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  • Tropical Rain Forest Soils of La Selva

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    soil, and surface water, flora, fauna, and microorganisms (Otzen 1993). These changes may result in a loss of soil organic matter, a decrease in soil fertility (Garcia-Oliva et al. 1994, Tissen et al. 1994), severe soil erosion (Otzen 1993), and changes in soil structure and chemistry (Fernandes and Sanford 1995, Sollins et al. 1995, Montgagnini and Sancho 1994.) The response of tropical rain forest soils to deforestation depends upon the specific properties of the soils as well as the type of

  • Developmental Profile

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    by the increase of the hormone testosterone in males and estrogen in females (Rathus, et al., 1986). 3. The primary sex characteristics enlarge and mature: in males--the testes, prostate gland, penis and seminal vesicles, in females--the ovaries, uterus and vagina (Papalia, et al., 1998). 4. Acne develops in some adolescents, due to the change in hormones, and can last well into adulthood (Edelman, et al., 1994). 5. Toward the end of puberty, menarche in girls and ejaculation in boys signals

  • Types of Silica

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    large, breathing becomes difficult and death may result. Silicosis victims are also at high risk of developing active tuberculosis [Myers et al. 1973; Sherson and Lander 1990; Bailey et al. 1974]. A worker's lungs may react more severely to silica sand that has been freshly fractured (sawed, hammered, or treated in a way that produces airborne dust) [Vallyathan et al. 1988]. This factor may contribute to the development of acute and accelerated forms of silicosis. Types of Silicosis A worker may develop

  • History of Marijuana

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    numerous accounts of its medicinal qualities in multiple historical artifacts. Its use dates back to 2737 B.C. when the Chinese emperor, Shen Nung, used it for medicinal purposes including malaria, gout, poor memory, rheumatism, and analgesia (Carter et. al., 2003). Eastern Indian documents, in the Atharvaveda, dating back to 2000 B.C. also refer to its medicinal use. The Jamestown settlers cultivated hemp produced by the marijuana plant. They used these fibers to make clothing, rope, and canvas

  • Eating Disorders and Alcohol Abuse

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    paper) Cepik A, et al. "Bulimia in a Male Alcoholic: A Symptom Substitution in Alcoholism." International-Journal-of-Eating-Disorders Mar. 1995; Vol 17 (2): 201-4. Dunne, FJ et al. "Eating Disorders and Alcohol Misuse: Features of an Addiction Spectrum." Postgraduate-Medical-Journal Feb. 1991; Vol 67 (784): 112-3. Goldbloom, DS et al. "Eating Disorders and Alcohol Abuse in Women." British-Journal-of-Addiciton Jun. 1992; Vol 87 (6): 913-9. Jones, DA et al. "Anorexia Nervosa,

  • The Three Competencies of the Mentor Role

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    others, interpersonal communication and developing others" (Hesketh et al pp 4). Because high school students are less experienced the author used this role continually in an effort to develop his students and guide them through their learning experiences. Per Hesketh et al the author must determine his own strengths and weaknesses so he can maximize them. "Your weaknesses can be overcome through self-development" (Hesketh et al. 1997 pp 51). By researching all he could about the Health Science

  • Progress in Xenotransplantation

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    specific antibody response that is responsible for HAR. An in vitro kinetic experiment combined rat endothelial cells with primate serum and then measured bound human and monkey antibodies, number of lysed cells, and C complement activity (Azimzadeh et al., 1996). The results showed that IgM antibodies were produced rapidly in the earliest stage, after which a large number of IgG antibodies were produced. Components of the C cascade were present on the endothelial cells. Th... ... middle of paper

  • Coral Bleaching: Potential Mechanisms and Observed Adaptations

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    algae of the genus symbiodinium. These algae are commonly called zooxanthellae. This symbiosis between heterotrophic hosts and photosynthetic symbionts allows coral to thrive in nutrient poor seas and deposit calcium carbonate to build reefs (Toller et al. 2001, 348). Coral bleaching occurs when there is a loss of zooxanthellae from their coral host. This is accompanied by loss of a coral's normal color that may or may not be detectable to the human eye. Bleaching can lead to coral death when prolonged

  • St. John’s Wort for Depression

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    most controversial herbal remedies is St. John’s Wort. As a cheap over-the-counter antidepressant, and with over 17% of the population experiencing depression sometime in their lifetime, its allure to the lay person is not surprising (Kessler, R. C. et al., 1994). Is St. John’s Wort an effective treatment for depression as many claim it is? Is it really safe? St. John’s Wort, often called hypercium for its botanical name, Hypercium perforatum, is derived from a yellow flowering plant. Hypercium is

  • Salinity Stress on Plants

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    breeding (Winicov, 1998). Many factors interact with salinity, and this complicates studies on the effects of salinity. For example, humidity, temperature, li... ... middle of paper ... ... Scientia Horticulturae 78, 261-269. Serrano, R. et al. (1999). A glimpse of the mechanisms of ion homeostasis during salt stress. Journal of Experimental Botany 50, 1023-1036. Shannon, M.C., and Grieve, C.M. (1999). Tolerance of vegetable crops to salinity. Scientia Horticulturae 78, 5-38. Volkmar

