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  • The Opportunities for Excellence

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    The Opportunities for Excellence Like many other students in the public school system, I had my share of “good” teachers and “bad” teachers, but I learned valuable things from each of them: from the “good” teachers, inspiration to enter education and how to be a good teacher, from the “bad” teachers, if nothing else, what not to be. As important as education is to children’s success in life, they should have as many positive influences as possible. I will strive to be the best teacher I can

  • Excellence in Education

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    The concept of excellence in education is one that, on the surface, seems to be unquestionable. After all, who would not accede that students within our schools should, in fact, excel? Certainly teachers, parents, and administrators can agree on excellence as an aim to shoot for. The interpretation of the term "excellence" is, however, less obvious. How do we regard excellence? Is it the college bound student with a broad liberal arts education? Is it the student who graduates high school trained

  • Excellence in Engineering Education

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    the character of our times; that is, the best engineer out of the "science engineering" model of the 1950s may have little value in the early 21st Century. Another issue is the concept of education. How do education and training differ and how is excellence achieved? Finally, clearly, there is the issue of what we would expect of an engineer who is truly excellent. Fortunately for us, ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) seeks to define the excellent engineer and the excellent

  • In Search of Excellence

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    In Search of Excellence Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr., wrote “In Search of Excellence” as a model covering all elements of operations and functions of businesses big and small. In Search of Excellence gives great analysis and interesting examples to back up their theories. This book discusses eight core principles and McKinsey 7-S framework chart provided to companies for success. The authors break down the topics into specific themes with thoughts and charts for knowledge. Their

  • The President Commission on Excellence in Special Education (PCESE)

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    The President Commission on Excellence in Special Education (PCESE) The government’s primarily goal is to close the achievement gap between special education students and general education students. In October of 2001, before the No Child Left Behind was put into action, President Bush appointed a commission called The Presidents Commission on Excellence in Special Education (PCESE). The purpose of this commission was to bring together 100 experts to evaluate the special education system. In conclusion

  • In Search of Excellence: Critique

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    adoption of a cross-functional perspective so that everyone within the organisation can have some impact on the organisation's success in both the profitability and at the consumer level. (Zikmund / D'Amico 2002) Peters and Waterman's In Search of Excellence: lessons from America's Best Run Companies does adhere to the marketing concept albeit not directly. They strongly support the idea that an organisation is only as good as the people who work within that organisation. Although there is some emphasis

  • Excellence Is Your Best Weapon For Fighting Racism

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    Excellence is Your Best Weapon for Fighting Racism The Bible says that "the poor will always be with us." An similar statement is that racism will always be with us. So, the question is, "What should we do about it?" There are many ways to fight racism: you might march, protest, complain, or beg the government for help. Some of these methods have worked well in the past. However, I think the best and most effective weapon today for fighting racism is excellence. Excellence will bring down more

  • Struggle Between Excellence and Mediocrity in The Fountainhead

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    Struggle Between Excellence and Mediocrity in The Fountainhead Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead is a story of the struggle between men of greatness and men of mediocrity. An individualist to the core, Rand defines a man of greatness as one who is independent and uncompromising, one who derives his self-respect from his accomplishments and integrity rather than the approval of others. Rand defines a man of mediocrity, by contrast, as one who doesn't care about actually being competent and upright

  • In Search Of Excellence by Peters and Waterman

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    Peters and Waterman – Excellence Who are Peters and Waterman? Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman were two consultants, who in 1982 published a book called ‘In Search Of Excellence,’ advising companies to embrace what they called ‘the eight attributes of excellence.’ How did their research start? The authors research started in 1977 when two groups of people at McKinsey & Co. were asked to research a general concern with the problems of management effectiveness and a particular

  • Dangers of Ephedrine Use in Sports

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    What is excellence? Is it perfection, a goal, a feeling, a gift? To some athletes, it is an everyday challenge that comes easy; to others it might not be so easy. Whether it holds a psychological meaning or it’s just another goal to set, it shows a persons attitude and dedication towards a sport. To what extremes will people actually go to reach excellence? Some athletes strive so hard that they will try almost anything to reach their peak of excellence, the extremes that some go through to

  • Justice and Good in The Republic by Plato.

