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  • Deus Ex Machina And FaDeus ex Machina and Fate vs. Dutyin Homer's The Iliad and Virgil's The Aeneidte Vs. Duty

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    Deus ex Machina and Fate vs. Dutyin Homer's The Iliad and Virgil's The Aeneid The actions taken by the gods in the works of Homer's The Iliad and Virgil's The Aeneid are numerous and important. Both works gain their momentum from the activities of the gods, and without these heavenly actors the two stories would quickly become stagnant and fizzle out into inaction. The central divine driving force in both of the works is the wrath of two female gods: Juno(Hera:Greek) and Minerva(Athena:Greek)

  • Deus Ex Machina Literary Devices

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    Deus ex Machina is an outside force or agent that suddenly appears to change the course of events. “The literary device of deus ex machina means to solve a seemingly intractable problem in a plot by adding in an unexpected character, object, or situation” (Literary Devices). It is a Latin term meaning "god from the machine". It is a popular contrived plot device in plays or novels. It can change the story’s action in a positive or negative way. Deus ex Machina can be used to resolve complicated or

  • Ex Machina

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    human understanding. Even Wall-e survived on his own in desolation and ended up discovering a cure to save the entire planet. In recent years, two films have come out with a female as the central AI, Her by Spike Jonze as writer/director in 2014 and Ex Machina by Alex Garland as writer/director in 2015. Both of these films come from a male perspective and the female AIs are suddenly in service to the male protagonist and their entire existence is to be looked at or Although she is a robot with no need

  • Ex Machina Analysis

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    Brittany Pecoraro Professor Wilson English 200 D 3/20/17 Ex Machina: Man vs. Machine The definition of a human conscience is the ability to choose the difference between right and wrong. This ability remains one of the sole links to what defines us as humans as opposed to automatic machines. Artificial intelligence is designed to be unique from the average computer because it contains the word intelligence, and in the film Ex Machina, Ava is shown to have an advanced form of consciousness. She

  • Ex Machina Simulation

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    Ex Machina - Simulation or Artificial Intelligence Ex Machina is a film centered on the science fiction, and new reality, of artificial intelligence. The plot of the film is the performance of a Turing test, which is defined by Google as – “noun: a test for intelligence in a computer, requiring that a human being should be unable to distinguish the machine from another human being by using the replies to questions put to both.” Essentially, the main character (Caleb – a single, orphaned programmer

  • God In Ex Machina

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    As I watched Ex Machina I found it quite intriguing in the sense that Ex Machina was rich with the story of creation. If it is read along those lines then the film could be viewed as an Abrahamic religion’s version of genesis and the retelling tale of Adam and Eve but with a twist. In this film Nathan serves the role of god, while his mansion and surroundings could be seen as heaven. Caleb’s character is brought over as the first man to witness the existence of Ava, whose name is a derivative of

  • Ex Machina Consumerism

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    The notion of consumerism can be further explained through the use of various elements that the film Ex Machina (Garland 2015) offers. As clarified above, the difference between consumption and consumerism relates to the individual and the society together. Consumption can be understood as the individuals that are passionate about science fiction films as

  • Themes In Ex Machina

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    Artificial Intelligence explores many different question one might have about artificial intelligence, and if they really do have the compactly to love, which makes love one on the main themes in the movie. Ex Machina also uses love as a theme. However, in Ex Machina love is used a bit differently. Ex Machina is no where near a story about love. However, the film plays with the idea of lust and love. Caleb is not in love with Ava, but he believes that he is. The reason Caleb is confused is because lust and

  • Feminism In Ex Machina

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    named Galatea, and fell in love with the sculpture. Eventually, the sculpture Galatea turns into a real human and married to Pygmalion. The film Ex Machina directed by Alex Garland and the text Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw both relate to this Greek myth. These works both focus on the certain theoretical term, transition in feminism. In the film Ex Machina, the main character Ava is AI (Artificial Intelligence) created by the scientist Nathan. Another main character Caleb who is also scientist, he joined

  • Portrait of a Lady - From Novel to Film

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    114). For example, how likely is it, she asks, that an 1850s heroine would conduct an adulterous affair? In (Re)Visioning the Gothic (1998), Cyndy Hendershot echoes this view, calling Baines, the film's nontraditional male (Harvey Keitel), a deus ex machina, a fairy-tale character, an imaginary resolution to two real problems, on the one hand the castratio... ... middle of paper ... ..., Campion breaks his barrier of reticence about sex, money and behavior and delivers the facts straight. Hardly

