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  • Espionage

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    Espionage: to spy, the gathering of information Espionage is the secret gathering of information on rival countries for military purposes. Espionage can be used in business, military, economic or political decisions however; it is commonly employed government for defensive tactics. Espionage or spying is illegal in many nations however, it gains profits from agencies to protect the secrecy of information that is desired. Espionage is an old ancient craft; it has been used through out history. The

  • Espionage and its history

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    The history of espionage or spying can be dated back to the time of Sun-Tzu. Spies have been used by the ancient Chinese, the Egyptians, the Hebrews, the Greeks and Romans, the Aztecs, the Soviet Union, the Americans and now nearly every country today. Spying plays a huge role in War, for it is the act of an individual obtaining information in secret. Thus making it a huge tactical advantage. Spying can be broken down into five different types of targets of espionage. The first target being natural

  • Essay On Cyber Espionage

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    Cyber Espionage Spying is as old as human history, but cyber espionage presents a far less expensive way for both state and non-state actors, including private companies, to construct detailed informational mosaics on competitors and adversaries. Cyber spies can use stolen information for any number of purposes, including intimidation,extortion, or efforts to anticipate or disruptthe manoeuvring of political opponents. It has now got to a level where better enhanced security is now the only option

  • Economic Espionage

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    Economic Espionage act (1996) states that “Whoever, intending or knowing that the offense will benefit any foreign government, foreign instrumentality, or foreign agent, knowingly without authorization copies, duplicates, sketches, draws, photographs, downloads, uploads, alters, destroys, photocopies, replicates, transmits, delivers, sends, mails, communicates, or conveys a trade secret shall, except as provided in subsection (b), be fined not more than $500,000 or imprisoned not more than 15 years

  • Espionage In International Relations

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    international espionage with the public world of politics as well as reveal the role of espionage in international relations and states. This essay will also delve into the problem of individual privacy in terms of internal espionage. 2. Defining key concepts Before tackling the task at hand a few key concepts need to be defined. This will illuminate the context in which these concepts are deliberated upon and prevent any misinterpretation of the information provided. 2.1. Espionage According to

  • Different Types of Espionage

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    Espionage is defined as the act or practice of spying.1 The term ‘industrial espionage’ , also known as ‘corporate espionage’ or ‘cyber espionage’, is the act of stealing trade secrets through the removal, duplicating or recording of highly confidential or valuable information in order to gain a competitive advantage. It is defined as the use of illicit means by more aggressive competitors to disrupt their rival’s operations or gain access to their sensitive information for a better competitive edge

  • Cyyber Espionage And Cyber Security

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    Scurity:- Cyber Espionage and its global implications We are going to analyze some problems that Nation States/Organizations face, as cyber espionage security risks are prevailant in the information world. There is no permanent solations to combat cyber espionage, as such we will be looking at the latter, and discussing some ways we can effectively protect ourselves from the security risk of cyber espionage. Purpose and Scope The purpose of this paper is to explain what is cyber espionage? We want to

  • A Life of Lies: The Facts and Fiction of Espionage

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    Espionage has always been a subject that has captured the thoughts and imaginations of many people. The idea of the glamorous life of espionage agents and spies with grand parties, high tech gadgets, and world destroying villains have led to the belief that spies live a life of adventure and almost science fiction. Real agents live far from that life in reality. Many live in constant fear of imprisonment or execution. The facts and fiction of espionage have become distorted overtime. Espionage has

  • Use of Espionage During the American Revolution

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    time when colonial peoples were forced to develop a Patriot identity separate from that of the British. The evolution of espionage provides a paradigm case to support the shift in identity. The role of espionage is really only seen through the eyes of the British and the Patriots, the loyalists in the colonies are absent from the narrative. This paper argues that the use of espionage during the American revolution and the consequences that it brought developed a distinct American identity by analyzing

  • Industrial or Economic Espionage

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    Industrial or Economic Espionage A small Mississauga electronics safety equipment company is broken into. Although filing cabinets and desks were rummaged through, nothing was seemingly taken. An officer discovered the company had drawn up a bid for $7 million dollar contract a day or so before the break-in. The contract in question was for a foreign country. It was later discovered that the company in question was known for its aggressive economic espionage. An iron ore shipping company