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  • It's Time to Stop the Censorship Music with Explicit Lyrics

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    It's Time to Stop the Censorship Music with Explicit Lyrics Music with explicit lyrics or content started having black and white parental advisories on them in 1994 (http://www.riaa.org/Parents-Advisory-4.cfm). Are these labels necessary? Is controversial music molding our society and causing teenagers to turn to drugs? Is censorship necessary to protect the youth of our nation. Generally, younger people are against censorship on this issue. Music is an outlet and even an anti-drug for many

  • Artists Should not be Resposible for Explicit Lyrics and their Impact on Kids

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    Artists Should not be Resposible for Explicit Lyrics and their Impact on Kids "Turn that music off! I don't want you listening to that kind of music." Many teens these days are experiencing this kind of thing almost every day. Many parents, in general, have complained and tried to regulate the music that teens are listening to these days. They complain that the music industry shouldn't be able to sell and produce the explicit CD's. The music industry gets a lot of criticism about the music

  • Raps Controversy

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    soon began to spread throughout the United States and much of the world. It replaced rock music as the creative force in music of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. However, as popular as it was then and it is now, the lyrics of many rap songs have caused controversy. Many believe and have charged that these lyrics promote racism and violence and show contempt for women. Those in the mainstream have long considered rap music controversial. However its controversy escalated to a whole new level when the world was introduced

  • threats to Families

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    Today, children relate to each other and are setting different standards for themselves in a negative way. Kids hear explicit lyrics which then encourage some of them to get involved in sexual activity or relationships that they are not ready for because they are too young. Children should not be influenced by lyrics of words, but sadly enough it is proven that they take lyrics literally and try and imitate that individual. Not only do children listen, but they also watch and learn from elders.

  • Sexually Explicit Lyrics and Their Influence on Teenagers

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    out with friends. Most of the music they listen to, especially rap and heavy metal, have lyrics that repeatedly reference sex, violence and drugs. Repeatedly listening to such lyrics has negative effects on adolescents, including early sex, violent behavior, and use of drugs. Nicki Minaj, for example, the most successful female rapper of all time, is notorious for using vulgar and sexually explicit lyrics in her songs (Khalid 2). One of her songs is “Stupid Hoe,” which she begins by singing,

  • Music Comes and Goes

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    of young people preferring fast beats compared to the adults that prefer easy listenning tunes. Young people from ages fourteen to around the early twenties seem to get into music that have lyrics that contain stories or thiemes on sex, violence, and relationships. Especially music that contain explicit lyrics are popular among the teenagers. The reason behind that is that teenagers are put into a situation where they aren't aloud to do many things concerning their age such as drinking, smoking or

  • Does Musical Content Influence a Society?

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    In today’s pliable, fad-driven societies, music holds a key role in influencing modern culture. Through music, lyrics, and music videos, specific lifestyles and activities can be suggested and advertised. These activities can range from becoming a follower of Christ to earning respect to being promiscuous. This alone proves that music plays an influential part in the daily lives of modern societies. This also shows that music’s effect can be positive or negative. With this evidence comes a question:

  • Buju Banton

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    Buju Banton His voice is thunderous and piercing. With each lyric, he pounds away at our psyche and makes our bodies shake with rhythm. He has become the crown prince of Dancehall reggae in Jamaica, and is a force to be reckoned with in the Jamaican music scene. He is young, but mature and powerful, and his name is Buju Banton. Born Mark Anthony Myrie on July 15, 1973, Buju Banton has used his lyrical skills and pounding voice to take Dancehall by storm. He combines his own musical influences with

  • Black Women in Rap

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    are more prevalent than most. In addition to such topics as drugs, alcohol and police brutality, a dominant theme within rap music is the denigration and derision of women. Indeed, as the above lyrics to Akinyele's song “Put It in your Mouth” illustrate, many male rappers use violent and misogynistic lyrics to create an image of women that is both degrading and disgusting. The graphic and shocking nature of this particular type of rap causes it to be widely publicized, and thus it serves as a definition

  • The Wisdom of Frost Exposed in The Oven Bird

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    The Wisdom of Frost Exposed in The Oven Bird These seemingly negligible birds, symbols of the lyric voice, have intuited the Oven Bird's lesson and are the signs by which one is meant to divine Frost's acceptance of the linguistic implications of the fall from innocence. The Oven Bird, who watching "That other fall we name the fall" come to cover the world with dust, "Knows in singing not to sing." Instead, "The question that he frames in all but words / Is what to make of a diminished thing

