Does Musical Content Influence a Society?

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In today’s pliable, fad-driven societies, music holds a key role in influencing modern culture. Through music, lyrics, and music videos, specific lifestyles and activities can be suggested and advertised. These activities can range from becoming a follower of Christ to earning respect to being promiscuous. This alone proves that music plays an influential part in the daily lives of modern societies. This also shows that music’s effect can be positive or negative. With this evidence comes a question: Do music, lyrical content, and music videos influence people and society?

Music is a relaxing inspiration that allows listeners to escape from the difficulties of everyday life. Music is well known to connect deeply with adolescents and to influence identity development, perhaps more than any other entertainment medium. Music, unlike most visual media, taps into an individual’s personal identity, memories, and mood (Parker-Pope 2). Music can positively affect society by conveying a positive message. It is obvious music has an impact on behavior. Not only does music mentally affect people, but it also physically affects people. Music tends to reduce or delay fatigue. Music is important to current culture and its identity; it helps define social and sub-cultural boundaries. Current music is geared mainly toward teenagers. Teens become absorbed in songs they believe help them better define themselves during their rocky transition into adulthood (Liljequist 1, 2). Most children between the ages of two and eighteen spend upwards of seven hours a day ingesting some sort of media (Kirchheimer 2). Teens agree that music is a way to enhance their current mood; however, this can lead to negative results. Twenty-five centuries ago, Plato stated...

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...modern culture. From pop to rap to rock and roll, music and lyrical content must be cleaned up to benefit society.

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