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    point is that justice is an excellence of character. He then seeks agreement that no excellence is achieved through destructive means. The function of justice is to improve human nature, which is inherently constructive. Therefore, at a minimum, justice is a form of goodness that cannot be involved in injuring someone's character. Justice, in short, is a virtue, a human excellence. His next point is that acting in peace with excellence brings happiness. Then he ties excellence to one's function. His examples

  • Aristotle’s Politics - The Good Man Should Not Rule the City

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    through the following reasoning. Aristotle is convinced that the good citizen can so be defined only in relation to the constitution he is an element of: 'The excellence of the citizen must be an excellence relative to the constitution (1276b16).' The good man on the other hand, 'is a man so called in virtue of a single absolute excellence (1276b16).' He further asserts that the good citizen 'must possess the knowledge and capacity requisite for ruling as well as for being ruledÖa good man will also

  • In Pursuit Of Excellence

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    Envisioning excellence is the first step to reaching excellence. Excellence in every part of one’s life is a decision, and a Do-cision. Do-cision is a word Terry Orlick, author of In Pursuit of Excellence, invented meaning you actually do what you decide you are going to do. You choose to excel and fully commit. You are able to choose to dwell on the negatives or focus on the positives. Focus drives consistent high level performances, especially when the focus is positive in nature. Performance

  • Arête Excellence

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    Arête means excellence, excellence that is manifested in the outward form; and indeed, when one looks at what remains of ancient Greece and Rome, that is most likely the first thought that comes to mind: excellence. This idea of arête is perhaps most prevalent in pieces of literature written by names like Tyrtaeus, Pericles, Vergil, and Homer. Whether it be excellence of the empire, excellence of their gods, or excellence of oneself, their works always had the notion of excellence in mind. And these

  • In Search Of Excellence: Book Review: In Search Of Excellence

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    “In Search of Excellence” is an inspirational blueprint of the best approach the management can adopt in deriving the best of services from its employees. It follows a set of requirements that the company has to pursue in order to achieve excellence and success in its productivity. The authors received a number of accolades for their development of a strategic management practice guidebook that enables them to achieve success and excellence in its operations. Since its publication in 1982, the book

  • Mckinsey: The Sevens Guide To Success In Business Management

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    how to be successful in business management fields. The 7 ‘S’ – Model was developed by former employees of McKinsey which is American consulting firm. The employees were Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman - authors of the management "In Search of Excellence." They provided how to realize the procedure of the internal organization to be prosperous. And they applied this theory to the organisations all over the world. According to Mckinsey company view they introduced 7s models those seven factors are

  • Defining Excellence in "Meno"

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    In Plato’s Meno, Socrates purposefully uses ignorance and irony to insufficiently define excellence for Meno. Initially, Meno argues a particular definition, which is a universally inconsistent proof, is sufficient to define excellence. However, Socrates asserts that the definition of excellence must be consistent and applicable to all individuals, by comparing individuals in a society to bees in a colony. Socrates demonstrates the failure of a particular proof to define all constituents of a group

  • Mundanity Of Excellence Summary

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    We see that in the reading “Mundanity of Excellence,” by Daniel F Chambliss, the focus is on nature of excellence as it pertains to Olympic swimming. Mr. Chambliss supplies the reader with his experience and sociological approach to his theory that “talent is useless.” I will now provide you with a brief commentary on how sociology relates to developing human talent. It is perceived that one’s natural goal is to accomplish perfection in a “talent” or gift. This ranges from numerous types of talents

  • Black Excellence Definition

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    common respect. Excellence in technical terms is being extremely good at something. Being outstanding at something

  • Excelling Academic Excellence: The Challenge Of Excellence In Academics

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    Excelling in an activity can be a difficult process. However, the challenge of excellence is undertaken when a clear objective is set. I decided to pursue academic excellence because of the rewards that it brings. I have always tried to do my best in academics. For as long as I can remember with the exception of two years, I have always tried to excel in all of my classes. There are several reasons for me wanting to get good grades in my classes. First of all, since I was young, my parents have always