Equivalent Essays

  • The Moral Equivalent of War by William James

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    War is a hard thing to describe. It has benefits that can only be reaped through its respective means. Means that, while necessary, are harsh and unforgiving. William James, the author of “The Moral Equivalent of War”, speaks only of the benefits to be had and not of the horrors and sacrifices found in the turbulent times of war. James bears the title of a pacifist, but he heralds war as a necessity for society to exist. In the end of his article, James presents a “war against nature” that would

  • Determining the Approximate Equivalent Circuit of a Single-Phase Transformer

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    Determining the Approximate Equivalent Circuit of a Single-Phase Transformer AIM --- To determine the approximate equivalent circuit of a single-phase transformer. OBJECTIVE --------- To write up a lab report that will determine the equivalent circuit of a single-phase transformer, using open load test, short circuit test and the load test. EQUIPMENT --------- · TecQuipment electrical machines teaching unit NE8010 or NE8013 · B-phase transformer (EMTU-TT01)

  • How And Why Rugby has Developed from a Traditional form to its Modern day Equivalent

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    How And Why Rugby has Developed from a Traditional form to its Modern day Equivalent Introduction Rugby, also known as Rugger, is a football game played with an oval ball by two teams of either 15(Rugby Union) or 13(Rugby League) players each. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by carrying, passing, kicking and grounding an oval ball in the scoring zone at the far end of the field -- called the in-goal area. Grounding the ball, which must be done with downward pressure

  • The Effect of Solute Concentration on Osmosis in Potatoes

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    the effect of solute concentration on osmosis in potatoes. This is to find the equivalent osmotic potential. [IMAGE] PREDICTION: Osmosis is the movement of water particles from a high concentration to a low concentration through a partially permeable membrane. Osmosis happens when a partially permeable membrane allows small water particles to pass in or out towards a low water concentration. To reach an equivalent osmotic potential the concentration of water molecules has to be equal on either

  • Magic Realism: A Problem

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    a non-verbal equivalent of defamiliarization. Essentially, the magic was derived from the painting technique employed by the associated artists rather than the actual content (ultimately it came to be viewed as a kind of down-market surrealism). Later, in 1955, Angel Flores applied the term (with some modification - he referred to it as "magical realism") to Spanish-American writing. Flores put forward Borges as the master of this form and suggested Kafka as a Eurpoean equivalent. In this caase

  • Cyrano De Bergerac

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    the producers have adjusted and manipulated the play itself. As a result, several similarities and differences exist between the play Cyrano de Bergerac and its movie reproduction. The characteristics of a romantic hero in Rustond’s time is not equivalent to the characteristics of a romantic hero today. In the play for example, Cyrano, a very ugly, old, yet intellectual man who loved Roxane, his cousin, with all his heart and soul was unable to profess his love for fear that she will have rejected

  • Marx's Theory of Money and the Theory of Value

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    estimates the value of goods in process and of fixed capital which has not yet been depreciated, as well as the value of inventories of finished commodities awaiting sale. Each of these aggregations of commodities has a value, usually expressed as the equivalent of a certain amount of money, but it is clear that neither goods in process nor fixed capital is money. Marx views the value of commodities in this sense as analytically prior to money; money can be explained according to Marx only on the basis

  • Pros and Cons of Death Penalty

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    acts are morally equivalent. If we used this same perspective for other crimes, then our whole system would not work. For example, is the legal taking of property to satisfy a debt the same as auto theft? They both result in the loss of property. Is kidnapping and legal incarceration the same? They both involve imprisonment against one’s will. Obviously, these opponents have a flawed logic and therefore, if two acts end in the same result, they are not necessarily morally equivalent. Great effort has

  • Legal and Ethical Responsibilities.

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    because a woman is pregnant or on maternity leave are unlawful. Equal Pay Act 1970 The Equal Pay Act 1970 makes it unlawful for employers to discriminate between men and women where they are doing the same or similar work; work rated as equivalent; or work which is of equal value though different in nature. It covers both pay and other terms and conditions such as output and bonus payments, holidays and sick leave. European law has confirmed that the concept of equal pay prevents discrimination

  • Illegal Downloading "is" Stealing

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    illegal media being downloaded. Programs such as Bittorent, Kazaa, and other direct-connect networking programs have allowed the transferring of such illegal media. Downloading song files from the Internet over a free peer to peer network is the moral equivalent of shoplifting music CDs from the local mall. When you download any illegal media you are getting something for free that everyone else is required to pay a fee for. DVDs and CDs that cost others anywhere from 15 dollars to 60 dollars or more are

