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  • Organ Transplantation and Ethical Considerations

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    Organ Transplantation and Ethical Considerations In February 2003, 17-year-old Jesica Santillan received a heart-lung transplant at Duke University Hospital that went badly awry because, by mistake, doctors used donor organs from a patient with a different blood type. The botched operation and subsequent unsuccessful retransplant opened a discussion in the media, in internet chat rooms, and in ethicists' circles regarding how we, in the United States, allocate the scarce commodity of organs

  • Ethical Considerations when implementing OSS

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    Ethical Considerations when implementing OSS I. Background Starting from 1998, some of the people in the free software community began using the term "Open Source Software" instead of "Free Software". At that time, I was working for Sun Microsystem for one of the "Open Source Software" project -- localization of Mozilla. Sun Microsystem is one of the biggest system company in the "Open Source Software" community. a) Difference between "free software" and "open source" Comparing

  • Cost Accounting: Its role and ethical considerations

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    Cost Accounting: Its role and ethical considerations Introduction: Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, and communicating economic information about an entity for the purpose of making decisions and informed judgements. The major areas of within the accounting are: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting/Cost Accounting and Auditing- Public Accounting Managerial accounting is concerned with the use of economic and financial information to plan and control the activities

  • Genetic Engineering: Our Key to a Better World

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    and insert it into another" (SS1). Such techniques included in genetic engineering (both "good" and "bad") are, genetic screening both during the fetal stage and later in life, gene therapy, sex selection in fetuses, and cloning. Because of many ethical, religious, and safety concerns, genetic engineering is the source of much debate and argument. Many people, even scientists, have raised strong questions concerning the issue. In his article Moore raises such questions as, "Could the technology get

  • Real Estate

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    meaning in the 1990s (Davies, 1995, p. 54). In addition, cultural demographics are changing quickly. This means changes in organizational structures within real estate offices. This paper will address these changes in the context of the ethical considerations for which real estate has always been accountable. EXPANSION AND DIVERSITY Among other things, real estate brokerage services in the 1990s includes understanding and complying with federal and state real estate laws; surveying real estate;

  • Ethics, Morality and the Internet

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    conceived, such as when telephones were introduced, problems ensue. The Internet, because of it's modern nature is not really well dealt with when it comes to existing ethical and moral issues. Being that the Internet has fostered a new class of community that requires a unique category of moral values and ethical considerations. Things are always going to be dealt with differently when it comes to any revolutionary type of medium. For instance how can interstate trade be regulated by the federal

  • Gene Therapy

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    experts of gene therapy predict that the first clinical success will occur in the near future. Gene therapy is a highly controversial topic that entails numerous ethical issues that need to be thoroughly analyzed before it is widely available to the public. While gene therapy may pose practical medical benefits for people, ethical considerations must be addressed in order for society to utilize the potentials of gene therapy appropriately. What is gene therapy? Gene therapy attempts to cure or

  • An Ethical Evaluation of Peer-to-Peer File Swapping

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    An Ethical Evaluation of Peer-to-Peer File Swapping Abstract The last few years has seen an explosion in the use of the Internet as a means for exchanging, free of charge, digital media by way of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing technologies. Initially, the practice was primarily limited to the swapping of music, in the form of MP3 files. The pervasiveness of broadband, the advent of newer file types, and the creation of more sophisticated technologies has subsequently made possible the

  • Machiavelli

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    are the qualities of a great leader. The Prince was published in 1531, creating great controversy with other political thinkers of the time. Machiavelli completely ignored the popular religious teachings of the era and erased the moral and ethical considerations from the leadership equation; the actions of a ruler should be governed solely by necessity. “Since I intend to write something useful to an understanding reader, it seemed better to go after the real truth of the matter then to repeat what

  • Ethical Considerations In Autoethnography

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    The tradeoff is such that, by using the third person, a sense of distance from the events and the people being referred to can occur, whereas using the first person is more explicit about the events being analyzed. Wyatt (2006) states that a key ethical principle is found in the writing in how close to position the reader is to the self-disclosure. Ellis (2007) offers a dimension of relational ethics when dealing with intimate issues which is subject to the vague and generic “do no harm.” The researcher