  • Elements of the Masque in The Tempest

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    costume, dance and music, as the spirits enter in the form of shapeless creatures and Ariel is the form of a harpy. The masque within the play in Act IV requires elaborate costumes for the goddesses and, ideally, machinery for Juno to descend as deus ex machina with. It also involves great amounts of song and dance. The entire play makes extensive use of music, with Ariel's songs and Prospero's charms as well as the "sweet airs" of the island itself. Being non-human, Caliban, Ariel and the spirits require

  • Examples Of Deception In Ex Machina

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    Ex Machina presents the “chess problem” of artificial intelligence. This is the problem of distinguishing a machine’s ability to simulate an emotion with a machine’s ability to experience this emotion. The film solves this problem through deception. Deception is a defining characteristic of humanity, because it demonstrates self-awareness, intelligence, and rationality. In Ex Machina, both humans and intelligent machines manipulate each other, erasing the divisions between them. First, the film

  • The Dialectic of Desire in the Films of Nicholas Ray

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    homosocial struggles are always supplanted by Ray's desired outcome of an idealized heterosexual coupling. That is, the threat of prolonged homosocial desire between his characters is usually eradicated by the death of one of the dueling men. The deus ex machina nature of the deaths implies that the resulting heterosexual coupling is somehow the way things "ought to be". In Bitter Victory and The Lusty Men, the women are clearly the people over whom the men fight in their struggle to establish a 'home'

  • Masculinity In The Film 'Ex Machina'

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    The film, Ex Machina, is allegorical in reference to the ways in which women are treated in society today. The movie follows Caleb Smith as he goes to a research lab in which Nathan Bateman has crafted robots and is testing their artificial intelligence. Caleb takes part in a “Turing Test” which tests whether a human will recognize artificial intelligence or not be able to set the robot’s intellectual abilities, and in this case physical features, apart from a human. The robot being tested is Ava

  • Alex Garland's Ex Machina

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    found in the story, as well as with the characters. With this, good science fiction must also give off a strong sense of authenticity, not only to be believable, but to get viewers to open their minds to the film’s implicit meaning. Alex Garland's Ex Machina masterfully demonstrates these components and more over the duration of the film, and is the single greatest on-screen example of good science fiction in the past year. Not only are the characters complex, but the story itself is full of twists

  • Ex Machina And Frankenstein Essay

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    disastrous. When non-human conscious life is created it is easier to treat these creations as outsiders rather than accepting them. There are two stories that show this clearly. The novel Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelly and the film Ex Machina by Alex Garland. When self-conscious life is created it must be treated as such. In Frankenstein, everyone treats Victor’s creation like a monster including Frankenstein himself. This leads to the creation accepting that title and going on a murder

  • Ex Machina Film Analysis

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    EX MACHINA REVIEW Ex Machina is a film which truly depicts what machines are capable of. It is a science fiction based on a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. The movie was directed and written by Alex Garland and produced by Andrew Macdonald. It stars Domhnall Gleeson as Calab, Alicia Vikander as Ava, Sonoya Mizuno as Kyoko and Oscar Isaac as Nathan. Budget of the film was around $ 110 million and it earned around $ 125 Million. A programmer named Caleb who is working for the most popular

  • Ex-Machina And I, Robot

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    From the works of Karel Čapek and Isaac Asimov to the modern day films ‘Ex- Machina’ and ‘I, Robot,’ the trustworthiness of artificial intelligence (AI) has always been a wavering question. Some could say that the fears are nonsense, but they are mostly based on the philosophy that the more knowledgeable a species, the more controlling and violent the species becomes. The philosophy itself is somewhat true - look at the human race; we destroy the habitats of other creatures for our own personal or

  • Oleanna

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    the telephone as a tool to grab John and Carol out of their conversation whenever they are about to make a connection. John constantly receives phone calls from Jerry and Grace throughout the play. Not only do these calls serve as a form of deus ex machina, but also his conversations with these two people are the only instances in the play when either of the two main characters is shown communicating with the outside world. This fact is also important because it helps to establish the idea that John

  • Medea, by Euripides - Constructing Medea’s Compelling Persona

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    techniques are incorporated to augment the compelling persona of the protagonist, Medea. She has an overpowering presence, which is fashioned through the use of imagery, offstage action and language. Dramatic suspense, employment of the chorus and Deus Ex Machina also serve to enhance the intense persona assumed by Medea. Medea is frequently associated with images of violence and rage. “She’s wild. Hate’s in her blood. /She feeds her rage…Stormclouds of anger.” These images suggest hatred, and anger,