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  • The Family Reunion

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    The Family Reunion T.S. Elliott's "The Family Reunion" is a play about the return to home, and the looking back at ghosts of the past.   The play starts with Harry returning to his boyhood home for his mother's birthday.  The plot centers around Harry's return, the mystery surrounding his wife's death, and his family's desire to have Harry take over the role as head of the household.  It's an anticipated return, one that they all have been waiting for.  There are concurrent plots threading through

  • Family Reunion Essay

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    Courtney Turner, and my family, father Robert Sanchez, mother Ava Sanchez, and husband Zack Turner, make up forty percent of the city’s population. Due to the weather, it seems to have been decades since I last seen my parents; however, as of today my spirits are boosted to an all time high because my father called and asked if Zack and I would like to come over for a family reunion. Of course, I accepted their invite and immediately demanded Zack to get ready for our reunion. Upon our arrival to

  • Analysis Of Madea's Family Reunion

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    Madea’s Family Reunion In the beginning of the movie Madea’s Family Reunion by Tyler Perry, we start off with Lisa waking up with flower pedals leading up to a bath with professional violinist playing in the background. What seems to begin as a story of richness and happiness soon becomes the opposite. Lisa is engaged to marry Carlos, an investment banker. Carlos has an abundant amount of money that he uses to get the things he wants. We find out that this rich man is in fact not rich at heart

  • Essay About Family Reunion

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    "The great gift of family life is to be intimately acquainted with people you might never even introduce yourself to, had life not done it for you." -Kendall Hailey. Many people among us think that a family reunion is boring. It is an unpleasant social affair where our parents drive us to go and stay there for a considerable length of time. There are odd individuals who come to us and kiss or embrace us while we are still considering "do I know him/her?”. It is because we believe that enjoying the

  • Madea Family Reunion Sparknotes

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    In the stage play Madea’s Family Reunion, Tyler Perry stars as the lead actor, Mabel Simmons (Madea). Madea, the matriarch of the family, is charged with hosting her family for a funeral, a wedding, and a family reunion all in one weekend. The quick-to-speak Madea has to defend, teach, preach to, and admonish her family while dealing with each drama that presents itself. This play begins and ends with religious expression as a forte. One of the first lines comes from Mr. Brown, who says “everybody

  • We Wear the Mask

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    times in life where we are forced to do something we do not really want to do. There are certain situations like this that come to my mind. Every so often, my family gets together. As a teenager, I do not want to be confined. I realize some of my relatives are a lot older than me and I should spend as much time with them as I can. When my family gets together, I frequently am forced to go to these events and put a smile on my face. I am acting. I am putting on my “mask” and pretending that I am happy

  • The Deep End Of The Ocean

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    emphasis a communication problem into a family after the Ben’s abduction. Ben was the middle child of Beth and Pat. The older son was Vincent, who had an important role in the drama, and Kerry was the smaller. The abduction took place during Beth’s class reunion. After nine years, Beth found him, he was leaving very close to the real family. Ben and his false father never knew that he was abducted because they were betrayed by the woman who took him at the class reunion. The problem was that Ben wants to

  • Madea's Family Reunion Movie Analysis

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    chose the film “Madea’s Family Reunion.” The talented Tyler Perry acted as the director, screenwriter, and main actor in “Madea’s Family Reunion.” Perry was born Emmitt Perry Jr. in Louisiana in 1969. Perry is an African American male born into an abusive home from his father, thus initiating the name change. The film of the play was produced and released in the United States of America in 2002. It has a running time of 134 minutes. Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Family Reunion” would fall into the genres

  • Homer's Odyssey: Themes of Homecoming and Reunion

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    Theme of Homecoming and Reunion in Homer's Odyssey The theme of The Odyssey is one of homecoming and reunion with loved ones.  Though the proem of the epic states that Odysseus' own purpose is simply the fight to save his own life and return his shipmates home safely, the gods of Olympus are the unknown captains of this journey.  It is an epic story of the making of men, mainly Odysseus and Telemakhos. Homer methodically details the  struggles set forth by the gods.  The contests of

  • orange county choppers

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    Orange County Choppers When I first saw the show, Orange County Choppers, on the Discovery Channel, I was a little bit confused about the premise of it. At first, the show is expressed as one about a family run business that builds custom motorcycles. But then, as I continued to watch the show, it occurred to me that it was intended to be a little bit more. Unlike traditional texts, “The structure of television makes us watch passively.” (The World is a Text, by Jonathan Silverman and Dean Rader

