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  • Essential Characteristics of an Engineer

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    What are the essential characteristics of an engineer and how have you developed these traits this semester? (Note: You may, and are encouraged to, refer to all courses and experiences that have assisted in your development) Punctuality, the sense of responsibility and the spirit of hard-working are three characteristics which play an essential role in the engineer’s career. In construction site, the quality of many building materials like concrete and mud can change within a short period. If we

  • Uses of Essential Oils

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    Essential oil is one of the natural products that are used by humans for a long time ago. This oil is extracted from various plants which contain a variety of essences that produce difference fragrant. Clarke (2002) defines essential oils as the “volatile product that is extracted by a physical process from single natural plant species and that has an odors and the composition characteristic of an essential oil from that species” (pp. 86-87). Essential oil is extracted by the dry distillation process

  • The Essential Home Makeover: Transforming your Home Naturally through Essential Oils

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    Using the correct essential oil, in the correct way will help complete your home. There are numerous ways to incorporate essential oils into your environment that will make your home and its occupants safer, happier and healthier. A good example is lingering odors in the kitchen. Greasy foods like bacon or fried fish are common culprits. Our first instinct is to grab commercial room spray and wave the can around frantically in all four directions. Room sprays will not neutralize original odors;

  • Antibacterial Properties of Essential Oils

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  • The Essential Home Makeover: Transforming your Home Naturally through Essential Oils

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    Internal Consumption Experts suggest proceeding with caution when using essential oils internally. Never ingest an essential oil that doesn't list dietary supplement information on the label. For example, tea tree oil is safe to use externally as directed, but even one teaspoon can be fatal if taken by mouth. When used wisely, essential oils have the capability to heal a diverse number of medical conditions. For example, oil of peppermint tea can ease stomach discomfort. For therapeutic purposes

  • Importance Of Essential Oil And Mucilage Extraction

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    2. Materials and methods Essential oil and mucilage extraction and purification For essential oil extraction, dry plant materials of rosemary distilled within 24 h in a steam distiller with an aqueous phase recycling system, using a plant material: water ratio of 2:1. The distillation time was about 2 h, and the oil obtained was separated from the aqueous solution and dried by treating with anhydrous Na2SO4. Each essential oil was transferred into a dark glass flask filled to the top and kept at

  • Lipids: Essential to Our Body

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    significant role in signal-transduction pathways. There are several classes of lipids – fatty acids, triacylglycerols, phospholipids, glycolipids, and steroids. Many people have heard about fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, or “essential fats”. But what does this mean, and why are people told to take these fatty acids? First, we should understand what makes up a fatty acid. Fatty acids are made up of hydrocarbons (i.e. a long chain of carbons that have hydrogens on them), and have

  • Essential Amino Acids as Ergogenic Aids

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    Breaking down protein will yield 22 known amino acids. There are three types of amino acids. These are indispensable(essential), conditionally dispensable, and dispensable. Conditionally dispensable amino acids can be synthesized from other amino acids by our bodies. Dispensable amino acids are considered non-essential. Amino acids are "one of the six basic nutrients our body needs". Essential Amino Acids acids are central to our discussion with regards to their use in weightlifting and training. httg:///www

  • Case Study Of CAR

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    CAR is a 3,500-member organization that operates in the car industry in Michigan. Recently, the company has experienced a depleting figure in its sales staff with the organizations long-term partner who would make close to 20% of the turnover swapped to the organizations competitors. On the other hand, it is significant to note that CAR’s CEO’s stayed in the company for more than 12 months, an aspect that has always made it challenging for these individuals to initiate change in the organization

  • When The Day Becomes A Year While Traveling

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    of the foreign affairs required. I had been thinking that he was exaggerating. Do people get older quicker when they travel? Or does time pass quickly while traveling? These and many other superficial questions prevented me from understanding the essential meaning of his saying back then. Nowadays, after living and studying in the United States for four years, I look at my grandfather’s saying from a completely different prospective. I can clearly and easily see that the idea that my grandfather was