  • Lord Kelvin (1824 - 1907)

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    1851 he published the paper, "On the Dynamical Theory of Heat", and in the same year was elected to the Royal Society. This work contained his ideas and version of the second law of thermodynamics as well as James Joule’s idea of the mechanical equivalent of heat. This idea claimed that heat and motion were combined, which now is taken as second nature. At the time, heat was thought to have been a fluid of some kind. Kelvin also maintained an interest in the age of the sun and calculated values

  • Comparing The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 and My Brother Sam Is Dead

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    Comparing The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 and My Brother Sam Is Dead In the novels The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis and My Brother Sam Is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier, two young boys are faced with the challenge of learning the moral and ethical codes that will shape their futures. Kenny Watson and Tim Meeker live in very different times, but they face events that complicate their lives. Though one boy learns his morals through playful encounters

  • Balance Sheet Analysis Applebees International 2004

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    increased in the total current assets of 28%. Of those 28% increase, they consisted of 88% increase in the Cash & Equivalents (increased of $10.6 millions) caused by the decreased in the Capital Stock repurchasing in 2001 by Applebee’s. The repurchase of capital stock has decreased by 31% as noted from the year-to-year percentage changes of the Statement of Cash Flow which equivalent to about $11 million dollars. The other current assets increased was from the other Current Assets category; there

  • The Spanish Language

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    communities use. For example, I grew up in La Havana, where we have some special words and phrases that my community used as part of a dialect used mainly in the streets. Some of these phrases are: "que bola" or "que bolon." Both of these phrases is equivalent to saying "what's up" in English. Some of the words are: "consorte, manito and asere" that are used to name a friend or someone you know, when you are talking to them in the streets. Also we have adopted some words from the English language itself

  • An Analysis Of The Energizer Bunny Commercial Sequence

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    across the television screen every other second, it's so annoying. The advertising campaign has been so effective that not only did the company (finally) surpass Duracell in sales, but the advertising company was awarded an Obie (the advertising equivalent of the "Oscar") as best commercial of the year. This essay shall attempt to analyze the series of "Energizer bunny" advertisements. There is a current trend in modern television advertising for a series of commercials for the same product. An

  • Html Vs. Xml

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    was published in 1997 by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and the current version is 4.01, published in 1999 (Wikipedia, 2006). Since the publishing of 4.0 in 1997 the W3C has been focused on the development of XHTML which is an XML based equivalent to HTML. HTML used several different types of entities such as attributes, character references, data types and attributes to format a web page. Web pages are created using elements called tags. Tags are predefined by HTML and tags are used to

  • The Green Knight Calls!

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    description of the Green Knight as one who had come with "no helm, nor hauberk neither." The Green Knight has no helmet or armor. In his hands are a holly branch and an enormous green axe. The axe is described as having a head an ell in length. An ell is equivalent to forty-five inches. This is no ordinary axe. He claims that the branch shows he comes in peace but the axe belies his deadly mission. Although his green color may symbolize rebirth and the coming of spring, surely the axe is reminiscent of the

  • Comparing Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH with Sony DSC-P10

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    can also record movies for a length of up to three minutes. Figure 1: The Canon PowerShot S400 Digital ELPH Camera Basic Features • 4 mega pixel of CCD. • Optical viewfinder. • 1.5-inch color TFT LCD monitor. • Glass, 3x, 7.4-22.2mm lens, equivalent to a 36-108mm lens on a 35... ... middle of paper ... ...camera with a moderate price. The memory stick of 32 MB holds the advantage over DSC-P10. For those of you who prefer to have DSC-P10, it has a very small size and ultra compact body

  • Symbolism In The Pearl

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    Symbolism in The Pearl by John Steinbeck Novels were created to show a very naive view in great depth. The Pearl is a novel in its most complete form. Steinbeck does this by conveying life symbolically. Through symbols, John offers the reader a clearer look at life and it?s content. He shows major imagery in four ways: Kino, music, Coyotito, and the 'Pearl of the World'. Kino overall symbolizes clearly good and innocent. Kino is thought of as 'a wise, primitive man' who is hungry for fortune

  • Education Cannot Be Found in a Book

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    education upon their students. Although I was ranked number four in my graduating class of 371 students, I do not feel like I have received a higher education than the student who was ranked number 371. Why? Simply because high school is equivalent of a board game, one repeats what the teacher said, one's thinking is emulative of the teachers, and one turns in the "busy work" on time. Hence, high school has educated an individual on how to be resistant to critical thinking.