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  • How to Write a Eulogy

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    According to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary, eulogy or elegy is the spoken or written tribute that praises someone or something very highly, a tribute to somebody who has recently died or alive. The word is derived from the two Greek words for "you" and "word" (Anton). The elegy dates back to classic Greek poetry containing two lines known as a couplet and combines many of these couplets to create the funeral poem (Anton). The most noted scholar and poet Callimachus, expressed powerful emotions

  • Pericles' Funeral Oration

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    Athena was the best, none could be better. The funeral oration was aimed to respect the fallen as well as to keep up the national pride and its passion to protect their nation. The speech was a eulogy which focused on the eminence of Athens and its predecessors. Usually a son was chosen to give the eulogy. The law required the speech to have several essential components. The speech had to concerning the lives of the deceased. At his eulogy’s end, Pericles spoke in regard to the soldiers. The speech

  • Self Evaluation Essay Examples

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    captivating to my audience. Looking at my peer evaluations I would say that my classmates agree. Both of the evaluations mention my attention getter and how they worked really well. I believe that I have improved on my endings. Looking back at my eulogy and the peer evaluation, one note that was mentioned was my ending and that it was very good. I believe that I still have some things to work on regarding


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    With a standing ovation from the whole school and a look on my father’s face that seemed to say ‘I am proud of you’, I realized I had just taken a big step to overcome my public speaking demons. I suffered from stage fright anytime I stood in front of people to speak, and if these demons that cause this anxiety are the same ones in hell, then I am surely booking my flight to heaven as soon as possible. Since my childhood, I had always been the kid all parents wished they had; I was intelligent, smart

  • Reflective Essay On Public Speaking

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    When I first saw that I had to take Public Speaking, I was disappointed. I was uttering to myself, why I must take public speaking. I previously knew how to speak to people, because I speak to people every day, in passing, at work, and at home. Then analysis the syllabus for the course and apprehending that I had to speak in front of strangers9( classmates), oh no, I was not prepared for that. Likewise, doing the first week notes on Chapter 1 of the textbook The Art of Public Speaking, really

  • Eulogy

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    Living Eulogy Outline Topic: The life of Issac Harman V. Purpose: To give background information and specifics of his life. Introduction: On Oct. 12 1983 in Sinai hospital, a young man by the name of Issac Harman V was born. Since that day Issac has lived in Baltimore, Maryland all his life. He was raised by his mother and grandmother mostly his grandmother. From a quick meeting with him you most commonly observe that he is a very quiet person who seems no to have much to say. Even so

  • Eulogy for Friend

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    Eulogy for Friend My name is Deborah, and I’m one of Ron’s many friends. Karen asked me to share about Ron from a biker’s point of view. At many memorial services, eulogies are sort of like fish stories. Mean people are suddenly remembered as good-natured, self-centered people as generous, sinners as saints. Positive traits are exaggerated, negative ones swept under the rug. But today, it’s not necessary to stretch the truth. With Ron, what you saw was what you got. He refused to play

  • Eulogy for Son

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    Eulogy for Son William was a very special person. His good qualities are endless. Since he was just a child, I always remember William sticking up for the family. When his sister, Lisa, was a baby, William would sit outside her room with a mask and cape on ready to rescue her in case she started crying. And, if William’s father or I were making too much noise, he was always quick to fly downstairs and tell us to keep quiet so not to disturb his little sister. That’s just the kind of person

  • Eulogy for Grandmother

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    Eulogy for Grandmother When I think of Mary Helen Smith, also known to me as Grandma, I think of learning, laughter and love. Now all of the felicitous times are just a big barrier of memories surrounding my heart. I can remember doing puzzles with my Grandma. The table she'd use came up to my chin when I was first interested in the concept of putting pieces of colorful cardboard together. When we had finished forming all the pieces together, I was in pure fascination of how beautiful

  • Eulogy for Friend

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    Eulogy for Friend Three days ago I was working on a lecture dealing with a prominent figure on the French literary scene who happens to be a Sephardic Jew. He pictures the Jew as essentially a wounded man, one racked by his Jewishness. The world for him is a desert, and God is enwrapped in silence. For him the keynote is exile, the stuff of his writing a kind of brave despair. The news of Hays's death broke into my thoughts on this, and it occurred to me that his philosophy of life could be