Eulogy for Son

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Eulogy for Son

Good morning. Joe and I thank you all for coming to celebrate our son Mark's life.

About four months ago on February 21, 1999, Joe and I had one of our biggest dreams come true. God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy. We named him Mark Warren, after his two grandfathers--and two of the strongest men we know. By bringing the names together, Mark became the greatest little boy we know. A lot of people called him "Markie," including his big sister Madeleine. Together, Madeleine and Mark made us very happy. We had the family we always dreamed of and a home filled with warmth and love.

We were devastated on March 25th when Mark was admitted to the hospital, where he stayed for nine weeks. It was the most difficult time in our lives, to know that our beautiful baby boy was so sick. After many tests and consultations with many doctors, we found out that Mark had a severe neurological condition that affected his brain and development. We quickly realized that Mark would not live the life we had dreamed of for him.

Fortunately we have been blessed with a very loving, supportive family and thoughtful, caring friends to help us through this difficult time. It was also Mark's strength, courage, and love, together with our faith in God, that brought us comfort.

Mark went through so much and hardly ever complained. He was a tough little guy with a brave heart and innocent soul. It was because of these qualities that Mark touched so many lives and spread love and comfort to all those who knew him. Mark has made Joe and I better people. Mark has made a huge impact on the world by using the gifts that God gave him, which is, after all, what we as parents want from our children.

Ever since Joe can remember he has wanted a son. Anyone that knows Joe knows that he has a very special relationship with his dad. Joe was ecstatic when Mark was born. He was going to create a relationship with Mark similar to the one he shares with his own dad. He made plans for them to go fishing and play one-on-one basketball in the driveway. When that dream was taken from Joe, he felt lost.

As time went on, Joe realized how truly special a father/son relationship can be, and how love can overcome obstacles and bring peace.
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