  • American Pie

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    "American Pie" by Don McLean, is a very interesting song. After listening to the lyrics and the song itself, there is a meaning to this song. Each line of the lyrics has a special meaning to what Don McLean wanted to say, but in his own special way. If one was to look at each lyrics one by one, they will be able to find out the big picture of the whole song. It tells a story of Mclean's favorite performers, Buddy HOlly. American Pie was rumoured to be the name of the plane that BUddy Holly died in

  • Bakkhai

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    remains are taken inside at the end - Bacchic dancing is the ‘imitation’ of nymphs, Pans, sileni and satyrs; a form of mimesis - Dance as an aid to the spectators and pictorial clarification; complex metres of danced choral lyric vs. simple rhythms of sung lyrics, suggesting this complexity with its ‘resolutions, contractions and shifting rhythms, was first made possible by the interpretative power of dance - After Pentheus has departed for the mountains, the mood of the persecuted Lydian

  • Belgian Neutrality in the mid 1800s

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    The cause of the revolution was brought upon the nation in La Monnaie opera house in Brussels on August 25th, 1830 . A previously banned play about Neapolitan insurrection against Spanish Rule managed to work the crowd into revolution through a song lyric, “My country gave me life, I shall give it liberty!” The revolt was a huge success for the Belgian people as they took the royal authorities by surprise with their intensity and rapid spread of rebellious activity that pushed Dutch troops out of Belgium

  • They Flee From Me by Thomas Wyatt

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    Thomas Wyatt, "They Flee From Me" Set of Multiple-choice Questions Analyzing a Poem Sir Thomas Wyatt's sixteenth-century lyric "They flee from me" is an enigmatic poem that pleases at least partly because it provides no final certainty about the situation it describes. Yet the poem, while in some respects indefinite and puzzling, is nevertheless quite specific in its presentation of a situation, particularly in the second stanza, and it treats a recognizable human experience--that of having

  • Dialectoc Composition In Purgatorio V

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    «lecturae» Giambattista Salinari (1969, 311 and 313f) finds that this canto is marked by a high degree of lyricism, considering the progression of the three generic ingredients of the whole poem, namely the descriptive (or epic), the dramatic, and the lyric. He also stresses here the particularly conspicuous presence of what he calls the three types of «contrappunto» in which Dante excels, namely the «horizontal» (when contrasting episodes are juxtaposed for the sake of variation and emphasis), the «vertical»

  • A Study of Hello, All About Eve; Scarlet and Joy Division; and The Eternal

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    provoke people into believing that they lie more comfortably into a sub-genre, for example; gothic rock, gothic folk etc. The main features of gothic music are hard to pinpoint because of this diversity however they regularly include melancholy lyrics, unusual vocals created by singers who are not accepted into the “charts”, often with drawn out notes and, more recently, female fronted. This is certainly true of Evanescence and All About Eve however, Joy Division were the most ground breaking

  • Medieval Ballads and Lyrics

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    Recently, the term ‘ballad’ can be associated with everything from Solomon’s Song to an Aerosmith song. The dictionary defines it as a traditional story in song or a simple song. However, the medieval ballad is something of a different nature than that of the popular musical ballads of today. The definition of ballad in the medieval context is a narrative poem. The authors usually remain anonymous and the ballad is more often than not accompanied by dance (Gummere). This is not surprising considering

  • Analytical Essay on "The Fire On The Snow"

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    dominant discourse: that heroes’ nobility depends on their action and ordinary people can become heroes too. Stewart also positions the audience by using the role of the Announcer as a mask for himself to give comments to the stages during play in lyric verse forms and factual commentary statements, and also involve the men’s dialogue. In November, 1911, Captain Falcon Robert Scott led a British team across the snows of Antarctica, striving to be the first to attain the South Pole. After marching

  • An Analysis of Wilbur's Mayflies

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    Analysis of Wilbur's Mayflies Richard Wilbur's recent poem 'Mayflies' reminds us that the American Romantic tradition that Robert Frost most famously brought into the 20th century has made it safely into the 21st.  Like many of Frost's short lyric poems, 'Mayflies' describes one person's encounter with an ordinary but easily overlooked piece of nature'in this case, a cloud of mayflies spotted in a 'sombre forest'(l.1) rising over 'unseen pools'(l.2),'made surprisingly attractive and meaningful

  • EMINEM: How Much Damage Can You Do With a Pen

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    controversial album, The Marshall Mathers LP. If it possible for one single quote to sum up my research paper, then this quote does it. There exists an intense and extremely controversial set of circumstances surrounding Eminem and his music. Eminem’s lyrics have been intensely criticized lately and have been categorized as hate-filled and inappropriate by many gay organizations. The leading organization in this controversy is the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, more commonly referred to