Analysis Of Madea's Family Reunion

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Madea’s Family Reunion In the beginning of the movie Madea’s Family Reunion by Tyler Perry, we start off with Lisa waking up with flower pedals leading up to a bath with professional violinist playing in the background. What seems to begin as a story of richness and happiness soon becomes the opposite. Lisa is engaged to marry Carlos, an investment banker. Carlos has an abundant amount of money that he uses to get the things he wants. We find out that this rich man is in fact not rich at heart because he regularly beats Lisa. Lisa obviously wants to get out of this abusive relationship but we find out why exactly she cannot leave. Aside from Carlos threatening to kill Lisa if she leaves, there is another factor in her life that hinders her…show more content…
When Victoria finds Lisa, she is in the room with her sister. During this time family secrets are brought into the light for Lisa who knew nothing about them. The first secret that was told was about the trust fund. The second secret was deeper and more disturbing. The second secret consisted of Victoria’s late husband, Lisa’s father raping Vanessa. Vanessa revealed that when she was younger she overheard her mother and her stepfather talking. Apparently Lisa’s father was going to leave Victoria. The only reason he agreed to stay was for Victoria to allow Lisa’s father to rape her oldest daughter. When the story came to the light, Lisa did not want to believe it. Instead of Victoria trying to deny her actions she did not. However, Victoria tried to justify and rationalize her actions. Victoria told her daughters that they would have become destitute if Lisa’s father was going to leave. Victoria worked two jobs after Vanessa’s father left and she believed that she deserved better. Victoria goes on to say “sweetheart you were my only option” to Vanessa as if it was still right to allow a man to harm her child physically and emotionally. Victoria also stated that her mother traded her for “$10 and a fix” to let her daughter know that she was not the only one who had to do something she did not want to do. Victoria was not going to allow Vanessa to ruin her chances at being happy, even if it caused her child

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