  • Photography

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    Photography Photography is more than just a means for documentation. Photography is more than snap shots at a family reunion. A fine art photographer makes more choices than people realize. Point and click is not the solution for taking a photograph (John Szarkowski 9-12) . A fine art photographer may choose to freeze action or to blur it. The freezing or blurring of action is not just done at the push of a button, it takes knowledge and an understanding of how apertures and shutter speeds

  • My Visit to a Greek Orthodox Church

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    down below the knee. Everybody was proper and ordered. As I walked in the church I entered a lobby of some kind. What I saw hear was something like social hour. Everybody was in there. They were all speaking Greek, and I felt as if I was in a family reunion party. The children were all together; the adults talked together and the young adults all were together. The way they all socialize is when someone comes up to say hello, they give each other a kiss on the cheek and a hug. These people are all

  • Repeated Theme in A multitude of Sins by Richard Ford

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    scrupulous, obsessive detail. Their endings are usually ambiguous, relentlessly human. Along the way Ford glides back and forth between present and past, probing not just his characters’ thoughts but, more important, their thought processes. In “Reunion,” a man approaches his ex-lover’s ex-husband from across New York’s Grand Central Terminal, each step forward giving way to a mental leap backward. The narrator lets himself believe that even though he’s looking for an “unreverberant moment,” the

  • Scarlet Letter

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    guiltiness that Dimmesdale undergoes for not confessing the truth of being Pearls father leads him to death. The theme of the novel is sin, isolation, and reunion. Through out the novel Nathaniel Hawthorne uses setting, plot, and the characters to develop these themes. Hawthorne uses the setting to develop the theme of sin, isolation and reunion. In the market place one of the guards opens the jail cell and announces to all the spectators and to Hester shouting, “Open a passage; and I promise ye Mistress

  • The Neoplatonic Doctrine

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    very freedom of will that enabled it to choose its sinful course. The soul must reverse that course, tracing in the opposite direction the successive steps of its degeneration, until it is again united with the fountainhead of its being. The actual reunion is accomplished through a mystical experience in which the soul knows an all-pervading ecstasy. Doctrinally, Neoplatonism is characterized by a categorical opposition between the spiritual and the carnal, elaborated from Plato's dualism of Idea and

  • Internet Chat Rooms

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    comfortable if I can "touch" the information or "talk live" to another person? Did other people feel the same way? I must admit that the romantic in me kicked in when I read stories about people donating kidneys to chat room friends or arranged a reunion between people who haven't met in over 30 years. Would I find this in my classroom survey? I decided to experiment with my English 305B class and find out. Due to time constraints I sent them each a questionnaire containing 10 questions that would

  • Beloved by Morrison

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    mercifully sparing her daughter from a horrific life, yet Sethe refuses to acknowledge that her show of mercy is also murder. Throughout Beloved, Sethe's character consistently displays the duplistic nature of her actions. Not long after Sethe's reunion with Paul D. she describes her reaction to School Teacher's arrival: "Oh, no. I wasn't going back there[Sweet Home]. I went to jail instead"(Morrison 42). Sethe's words suggest that she has made a moral stand by her refusal to allow herself and her

  • Reunion by John Cheever

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    Reunion, by John Cheever, is a story told through the eyes of a young boy, Charlie, who is recalling a meeting with his father who he hasn’t seen for more than three years. It is set in New York where Charlie’s father lives. He meets up with his father during a stop over between trains. In the first paragraph we are introduced to Charlie and his father. Charlie is very much looking forward to meeting his father who he hasn’t seen since his parents divorced three years before. “He was a stranger

  • Examples Of Double Vision In The Great Gatsby

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    The Great Gatsby:  Double Vision                 F. Scott Fitzgerald once stated that the test of a first rate intelligence was the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. This intelligence he describes is characterized by the principle of “double vision.” An understanding of this is essential to the understanding of many of Fitzgerald’s novels

  • Sin, Isolation, and Reunion in Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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    The Scarlet Letter:  Sin, Isolation, and Reunion Nathaniel Hawthorne uses setting, plot, and the characters to develop the theme of Sin, Isolation, and Reunion in his novel, The Scarlet Letter.  In this novel Hawthorne uses the scaffold along with other places in the setting to develop this theme.  He develops the plot by making one character torment or act as the conscience of another to develop the climax and the resolution. The characters help develop this theme by tormenting other characters