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  • Faith Evans

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    In spite of the fact that Faith Evans carved out a recording career in her own right, her name will forever remain linked in the minds of many to her late husband the Notorious B.I.G. Evans was an active session singer and songwriter before signing her own solo deal and marrying Biggie, and while she never matched the level of his stardom, she continued to come into her own as a vocalist in the years after his untimely death. Faith Evans was born on June 10, 1973, and grew up in Newark, NJ, where

  • George Eliot, Pseudonym of Marian Evans

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    George Eliot, Pseudonym of Marian Evans George Eliot, pseudonym of Marian Evans (1819-1880) This article appeared in The Times Literary Supplement and was reprinted in The Common Reader: First Series. Virginia Woolf also wrote on George Eliot in the Daily Herald of 9 To read George Eliot attentively is to become aware how little one knows about her. It is also to become aware of the credulity, not very creditable to one’s insight, with which, half consciously and partly maliciously, one

  • The Impact of Chick Evans on the Golfing Community

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    Charles “Chick” Evans, who once was a caddy and worldly renowned golfer, appreciates the fine young adults that have endured the morning wakeup call everyday in the summer. To whom that are applicable can ultimately be awarded the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship. Named after Chick Evans himself because he dropped out of college in 1912 for lack of money, the scholarship is funded by donations from golfers and the proceeds of an annual professional tournament (Spears, 1995). Although Chick Evans has passed

  • The Olmec Culture

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    rainforest along the rivers by using a slash-and-burn farming technique” (Evans 2004:135). Amongst the crops raised were maize and manioc. Using the above mentioned farming methods, the Olmec people were able to create a food surplus that allowed artisanship and trade. Many items from neighboring regions were traded by the Olmec. Jade, an extremely sought after stone, “whose blue green color may have been associated with lifeforce” (Evans 2004:131). Obsidian from Otumba, Guadalupe Victoria, and El Chayal

  • The Objectivity of History

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    then is history in fact dying. Keith Jenkins' "What is History?," Carl Becker's "What are Historical Facts?" and Richard Evans' "In Defence of History" will be used to discuss and examine these issues. Marc Trachtenberg is questioning if objectivity is possible and desirable in today's society, and this is a question that many historians have pondered. Keith Jenkins and Richard Evans are the two historians that will be used in relation to this debate. Trachtenberg believes that history should be ultimately

  • Good Times

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    The cast starred Esther Rolles as the mother Florida Evans who first appeared as the maid in the television show Maude, John Amos as the father James Evans who starred in the hit miniseries Roots, comedian Jimmie Walker who played the oldest son James Evans Jr. (JJ), Ja'net DuBois as neighbor and friend of the Evans family Willona Woods, Ralph Carter who played the youngest son Michael Evans, and Anderson Bern Nadette Stanis as daughter Thelma Evans (Deane, 2004). Good Times took place in the assimilated

  • Edsons and Carlsons Raiders

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    Battalions, which was tested and perfected in combat. Although there were two Raider Commanders with very different views on how to prepare their marines, Evans Carlson and Merritt Edson were responsible for training lightly armed Marines for amphibious assaults. II. Body. 1. Historical Background a.     Forming of the Marine Raiders b.     Evans Carlson, Commanding Officer, 2nd Raider Battalion c.     Merritt Edson, Commanding Officer, 1st Raider Battalion 2. Training a.     Carlson’s Training

  • Diagnosing Septimus Smith in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway

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    the war and met Rezia in Italy on his discharge, has a seriously skewed version of reality. He has been through traumatic events during the war, including the death of his commanding officer and friend, Evans. Upon his return to England he suffers from hallucinations, he hears voices (especially Evans’), and he believes that the trees have a special message to convey to him. Rezia attempts to get Septimus help by taking him to several doctors. Ultimately Septimus commits suicide rather than let the

  • Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Naumburg and went to an exclusive boarding school at the nearby Schulpforta Academy. The school was famous for its grandeur of alumni that included “Klopstock and Fichte”(Brett-Evans, p.76). “It was here that Nietzsche received the thorough education in Greek and Latin that set him upon the road to classical philology.”(Brett-Evans, p. 76) On many occasions Nietzsche's zeal to prove himself at the Pforta school spurned legendary tales. One certain tale is when Nietzsche “could not bear to hear of the

  • Dreams

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    interpret these dreams. After these theories, others continued such as the Cayce theory in that dreams are our bodies means of building up of the mental, spiritual and physical well being. Finally came the argument between Evans' theory and the Crick and Mitchinson theory. Evans states that dreaming is our bodies way of storing the vast array of information gained during the day, whereas Crick and Mitchinson say that this information is being dumped rather than stored. Whichever theory is true, we

