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  • Captain Everett P. Pope

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    Captain Everett P. Pope was born on 16 July 1919 in Milton, Massachusetts and joined the Marine Corps while living in that state. He currently resides in Fernandina Beach, Florida. He is a living recipient of the Marine Corps Medal of Honor for his valiant leadership against devastating odds during the actions against enemy Japanese forces on Peleliu Island, Palau Group from 19 to 20 September, 1944. Captain Pope was the Commanding Officer of Company C, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines (1/1), 1st Marine

  • Bloody Sunday: The Everett Massacre

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    Tragedy hit the docks of Everett, Washington, Sunday November 5, 1916 which would be known as “Bloody Sunday.” On November 5, 1916 the Everett Massacre was the culmination of labor trouble which had been brewing for months. It was one of the bloodiest single episodes of labor-related violence in the Pacific Northwest. In 1916, Everett, Washington was facing severe economic difficulty. There was ongoing confrontation between business and commercial interests and labor and labor organizers. The

  • Analysis Of John Everett Millais Ophelia

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    John Everett Millais ' Ophelia (1852, oil on canvas) is arguably the most well-known example of Pre-Raphaelite art to modern audiences. Taking its subject from Hamlet, and on public display at Tate Britain, it is understandably already an object of much discussion. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB) was a small yet well-known group of Victorian artists who found inspiration in the sincerity and comparable simplicity of work, literally, prior to the career of Raphael. Millais (1829-96) was one of

  • - Raphaelite Brotherhood Manifesto And Victorian English Culture In John Everett Millais's Ophelia

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    “The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Manifesto and Victorian English Culture in John Everett Millais’s “Ophelia” The British Royal Academy of Art dictated how young artists learned their craft and the works that were considered successful art. Three students at the Royal Academy; Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Hunt, and John Everett Millais, set out to create work that differed from the Academy’s established criteria. Those three men formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in secret in order to create

  • Coal Usage in the Victorian Era

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    coal increased in the 18 th Century. In 1709, coke was first used in place of wood and charcoal. The first use of coal for lighting purposes occurred in the year 1786 (Everett). Since it was the most popular supply of fuel, coal was in immense demand. The coal mining industry was a very profitable one, when production went well (Everett). However, the burning of coal, especially in factories, led to a great deal of environmental problems and pollution. Legislations concerning coal mining * 1842:

  • Dramatic Monologue

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    Dramatic Monologue When discussing the poetic form of dramatic monologue it is rare that it is not associated with and its usage attributed to the poet Robert Browning. Robert Browning has been considered the master of the dramatic monologue. Although some critics are skeptical of his invention of the form, for dramatic monologue is evidenced in poetry preceding Browning, it is believed that his extensive and varied use of the dramatic monologue has significantly contributed to the form and has

  • Imagination

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    attached to this child and thinks of him as almost her own son. Meanwhile, Everett Marlo, her husband, is plagued by nightmares caused by one of his more puzzling cases, which results in insomnia. He begins to share his patient’s nightmares and dreams that he is looking through his patient’s dreaming eyes and is committing savage and bloody murders. Findley uses his character’s dreams to show that the imaginary dreams that Everett is having affects his normal, day to day reality. This makes for many plot

  • Lincoln At Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America

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    would not mention single individuals or even top officers. Everyone was considered as equal importance and was never any different. "Though we call Lincoln's text the Gettysburg Address, that title clearly belongs to Everett." 1 This is very true, which I think is interesting. Everett who was chosen by David Wills to commemorate the National Cemetery of Gettysburg, was supposed to be the speaker while Lincoln was only the dedicatory remarks speaker. Not only did Lincoln have the favorable speech

  • Abortion

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    is an issue lacking of humanity and moral value because of the various motives behind it. Abortion is the most extreme, permanent and devastatingly violent solution, for an unborn child. As said by former Surgeon General and a pediatrician Dr. C. Everett Koop, the most common reason for abortion is convenience. Only three to five percent of all abortions performed are for reasons of rape, incest, the possibility of a deformed child, or severe threat to the life of the mother. As Dr. Koop, has pointed

  • Learning about Erosion: Personal Story

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    as a kid can change the course of people’s lives. Myself, when my parents told me and my brothers and sisters that we were going to the cabin meant a week of solid fun. My family has a cabin up on Camano Island, which is about 20 minutes north of Everett, right off of the I-5 interstate. My family would go up there during the summer with my cousins and grandma, and go swimming when the tide was in, build sandcastles when the tide was out, only to have them washed away when the tide came back in, build

