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    Today the global environmental issues that the planet is facing today are not limited to energy crisis and global warming. There are several other environmental issues that are of global concern albeit many people are not aware of this fact. Each environmental issue the planet is facing today is equally hazardous. Finding solution for only one of these issues is almost not impossible as each of these issues are linked with each other in many ways. o Global warming or climate change: Over the past

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    and climate change, biodiversity, and random miscellaneous environmental incongruities bring up some of the most crucial concerns of today's environmental issues. There is so much going on in today's world revolving around environmental concerns, and the information in newspapers serve as a great informational tool to inform the economy of what is going on around them and possibly what they can do to help. The environmental issues associated with the development and use of oil, gas, nuclear

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    Environmental issues are a major concern in our world, and every individual must recognize the need for change. Over years, humans have made a significant effect towards the planet, and one of those major concerns was deforestation. Deforestation has been heavily debated for a long period; mostly during these last few years. Government interferes and cuts forests in order to make a higher profit without realizing the effects it has on the planet. However, people disagree with the fact that deforestation

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    questions sound outrageous, right? Wrong, these issues are considered environmental problems that we will soon face. These issues are very serious and many people have no idea that they even exist. To have problems and not even know about them is definitely grounds for destruction. We as a people, must look at the problems of antibiotic resistance, increasing diseases, weapons as wastes, and waste disposal and reduction and, if left unaddressed, these issues will become fatal problems in the near future

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    Holls Environmental problem A huge environmental issue that we have is in our oceans. We are not doing enough to help protect the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is a collection of 2,900 individual reefs. There is so much pollution that people has added that will cause damage to our waters. Like too much fishing, it is draining the life under the ocean. Another problem is so many tourists around beaches and oceans leads to more trash, and ships. And many years ago people hunted whales

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    endangering human health (Lallanilla, n.d.). Therefore, at this time the modern environmental movement began. Many politicians added environmental protection to their platforms. Republican Richard Nixon made considerable progress toward incorporating environmental awareness into his administration (Lallanilla, n.d.). He created the EPA and also signed the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, which required environmental impact assessments for all large-scale federal projects (Lallanilla, n.d.)

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    Environmental problems are something which belongs to nature or known as “Mother Earth” [13]. Nature was created to help people survive from gathering foods until build a house. This phenomenon happens continuously without thinking how much damage that nature has because human’s fault. Nature gradually becomes worse and animal’s life in danger. People who are aware of the importance of nature react. Those people do several ways to save the environment. Although these efforts can return back the

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    Introduction Planet Earth is overrun by several environmental crises that require urgent attention. Environment issues are defined as harmful effects of human activity on the environment that strain livelihoods and deplete natural resources .The major current environmental problems affecting our planets are pollution of air, global warming, overpopulation, natural resource depletion, waste disposal, climate change issues, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion

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    Question 1 In what ways has distributive approach to achieving environmental justice been problematic in western nations? In the 1980’s, emerging environmental justice movements brought with them the promise of a better environmental future for all; unfortunately there were major flaws in their distribution approach to achieving justice. The notion of environmental distribution was created to equally distribute the environments goods and harms of society and to distribute ones chances of living

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    A Environmental Issue Website Environmental issues are a large concern in this day. So, I am here to tell you about a website that is geared to informing its readers about the environment in which we live in and why it is important. I am here to enlighten you about this website and ones associated to it, because I personally feel as if the environment is not an issue that people worry and think about quite as often as they should. I am hoping by informing my audience about this site