  • Silas Marner

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    as my mind dwelt on the subject, I became inclined to a more realistic treatment” (Modern Library). George Eliot’s real name was Marion Evans. She changed it because she did not want people to read her novel just because they were interested in her scandalous life. She was living with G.H.Lewes at the time and had been doing so since 1854. He and Marion Evans were unable to marry. His wife, Agnes, cheated on him with his friend Thorton Hunt, by whom she bore four children along with the three she

  • The Taming of the Shrew

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    “Shrew-Taming and Other Rituals of Aggression:Baiting and Bonding on the Stage and in the Wild,” Women’s Studies 9, no. 2(1982): 121-143; Ann Barton, Introduction to The Taming of the Shrew, in TheRiverside Shakespeare, 2d ed., gen. ed. G. Blakemore Evans (Boston: Houghton,1997),138-41; Emily Detmer, “Civilizing Subordination: Domestic Violence inThe Taming of the Shrew,” Shakespeare Quarterly“ 48, no. 3 (fall 1997): 273-294; Jean E. Howard, Introduction to The Taming of the Shrew, in The NortonShakespeare

  • The Character Elbow in Shakespeare's Play, Measure for Measure

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    audience a rich theatrical experience. (Evans 427) These characters are most commonly depicted as "artless, inadequate, naïve, and prosaic men who bumble through their official duties, sublimely unaware of their blunders, intent upon fulfilling their offices even when they are not really sure just what those offices are." (Evans 427) They are honest men as well, duteous, as "none of Shakespeare's comic policemen reveals any conscious neglect of duty." (Evans 430) In one high school production

  • The Effects of Society in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway

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    physical and nervous breakdown, with every symptom in an advanced stage.” (Woolf 144) War, in this novel, is shown as the life-altering element of Septimus’s life. This is because of a combination of the lost of his friend Evans and Septimus’s inability to mourn that loss. Evans was Septimus’s closest friend, and his death is al... ... middle of paper ... ...ly for the main characters of the novel but for anyone who allows it to be. Sources Cited Blackstone, Bernard. Virginia Woolf:

  • The Politics of Percy Shelley

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    ideas of the late Nineteenth century. One of Percy Shelley's boldest poems concerning a proletarian uprising is "A Song: 'Men of England,'" in which the diction and style of the piece evoked a sense of urgency and magnitude. Just as Ifor Evans claimed that Shelley had a "personality in revolt," it should also be noted that his poetry urged others to "revolt"(140). When read aloud, the poem sounds more like a fiery speech than a Romantic piece of literature. Shelley used vivid images to

  • Book Review of Hot Buttons: How to Resolve Conflict and Cool Everyone Down

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    collectible. The book "Hot Buttons: How To Resolve Conflict And Cool Everyone Down" talks about conflict management. The following is a background on the contributors: - Sybil Evans is a nationally recognized specialist in conflict resolution and diversity issues. As president of the consulting firm Sybil Evans Associates, Evans is a widely sought after trainer and speaker, enriching the relationship skills of individuals and Fortune 500 companies, including Campbell's Soup, Avon, Lucent Technologies

  • Eric Eazy Research Paper

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    Eric Eazy-E Wright A Life Interrupted by Taylor Evans Born September 7, 1963, Eric "Eazy-E" Wright's early reputation on the streets of Compton, California, was a hustler eager to apply his street knowledge to his legitimate game. He dropped out of high school in the tenth grade, but refused that to interrupt his success. In the late `80's he turned to rap music. Along with Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, and M.C. Ren established the most successful and controversial rap group in history

  • Classical Theory: The Good Son

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    examples of events that occurred in the movie to connect the two. To setup some of the story I’ll introduce you to the characters and what their role is throughout the movie. The mother and father are Wallace and Susan Evans, and their children are Henry and Connie. After Mark Evans mother dies, and his father Jack goes out of town on business Mark is sent to live with his Uncle Wallace and Aunt Susan and their two kids for three weeks. The classical theory is one that believes that human beings were

  • Miles Davis

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    to New York primarily to enter school but also to locate his musical idol, Charlie Parker. He played with Parker live and in recordings from the period of 1945 to 1948. Davis began leading his own group in 1948 as well as working with arranger Gil Evans. Davis’ career was briefly interrupted by a heroin addiction, although he continued to record with other popular bop musicians. 1955 was Miles Davis’ breakthrough year. His performance of "round midnight" at the Newport Jazz Festival alerted

  • The Driving Age

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    drive. “The facts show that younger drivers (those between ages 16 and 25) receive more citations, are more likely to have their driving privilege suspended, and are responsible for more accidents than drivers in any other age group.” (Dr. Steven Evans). Another reason is that it’s a high cost own a car when they are making so little money. If we were to raise the driving age it would most likely be changed to 18. The best reasons for raising it to 18 would probably be that they are more responsible