair-less genitalia. Many would refer to it as the perpetuation of

  • The Femme Fatale: Alex Forrest & Lady Bertilak & Alyson of Bath

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    man and goes in for the kill. Films such as Adrian Lyne’s Fatal Attraction and stories such as Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Wife of Bath’s Tale, and Sir Gawain the Green Knight use the femme fatale as a means of making a woman into a monster; the femme fatale can never win in the battle of the sexes. But what is it that makes the femme fatale such a dangerously character for the hero as well as the readers or viewers? In the movie Fatal Attraction, Dan has an extramarital affair with Alex Forrest one weekend

  • Amusement Park: A Description Of An Amusement Park

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    flash all over the place from carnival games that seem hopeless of victory. My friends and I love going on a hot day, so we can go on all the water rides first, and then air off on the rollercoasters. Rollercoasters are probably my most favorite attractions because the joy of riding a rollercoaster never gets old. No matter how many times I have been on the ride, it always brings forth new excitements and thrills. The adventure is always new, and my adrenaline rush keeps me going. Rollercoasters