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  • Bloody Sunday: The Everett Massacre

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    Tragedy hit the docks of Everett, Washington, Sunday November 5, 1916 which would be known as “Bloody Sunday.” On November 5, 1916 the Everett Massacre was the culmination of labor trouble which had been brewing for months. It was one of the bloodiest single episodes of labor-related violence in the Pacific Northwest. In 1916, Everett, Washington was facing severe economic difficulty. There was ongoing confrontation between business and commercial interests and labor and labor organizers. The

  • Standards of Education in Everett Community College

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    Everett influence and have impact its people through its education allowing its people to become successful individuals. As more and more people are developing higher interest in education, the standards that people in Everett have for education is really high. Everett spend a great amount of their investment in knowledge for education; all for the people to improve the future of Everett. College fairs in Everett provide its people with opportunities for higher education, inspire the people or students

  • Analysis Of John Everett Millais Ophelia

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    John Everett Millais ' Ophelia (1852, oil on canvas) is arguably the most well-known example of Pre-Raphaelite art to modern audiences. Taking its subject from Hamlet, and on public display at Tate Britain, it is understandably already an object of much discussion. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB) was a small yet well-known group of Victorian artists who found inspiration in the sincerity and comparable simplicity of work, literally, prior to the career of Raphael. Millais (1829-96) was one of

  • Edward Everett Hale's story The Man Without A Country and Rudyard

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    Edward Everett Hale's story "The Man Without A Country" and Rudyard Kiplings book Captains Courageous are both fabrications in which the main characters, Philip Nolan and Harvey Cheyne both go through drastic changes in both life and attitude. Each learns a different life lesson, but in a way that is slightly unpleasant. Philip Nolan, also known as the Man Without a Country, wishes to never hear of his country again, and his wish is granted. He spends the last 56 years of his life on the

  • - Raphaelite Brotherhood Manifesto And Victorian English Culture In John Everett Millais's Ophelia

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    “The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Manifesto and Victorian English Culture in John Everett Millais’s “Ophelia” The British Royal Academy of Art dictated how young artists learned their craft and the works that were considered successful art. Three students at the Royal Academy; Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Hunt, and John Everett Millais, set out to create work that differed from the Academy’s established criteria. Those three men formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in secret in order to create

  • Bob Gonzalez's Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe, John Everett Millais' Trust Me and William Powell Frith's For Better of For Worse

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    Bob Gonzalez's Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe, John Everett Millais' Trust Me and William Powell Frith's For Better of For Worse Art may be considered the reflection of one's emotions or an outlet of one’s creative thought. A person can display art, not only through music or dance, but also through the creativity of a play or drama. Bob Gonzalez's Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe is a great example of creatively organizing the inner thoughts of Monroe through the theatre. He went past Monroe's

  • Paine Field

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    Airport was constructed in 1936; it is located in Snohomish County, between Mukilteo and Everett, WA. It is a public airport, and it is served by a FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) control tower. In Snohomish Country: An Illustrated History, the authors state “Paine Field Airport originally called the Snohomish County Airport. The airport was renamed Paine Field, in honor of Army Lt. Topliff Olin Paine, and Everett native who was killed in 1922 while flying in the Air Mail Service” (250). The name

  • Don T Sleep There Are Snakes Analysis

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    or spiritually etc. A factor that plays an important role in the culture is that they have something called the principle of immediacy which states that “formulaic language and actions that involve reference to non-witnessed events are avoided” (Everett 84). This means that they do not believe in the past or the future, but live in the present. They also do not have a counting system unlike many other cultures all over the world. This is because

  • Captain Everett P. Pope

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    Captain Everett P. Pope was born on 16 July 1919 in Milton, Massachusetts and joined the Marine Corps while living in that state. He currently resides in Fernandina Beach, Florida. He is a living recipient of the Marine Corps Medal of Honor for his valiant leadership against devastating odds during the actions against enemy Japanese forces on Peleliu Island, Palau Group from 19 to 20 September, 1944. Captain Pope was the Commanding Officer of Company C, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines (1/1), 1st Marine

  • Narrative Essay

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    had an all-around good time. So at the party we discussed who and where we'd go shoot the paintballs. We unanimously chose to shoot a girl's house that we really disliked. Till this day, neither of us knows why we dislike her. But anyway, Shannon Everett was her name and her house was the target. So as the party came to a close, Chris, Sise, and I sprinted to the truck excited about the attack on Shannon's house. We speeded to Chris's house so he and Sise could change and to get the Trracer, the beautiful