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  • Equity

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    Through the fusion of equity to common law we can see that equity has this aspect of flexibility which it offers to common law. This idea of flexibility is beneficial because common law is based on a rigid system where the actions are monitored by a system of rules and judgements, equity goes on to offer an aspect of flexibility to this rigid system of common law. Through the evolvement of equity, we see that people gain equitable interest as well as legal interest, especially with regards to property

  • Equity

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    Equity In 1066 when William the conqueror came to England the law was very different from today. Itinerant judges who would travel around the country settling any disputes administrated it. They started out using local laws and applying these to cases before them. However, the Normans were keen to develop a law which they could apply to the whole country, a law which would be common to every one. So they gathered what was considered to be the best of different local laws and developed a common

  • Common Law and Equity

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    Common Law and Equity Inconsistent to draw up the relationship between common law and equity, we firstly have to define what is common law? What are the defects of common law, and to what extend equity have been created. From the development of common law and equity, what has been the effects of the Judicature Acts 1873-1875? What are the equitable maxims that are needed to be satisfied? What are the various kind

  • Special Equity Case Study

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    The Special equity relating to wives whom act as guarantors of their husband’s debt was refined by Dixon J who gave the leading judgment in the case of Yerkey v Jones. The essence of the principle was that if a wife who is the surety of her husband’s debt doesn’t understand essential information, due to the fact that the creditor has relied on the husband to inform his wife, and not dealt with her personally, the wife has a prima facie right to have the debt set aside. The principle has faced

  • The Development of Common Law and Equity

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    of Common Law and Equity 1.0 Introduction I have been asked to write a report on the development of common law and equity. Common law refers to the law created by judges that was historically significant but has been since superseded by parliament. It is in parallel with equity which refers to the source of law created by the Lord Chancellor which was designed to supplement the common law and allow people the opportunity to avoid the inherent problems. Equity is ‘the gloss on

  • Brand Equity

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    customer. The value of the brand can be determined by the concept of brand equity which has emerged as the one of the key factors in understanding the brand value (Krishnan 1996). Brand Equity Over years brand equity has been the topic of interest to the marketing companies. Brand equity can help evaluate brand and provide certainty around market share expectation (Peter).The most widely accepted definition of brand equity is the value accomplished by a particular brand(Krishnan and Hartline 2001)

  • Private Equity Importance

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    Private equity is essential to building robust private sectors that create employment, improve living standards, catch up with the trends and produce tax revenues. The importance of equity investors are ever increasing. Contrary to the popular myth that private equity firms weaken companies by stripping them off their assets and saddle them with debt, private equity firms build companies; they do not tear them down. In the last 30 years, private equity has been adding asset and value to their

  • Brand Equity Essay

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    2 Literature review 2.1 Brand equity Brand equity is not only means of monetary value of the brand, but it also includes the value of the company technologies, trademarks, patents, and other intangible assets such as the manufacturing process. A company’s stock price is represents the brand equity but when a company’s brand has a negative impact, the impact of the brand equity can affect the stock price significantly. (Aaker, 1996; Keegan, Moriarty, Duncan, 1995; Kerin, Sethuraman, 1998). According

  • Private Investment in Public Equity

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    Private investment in public equities (PIPE) market is one of the most attractive markets for qualified individual investors and accredited institutional funds. Since the late 1990s, PIPE transactions have been increasing dramatically, raising $105 billion of equity capital over the past two years. In 2010 alone, there were a total of 1,203 PIPE deals. Top Wall Street executives are increasingly becoming involved in PIPE transactions as placement agents. For investors, PIPEs have become attractive

  • Brand Designer And Brand Equity: Brand Designer And Brand Equity

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    Margaret Howell and MHL by Margaret Howell Comparison Analysis Brand Designer and Brand Equity Introduction At the high-end of fashion, the entrepreneurial spark, which is initially responsible for launching a business, is often linked to individual’s personality, values and set of skills.(Jackson and Shaw, 2009) Ms Margaret Howell is one of them, who is known as one of the Britain’s most respected designer and has been designing comfortable and classic pieces tailored in traditional British fabrics