  • Rogers' Diffusion and Adoption Research

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    fail despite their promises and boundless possibilities? From integrating technology in education to introducing technological innovation in agriculture, users acceptance presents a complex set of challenges to innovation diffusion. According to Everett Rogers, one reason why there is so much interest in the diffusion of innovations is because "getting a new idea adopted, even when it has obvious advantages, is very difficult" (Rogers, 1995, p. 1). In the instructional technology field, the rapid

  • The Quest

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    Feeling quite tired and hungry, my friend and I entered the food court of the Everett Mall. Looking around, I decided that I was going to get some Chinese food. I turned to my friend and told him, he said that he would too. We then made our way over to the Chinese food counter. Upon arriving, I realized a possible problem; we only had Canadian money. I walked up to the woman at the counter, and asked her if they accepted Canadian money there. "No, sorry, we only accept American money," she

  • My Best Friend’s Wedding

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    relatives are supposed sluts and mostly because she wants to keep her eye on Jules so she doesn’t get her grips on her man. Jules stoops to evil means worthy of a minor Batman villain: She fakes an engagement to George (her guy friend played by Rupert Everett), forges a brutal, sneaky, and really mean email from the bride’s rich daddy (who owns the White Sox and a cable television empire) to the editor of Michael’s sports magazine that could ruin Michael career, and forces her trusting and tuneless rival

  • Baden-Powell

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    other leading youth workers. He planned a camp to test his program ideas. The camp was held from July 25 to August 9 in 1907 on Brownsea Island. The "Scoutmaster" was Lt.-Gen. Robert Baden- Powell. His assistants were B.W. Green, H. Robson and P.W. Everett. The camp was a tremendous success. Based on this experiment B.-P. wrote his book "Scouting for Boys" which was published in 6 parts starting in January, 1908. It has been printed in many editions -- the current edition is the last one edited by B

  • Video Game Playing

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    war-type game. These are usually the most violent games, as most of them involve destroying objects and other people. This destruction can range from one-on-one combat to mass annihilation of other humans or creatures. In 1982, Surgeon General C. Everett Koop (Orlofsky, 1982) stated that video games could encourage children to mimic the violence displayed on the screen, and that these games may have adverse physical and mental effects on teenagers. Ever since Koop’s warning, parents have become increasingly

  • The Classification and Hierarchy of Values

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    education and enlightenment of citizens based on the guidance of conscience rather than compulsion will be highly effective. 1. Classification of Values I will discuss what kinds of values exist, before talking about their hierarchy. Walter Goodnow Everett classified values into the following eight categories; (1) economic values, (2) bodily values, (3) value of recreation, (4) value of association, (5) character values, (6) aesthetic values, (7) intellectual... ... middle of paper ... ...other

  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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    Irony is the opposite of what is and what seems to be. Harper Lee uses irony in her novel To Kill A Mockingbird on several occasions to illustrate the difference between appearance versus reality. An example of this is the cementing of the tree. Jem and Scout received many gifts from the oak tree like: chewing gum, a ball of twine, soap carvings of Jem and Scout, a spelling medal, Indian-heads, and a pocket watch. Jem and Scout write the gift-giver a thank you note intending to put it in the

  • Everett And Odysseus Comparison

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    Ulysses Everett, who is on this long journey to find the “treasure” which he tells his two friends, Delmar and Pete. He is actually tricking them about the treasure because he knows that they would not go on this elongated journey, which they are escaping prison for, if they knew the truth. He was actually going to try to stop the marraige of his wife with her new fiance. On the long journey they face many challenges that try to stop them from getting to the town his wife is in. Everett and Odysseus

  • Everett Ruess: A Vagabond For Beauty

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    Book Reflection: Into the Wild and Everett Rues: A Vagabond for Beauty “Everett was strange, “Sleight concedes. “kind of different. But him and McCandless, at least they tried to follow their dream. That’s what was great about them. They tried. Not many do.” (67) John Krakauer’s book, Into the Wild, briefly makes a comparison between two young boys Chris McCandless and Everett Ruess and fills the reader with different perspectives about them and their experiences. While the author wrote about McCandless

  • Don T Sleep There Are Snakes Analysis

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    or spiritually etc. A factor that plays an important role in the culture is that they have something called the principle of immediacy which states that “formulaic language and actions that involve reference to non-witnessed events are avoided” (Everett 84). This means that they do not believe in the past or the future, but live in the present. They also do not have a counting system unlike many other cultures all over the world. This is because