Farmland Essays

  • Farmland Preservation

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    Farmland Preservation Farmland Preservation is something that every person in New Jersey should be aware of. Our Garden State is quickly becoming too populated to hold such a title anymore. As more and more farms disappear, we are losing the precious land and culture, which initially made so many people decide to make New Jersey home. Everyone seems to want to move to the country and away from the city, but soon New Jersey may no longer have the attractive countryside landscape it was once

  • Farmland Industries Inc.

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    Introduction Today, when we hear the slogans "better farming, better food," or "proud to be farmer owned" one company comes to mind, Farmland Industries. We may think of this of this fortune 500 company as a leading agricultural powerhouse, which it is, however, it was not always that way. Background Farmland Industries Inc. was founded by Howard A. Cowden, who was born and raised in Southwestern Missouri. Cowden started young in the cooperative business by working for the Missouri Farmers Association

  • Luxembourg

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    bottom. The Land and People Luxembourg has two distinct regions. The Ardennes, or northern region, is mountainous. The Bon Pays, or southern region, is mostly fertile farmland. The climate is cool and moist, with snow in the mountains. There are rich deposits of iron ore creating many jobs in the steel industry. There is also fertile farmland to the south, also creating many jobs in farming. The people of Luxembourg have no native costume. They borrow much of their culture from Belgium, Germany, and France

  • Land Use Planning in the Netherlands and the United States

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    difficulties in obtaining community action, control, and understanding of the existing plans and proposed policies. The Netherlands and the United States have similar challenges in land use planning. Both countries must deal with urban sprawl, farmland preservation, and nature development and preservation. However, the history behind each country forms a basis for the differences in land use planning. The Netherlands is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. The

  • Billy The Kid

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    arrested but the escaped and began running from the law, something he did all of his life. Billy the Kid eventually moved to Lincoln County, New Mexico were he began working for J.H. Tunstall. Tunstall was a rich farmland owner who had an ongoing feud with L.G. Murphy and J.J. Dolan over farmland and grazing rights. Billy the Kid looked at Tunstall as a father and would do anything for him. But on February 18, 1878, Tunstall was gunned down by a group of deputies who were und...

  • Landcare Revegetation

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    need to be altered. There are other principles of rehabilitation, which will be discussed, in greater detail. There are many methods and strategies involved in rehabilitation which, are specific to a site. In this case, surface mine reclamation and farmland will be looked at. A step by step illustration of the processes involved will be covered. When rehabilitating mine land, it is important to first prepare a plan before mining takes place. Researching and obtaining data on the floral and faunal elements

  • Tearing Down a City to Build a Shopping Mall

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    other retailers, I wondered what was to become of the Dalidio farmland, just south of the shopping center. 130acres of farmland sit just ten yards from the center, separated only by the newly paved Dalidio Road. I thought about how neat it is that we can have agriculture in such close proximity to large scale retail and both can prosper. I parked the truck in the plaza parking lot and strolled across the street to get a sense of the farmland. Rows and rows of cabbage lay in front of me, with tractors

  • O'Hare International Airport

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    for an airport near rural Peotone will be scrapped see the plan as a sign of hope. "I'm very happy about that," said Jill Holzaepfel of Peotone, who said she hopes the planes and traffic stay close to the city. "I chose to live out here on the farmland," she said, adding that those who are impacted by more noise and pollution at an expanding O'Hare chose to live near the airport. Some Peotone opponents propose expanding the airport in Gary, Ind., or building at another site. The major airlines

  • Effects of Agriculture on the Environment

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    means not only that large area is directly affected, but that local and even regional climates can be affected. The draining of water from rivers and watersheds for irrigation leads to drier natural habitats. Those rivers that receive runoff from farmland are often poisoned by excessive nutrients and pesticides. As agriculture has become more intensive, farmers have become capable of producing higher yields using less labour and less land. Growth of the agriculture has not, however, been an unmixed

  • My Utopian Society

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    The Utopian land is divided into two main terrains: farmland and cities. The farmlands, of course, are where most of the country's resources are produced. The services of the economy, smithing, carpentry, clothmaking, etc., are mainly produced in the cities. Iron is the only resource which must be imported abundantly. All of the resources, except iron, that the nation requires, it produces on its own. The Utopians live a very simple lifestyle. They work, and in their spare time play games, read