  • Ethical Considerations Of An Educator Researcher

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    In terms of ethical considerations in my research, I believe it is very essential for all educators or any other professionals to show ethical considerations to other people because every individual should be protected by specific equal rights. According to Mertler (2014), the primary responsibility of an educator-researcher is to make sure that action research adheres to ethical standards. For instance, in my school, if any teacher wants to do a research study or video tape one of their classes

  • Ethical Considerations In Virtual Reality

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    Ethical Considerations When it comes to the ethical considerations that society has taken on Virtual Reality and other similar technologies such as the previously mentioned augment reality, the topics that get raise the most is that of desensitization and cyber addiction. Desensitization is the diminished emotional responsiveness to any type of negative, aversive or positive stimulus after repeated exposure to them. The fear that Virtual Reality may give people is that, the game and movies that we

  • Ethical Considerations In Health Care

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    ETHICAL CONSIDERATION It can be argued that patients using a healthcare system have an ethical duty to help with quality assurance activities that ultimately aim to protect them and their fellow man (Wade, 2007). This point of view also applies to contributing data towards national epidemiological studies such as those run by Public Health England that utilise population-wide databases, because they, as well as the general populous, will benefit from such activities (Lynn, 2007). Public health research

  • Ethical Considerations Of The Savior Child

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    Ethical Considerations of the Savior Child A savior child is a child that is used to help save a sibling’s life. This can be done by using their organs, bone marrow, blood, tissue, or cord blood to help their terminally ill sibling. The savior child may be a sibling that is a match. If there are no family members that are a match, the parent may consider creating a savior child through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (Jackson, 2015). In vitro fertilization (IVF)

  • Ethical Considerations in Global Expansion

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    for these choices. Content and Analysis Background According to Ferrell (2004), “Organizations create ethical or unethical corporate cultures based on leadership and the commitment to values that stress the importance of stakeholder relationships. Establishing and implementing a strategic approach to improving organizational ethics is based on establishing, communicating, and monitoring ethical values and legal requirements that characterize the firm's history, culture, and operating environment”

  • Ethical Considerations of College Recruiting

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    The United States has an obsession with sports. From little leagues to major leagues, winning is above all and being competitive is important for both coaches and administrators overall success. That is why college recruiting has so many ethical issues today. When universities are able to offer money and other incentives to student-athletes in order to persuade them to enroll with their institution it gives them an advantage some others are not able to offer. Gifting money, cars, clothing, houses

  • Ethical and Legal Considerations in Social Work

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    Shaniya Robinson arrives at the County Human Services Authority for her monthly appointment with her social worker. Ms. Robinson is a 25 year old African American female who is receiving treatment for schizophrenia from the adult behavioral health services program. During a session the client reports that she is under a great deal of stress because she is having difficulty adjusting to being a new mother. Her five month old baby girl Shanice is teething and cries frequently. Ms. Robinson is also

  • Ethical Considerations In Data Analysis Methods

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    Some of the key ethical considerations are as follows: 2.9.1. Validity and Reliability It is important for the success of a research that the sources for collecting data must be reliable and authentic for the reason that this is the only way through which researcher can get appropriate

  • The Ethical Considerations Of Nora 's Situation

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    faced with an ethical dilemma of how to best handle the situation with fairness and minimal negative impact. I believe there are further actions Nora can take to attempt to correct the issue without firing anyone. However, while pursuing alternative courses of action, she must be careful to maintain fairness to all of her employees without harming overall productivity. To accomplish this, we must first review the ethical considerations of Nora’s situation. Nora is facing a difficult ethical dilemma in

  • The Ethical Considerations of Stem Cell research

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    of cells would transform into that type. This led to the assumption that stem cells could be used to advance medicine because they could possibly treat injuries and diseases (AAAS, 2012). The conflict surrounding stem cell research is, with ethical consideration, whether it is a good or bad. The majority of Americans are advocates due to the possibilities of medical advancement, thus saving thousands of lives. Those in opposition believe that it is against Stem Cell Research 3 morality to destroy embryos