  • Kleenmaid: History, Development, And Growth Of A Company

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    staffs discuss organizational issues (Hill et al. 2004). The Electrolux group holds about a 50 per cent market share with sales of more than A$1 billion hence dominating the appliance category in Australia. Other competitor include Simpson, Dishlex, Fisher & Paykel are relatively new entrants in the market. A range of high end brands like Maytag, Smeg, Gaggenau, Ilve and Blanco “compete for the same premium dollar” as Kleenmaid St George does (Hill et al. 2004). The competitive advantages Kleenmaid

  • Jellyfish Venom

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    percent of a jellyfish’s body is "solid organic material" (Halstead, Poisonous 96-97). Jellyfish have reproductive cycles that involve a sessile polyp and a free-living medusa state. The polyp is asexual, while the medusa is sexual (Williamson et al. 121). P. physalis actually consist of colonies of many small organisms. A single Man-of-War contains both polyp and medusal stage organisms, with several different types of polyps and medusae in a colony (Halstead, Poisonous 94-95) Jellyfish populations

  • Adult Learning in Cohort Groups

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    enroll at the same time and go through a program by taking the same courses at the same time, a process that is sometimes referred to as lock step (e.g., Chairs et al. 2002; Reynolds and Hebert 1998). A cohort is much more than a structure, however (Norris and Barnett 1994). It is "a tight-knit, reliable, common-purpose group" (Drago-Severson et al. 2001, p. 15) that has foundations in group dynamics, adult development, and adult learning theory (ibid.; Nesbit 2001; Norris and Barnett 1994). This Brief

  • Male Dominance Over Women Traced Back to Roman Times

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    conception (qtd. in Lefkowitz et al. 228). Plato asserts that because "all concoction works by means of heat" and "some of the body's parts are 'principles'" (qtd. in Lefkowitz et al. 229), a lack of heat will affect concoction which will, in turn, affect a principle body part. This is crucial to the development of the body as "once a principle has been 'moved' (i.e. changed), many of the parts which cohere with it must of necessity change as well" (qtd. in Lefkowitz et al. 229). Therefore, no heat in

  • Lethal Tools of Our Past-Weapons of The Frontier

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    200 yards. The other weapon of choice, the shotgun, did not boast a straight, clean shot, but had the capacity to tear anything to shreds in a single blast. A short barrel provided the advantage of a wider blast range and easier handling (Trachtman et al 50). In many battles, the shotguns were often preferred for their simplifying features. In the frequently lawless country that the United States had become, a quicker solution for combat was deemed necessary. It did not take long for such handguns

  • Equality in School Finance

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    inclusion of after-care activities for inner-city youth in any successful educational spending program. Odden et al. note that their analysis of spending patterns across the 50 states is supported by the conclusions reached by the Finance Center of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), although the results of their research did diverge in some significant ways. Odden et al. examined spending and staffing patterns at the district and school levels. They also scrutinized staffing patterns

  • Technical Challenges of Remote Access Surgery

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    Charly. Remote Control Surgery. 21 March 1997. . Nair, Nundu. Telesurgery. 1999. . Pescovitz, David. In the Waiting Room. 2000. . Proukas, Constantine-Basil et al. Technology and Clinical Applications: Telemedicine. 1996. . Proukas, Constantine-Basil. Medical Robotics. 1996. . Stevens, Rick L et al. Petaflops in Medicine: Telesurgery PetaFlops Workshop.  26 June 1998. < 95_workshop/participants.html>. Vanderheyden, L. Telesurgery:

  • Phytoremediation: Using Plants To Combat a Stressed Environment

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    emerging technology in the ever-evolving field of phytoremediation will also be discussed. Phytoremediation is characterized by the use of vegetative species for in situ treatment of land areas polluted by a variety of hazardous substances. (Sykes et al., 1999) Plants are especially useful in the process of bioremediation because they prevent erosion and leaching which can spread the toxic substances to surrounding areas. (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2001) There are several types

  • Cannibalism and Feeding Habits of Dinosaurs

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    Majungatholus atopus roamed the plains of northwestern Madagascar about 70 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous (Perkins, 2003; Rogers et al, 2003). The discovery of 21 tooth-marked elements originating from two Majungatholus atopus individuals suggests evidence that the dinosaur supplemented its diet by feeding on its own dead or hunting them (Rogers et al, 2003). It cannot be confirmed whether they were purely scavengers, hunters, or both. Scientists are certain that the marks are not the

  • Physiological Effects of MDMA Use

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    Effects of MDMA Use MDMA has significant cardiovascular effects. This is consistent with its norepinephrine releasing (Johnson et al. 1991; Rothman et al. 2001) and £\_2 adrenergic agonist (Lavelle et al. 1999) properties. MDMA dose dependently produces robust increases in heart rate and blood pressure (de la Torre et al. 2000a; de la Torre et al. 2000b; Grob et al.). Peak cardiovascular effects occur between 1 and 2 hours after MDMA administration and largely subside within 6 hours of drug