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Cyber Espionage

Spying is as old as human history, but cyber espionage presents a far less expensive way for both state and non-state actors, including private companies, to construct detailed informational mosaics on competitors and adversaries. Cyber spies can use stolen information for any number of purposes, including intimidation,extortion, or efforts to anticipate or disruptthe manoeuvring of political opponents.

It has now got to a level where better enhanced security is now the only option if companies and states are going to protect their data.

Cyber Espionage or cyber spying is seen as obtaining data or information without the proior consent of the owner of the data. This data can be personal, sensitive, propriety or even classified (FBI, MI5 etc) a cyber spy can target anyone from individuals, competitors, rivals, groups, government, enemies, states, or even whole countries.

The motivation for such activities can be for the following gains:

Political (hacktivism)

The methods of such activity can be acheieved through the use of the Internet, networks or just by hacking one single computer. This can be done by using malware created with instructions built into it for a specific task, whether it be to cause damage or a denial of service but mostly to recieve data and send it back to the hacker. This malware can be anything from Trojan horses (key loggers) to spyware (tracking software).

A cyber spy is usually thought of as a professional security computer hacker, but in truth it can be performed by anyone who is willing to learn, the software is easily available on the internet and all it takes is the patience. Anyone from a professional to an amateur can perform cyber spying, which i...

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...pecialist IT security professionals through proper channels (Security clearance,ID, vetting) in order to ehance security and help prevention, it's only going to get easier and easier to run cyber espionage due to the increasing levels of ease of use in technology. Another layer of security is needed for businesses and government, there have been explorations in muscle memory passwords, the idea is that only you can remember it and it seems pretty difficult to crack considering it's inside a person brain and the brain remembers the muscle patterns.

Above all, the single most effective preventative measure against cyber espionage or indeed against any attack is education, if staff and other members are taught what to look for and know the dangers and more importantly know just how valuable their data is, then it will go a hell of a long way to stopping cyber attacks.

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