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  • The Moral Equivalent of War by William James

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    War is a hard thing to describe. It has benefits that can only be reaped through its respective means. Means that, while necessary, are harsh and unforgiving. William James, the author of “The Moral Equivalent of War”, speaks only of the benefits to be had and not of the horrors and sacrifices found in the turbulent times of war. James bears the title of a pacifist, but he heralds war as a necessity for society to exist. In the end of his article, James presents a “war against nature” that would

  • Determining the Approximate Equivalent Circuit of a Single-Phase Transformer

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    Determining the Approximate Equivalent Circuit of a Single-Phase Transformer AIM --- To determine the approximate equivalent circuit of a single-phase transformer. OBJECTIVE --------- To write up a lab report that will determine the equivalent circuit of a single-phase transformer, using open load test, short circuit test and the load test. EQUIPMENT --------- · TecQuipment electrical machines teaching unit NE8010 or NE8013 · B-phase transformer (EMTU-TT01)

  • How And Why Rugby has Developed from a Traditional form to its Modern day Equivalent

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    How And Why Rugby has Developed from a Traditional form to its Modern day Equivalent Introduction Rugby, also known as Rugger, is a football game played with an oval ball by two teams of either 15(Rugby Union) or 13(Rugby League) players each. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by carrying, passing, kicking and grounding an oval ball in the scoring zone at the far end of the field -- called the in-goal area. Grounding the ball, which must be done with downward pressure

  • What Is Fractional Equivalents?

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    In other words, we can define it as – “A fraction whose denominator is 100 called percentage, and the numerator of this fraction is called the Rate Percent”. So, = 21 per cent. The sign for per cent is ‘%’. Some Important Percentage fractional Equivalents: 1% = 2% = 3% = 4% = 5% = 8% = 10% = 16% = 20% = 25% = 40% = 60% = 80% = 120% = 75% = Fraction to Rate per cent: To express any fraction into rate per cent, then just multiply it by 100 and put percentage

  • Moral Equivalent To Murder Essay

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    The Moral Equivalent to Murder Morally speaking, those who are absolutely affluent ought to do what we can to help and reduce the amount of people who are living in absolute poverty, without sacrificing anything of comparable moral significance on behalf of the affluent. The argument is this, “First premise: If we can prevent something bad without sacrificing anything of comparable significance, we ought to do it. Second premise: Extreme poverty is bad. Third premise: There is some extreme

  • Math Lesson Plan

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    Multiplying to Find Equivalent Fractions NY State Learning Standards: Mathematics, Science, and Technology Standard 1: Analysis, Inquiry, and Design •     Students will use mathematical analysis and scientific inquiry to seek answers and develop solutions. Materials: Mathematics Textbooks (page 401) Notebooks Pencils Different colored chalk Objectives: Students will be able to name and write equivalent fractions by multiplying and dividing. Procedure: 1.     Ask students – What does equivalent mean? 2.     Point

  • energy for 1999

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    petroleum, natural gas, and coal, and the flaring of natural gas increased from 5.873 billion metric tons of carbon equivalent in 1990 to 6.144 billion metric tons in 1999, or by 4.6%. (Carbon dioxide emissions are measured in metric tons of carbon equivalent. Tons of carbon equivalent can be converted to tons of carbon dioxide gas by multiplying by 3.667. One ton of carbon equivalent equals 3.667 tons of carbon dioxide gas.) The United States, China, Russia, Japan, and India produced 51% of the world's

  • Environmental Threats

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    1960s. Latest population figures indicate that the rate of growth has slowed to 1.33 percent annually, equivalent to 78 million people a year. UNFPA 1999 The highest world population growth rate was 2.04 percent in the late 1960's. This year, it is about 1.31 percent. NY Times World population growth is equivalent to around three babies every second. UNFPA '99 New inhabitants add the equivalent of a city the size of San Francisco to world population every three day The world population is growing

  • The Spanish Language

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    communities use. For example, I grew up in La Havana, where we have some special words and phrases that my community used as part of a dialect used mainly in the streets. Some of these phrases are: "que bola" or "que bolon." Both of these phrases is equivalent to saying "what's up" in English. Some of the words are: "consorte, manito and asere" that are used to name a friend or someone you know, when you are talking to them in the streets. Also we have adopted some words from the English language itself

  • Teleportation

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    Beam Me Up Scotty: Teleportation Some people think that teleportation is not possible, while other people think that it is, and they are doing it. The idea behind teleportation is that an object is equivalent to the information needed to construct it, the object can then be transported by transmitting the information in bytes,(1 byte= 1 yes or no answer) along a channel of telecommunications-communications, on the other end of the line is a receiver that reconstructs the object using the information