  • the price of farmland in iowa

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    contribute to the price of farmland in Iowa. Agriculture plays an essential role in the economy of this state. As one of the top soybean and corn producers in the United States, an understanding of the cost of land correlates to the cost of these crops…… There is currently a “boom” in the price of farmland in Iowa. However, this is not the first time the cost per acre of farmland has seen an increase. There were two prior events that also greatly affected the price of Iowan farmland. These events occurred

  • Ezeulu's Defeat in Chinua Achebe's Arrow of God

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    village had no chief and therefore relied on the assembly to make decisions, such as whether or not to go to war. Nwaka, an important Umuaro elder, led the people to believe that they should attack the Okperi people because they had infringed upon farmland that traditionally belonged to Umuaro. Ezeulu did not agree with the war and believed that it would not be accepted by the gods. Therefore, he said, "If you choose to fight a man for a piece ... ... middle of paper ... ...tting their old god

  • Any Farming is Good Farming

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    will go to the grocery store and pay $15 a pound for Pork, and $20 a pound for Beef. World hunger outside the United States will be running rampant because of an inadequate food supply. Houses will start to pop up on all of the United States prime farmland. If we continue to bash corporate farming, this is the world we would be looking at. Family farms would thrive because there is little competition. The world as a whole would suffer because the small farms in the United States could no longer supply

  • I-Search Narrative

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    I-Search Narrative At the tender age of two I moved from a development in the town of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to the vast stretches of farmland that make up the area between Mechanicsburg and the neighboring town of Dillsburg. It was not a big move distance-wise, but it would forever change my life. If I would have stayed where I was I would have went to a different high school, had a different set of friends, and who knows where I would be today. While I did not know it at the time, (I

  • Rosa Parks: Life and Times

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    Europe on February 4, 1913. Parks mother worked as a school teacher in Tuskegee, Alabama. James McCauley, Rosa's dad was a carpenter. They lived in Tuskegee and owned farmland of their own. After Sylvester was born, Rosa's little brother, her father left them and went off to live in another town. He had been cheated out of his farmland by a white man and couldn't support the family any longer. Rosa her mother and her brother then moved to live with her grandparents on a farm in Pinelevel, which lay

  • Marketplace Madness

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    Marketplace Madness On a Friday afternoon I traveled with two others from my English class to a rather ordinary patch of farmland next to Highway 101 and adjacent to the Promenade. From out of the car window we looked at a seemingly endless field of cabbages, bordered at least an acre thick with black dirt. It looked strange that the busy Promenade abruptly ended at this sea of dirt. To the left we could see cars streaking by on the highway. The field had a tilled appearance, yet it looked

  • View From My Window

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    View From My Window by Camille Pissarro This painting is a landscape and was painted, by Pissarro, from an upstairs window overlooking his back garden. This picture is mainly about farmland as it has a lady with some hens and some cows in the distance. In the foreground of this picture there is a large shrub at the front, to the right there is a grass area with a more similar shrubs and to the left there is another grass area with a lady surrounded by hens. The middleground is all grass

  • Among the Hidden

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    his brothers in their isolated backyard farmland. The reason for this is because of the population law. The government believed that there wasn’t enough food to feed the growing population, so they made the law that there is only a maximum of two children allowed in each family. That meant that Luke was an illegal third child. He had spent his whole life hiding from the population police. Since the government forced the Garners to sell a lot of their farmland for building houses, Luke had to stay inside

  • Rhine Flooding Case Study

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    flow. Human causes include urbanisation in the Rhine catchment, which has led to a threefold increase in its built-up areas; the concrete and tarmac send more water to the river than the fields which they replaced. Also pressure for use as farmland or building means that the Rhine has lost much of its riverside marsh and floodplain that used to hold back floodwater. [IMAGE] Results: - ---------- Floods can cause great damage to land and water-related constructions, which can

  • CSU Chico Research paper

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    And then in 1972, Chico State College was changed to a California State University, hence the name “Chico State University.” The property of CSU has also expanded to one hundred and nineteen acres. On top of that, CSU has eight hundred acres of farmland, and two hundred and forty acres of rangeland. The school colors are cardinal and white, and CSU proudly holds the mascot of the wildcat—small, cunning, agile, the wildcat represents every student that attends CSU. The sports at CSU consist of: track