Environmental Disaster Essays

  • The Gulf War - An Environmental Disaster

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    While militarily, the Gulf War of 1990-91 seemed like a quick and decisive victory, it was an environmental disaster, both at the time and when considering the residual impacts. Environmental travesties were committed by both the Iraqi aggressor and the allied forces, ranging from use of minerals like depleted uranium in weapons to deliberate dumping of oil into the Gulf. Oil fires and spills had a severe impact on all forms of life, most prominent in the Gulf region, but with possible global implications

  • Environmental Disaster: The Chernobyl Disaster

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    One of the most significant environmentally damaging instances in history was the Chernobyl incident. In 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in Ukraine exploded. It became one of the most significant disasters in the engineering community. There are different factors that contributed to the disaster. The personnel that were tasked with operating the plant were unqualified. The plant’s design was a complex one. The RBMK reactor was Soviet design, and the staff had not be acquainted with this particular

  • Love Canal

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    thinks about an environmental disaster, the image of a large explosion in a highly industrial area comes to mind. Such is not the case in the Love Canal emergency. Unlike most environmental disasters, the events of Niagara Falls's Love Canal weren't characterized by a known and uncontrollable moment of impact. It developed over a period of several decades, since the effects of leaching chemicals is uncertain and slow in development and the visual effects are very limited. This disaster could have been

  • Damnation of a Canyon

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    know how to interact with nature and the animals that come with it. We seem to come from a world that is dependent on time and consumed in money. Edward Abbey is what you would call an extreme environmentalist. He talks about how it was an environmental disaster to place a dam in which to create Lake Powell, a reservoir formed on the border of Utah and Arizona. He is one of the few that have actually seen the way Glen Canyon was before they changed it into a reservoir. Today, that lake is used by

  • Yeats’ Second Coming and Cummings’ what if a much of a which of a wind

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    The End of the World in Yeats’ Second Coming and Cummings’ what if a much of a which of a wind Hellfire and brimstone, a massive environmental disaster, a third World War; how will the world end? This issue can stop conversations, or start hour long arguments; it can start a religion, or cause people to renounce their faith. The answer to the ubiquitous question of how the world will eventually end is a paradox; to know the answer means that the final hour has come. Both E.E. Cummings and William

  • Financial Scandals and Environmental Disasters

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    Due to financial scandals and environmental disasters, CSR has become a critical issue for companies who are demonstrating their commitment towards an ethical outlook and responsible behaviour by developing strategies which focus beyond profit maximisation, from the concern of wellbeing for employees to improving the community and the environment, in order to try minimising the damage caused by media coverage and increased transparency. Christian Aid (2004) argues that CSR is an inadequate response

  • The Tar Creek Mine Environmental Disaster

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    room-and-pillar (1). Large rooms were mined to get access to ... ... middle of paper ... ...fund Site. EPA Cooperative Agreement #V-006449-01-N. U Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2006. 13. Fourth Five Year Review Tar Creek Superfund Site Ottawa County, Oklahoma; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 6: Dallas, TX, 2010. 14. "Lead." Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 Mar. 2004. Web. 28 Apr

  • The Aral Sea Disaster

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    The Aral Sea Disaster Abstract The Aral Sea and the entire Aral Sea basin area have achieved worldwide notoriety due to the environmental disaster. The example of the Aral Sea disaster has sent a signal to the entire international community demonstrating how fast and irrevocable the environmental system can be ruined if there is no long-term thinking and planning in place. This paper gives a broad overview of the policies that have resulted in dying of the forth-largest inland body of water

  • Conceptualizing Global Environmental Politics

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    This essay will respond to the central problem facing global environmental politics insofar as the resolution of such problems as global warming, the hole in the ozone layer, the loss of biodiversity, and many other transnational environmental issues rests upon some sort of consensus among extremely diverse groups. These are considered global problems not only because of their apocalyptic potential but they are also unique in that the “terrain where they occur [is] property that could be claimed

  • Resilience In Emergency Management

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    1). Resilience refers to the ability to prepare, plan, absorb, recover and more successfully adapt to adverse events. It is determined by the degree to which individuals, communities and organization can organize themselves to learn from the past disasters and reduce their risks to future ones Resilience is increased by emergency management planning that is based on risks, the relationship has been identified from the four phases of emergency management. Mitigation involves actions that are undertaken

  • Crisis Response Time for American Red Cross

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    organization has eliminated the large deficit it posted in FY 2010. These recent developments demonstrate the organization is progressive. Even so, ARC continues to experience the same ethical hurdles it did 20 years ago. Recent major national disaster relief occurrences, for which the Red Cross led efforts, have been the earthquake that struck Haiti and Hurricane Sandy. A strategic alliance with Dell has allowed ARC to implement a digital operations center for humanitarian relief in 2011 (ARC

  • Paul Walker

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    Through his travels, Walker has seen all the disasters that have devastated locations. He believes “we’re only on the earth for a short period of time. I want to take my success and parlay it into something bigger and better. As a father, my hope and goal is to help create a sustainable organization that will endure for the benefit of future generations. You put goodwill out there, it’s amazing what can be accomplished” (“Changing Lives through Disaster Response”). He created an organization called

  • The Psychological Impact of Terrorist Attacks

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    and a survey to see what they went through psychologically at the time of the event and how that relates to their mindset years later. It also set out to test the idea that age, gender, physical exposure to the bombing, knowing a victim, or having disaster experience would change the likelihood of acquiring an anxiety disorder. It was also predicted that using “positive coping strategies including humor, favorable organizational and managerial factors, social support, level of training and use of rituals”

  • Urgent Care Clinic Research Paper

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    Introduction A disaster is one of the biggest challenges that tests the organizational structure of an urgent care clinic. Given that in disaster situations we are under an abnormal condition characterized by confusion, urgency and often danger, it implies planning in advance the care clinic response, in order to minimize the danger of possible damage to the integrity of patients and the security of the building. The internal and external disasters reduce the attention capacity of the institutions

  • Emergency Management Thesis Statement

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    natural disasters to pandemic emergencies as well as industrial and technological accidents. Furthermore, disasters can take the form of man-caused events like terrorism and civil disturbances. As researchers identified, “the preparedness for these catastrophic events, however, are influenced by several factors including some heightened hazards awareness and risk perception, normalization of risk and assumption that a disaster will not occur, complacency and inaction driven by previous disaster experience

  • Effective Emergency Management Plan

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    emergency management. The material discussed in week six of this course highlighted the most important aspects to the delivery of effective emergency management before and after a disaster event. Successful emergency management practices begin with emergency preparedness. Regardless of the level of government or the type of disaster that a community is impacted by, preparation and planning are paramount. Emergency managers and government

  • Emergency Management Communication

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    An Emergency Manager’s (EM) job is to deal with disaster and catastrophe and do so with the most effective and efficient manner of protecting against, responding to, and recovering from such incidents.  When disaster response is warranted there are many challenges that are faced by the EM, one of those challenges is effective communication.  The most thorough and understandable means of crisis communication to the broadest audience must be found, and then how this communication is received, interpreted

  • Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HEICS)

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    Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HEICS) Introduction Disasters and emergencies are a common occurrence in the world today. Medical facilities are often under immense pressure to respond appropriately and effectively to such incidences. In most cases, it is difficult to predict the occurrence of the disasters. Most of them are a natural occurrence and in cases where they are artificial, they are often planned and executed precisely. The perpetrators target a particular group of people

  • Wildfire Recovery

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    Introduction Natural disasters include flood, wildfire, earthquake, tornado, extreme heat, hurricanes, landslides and mudslides, lightning strike, tsunami, volcano, winter weather, and windstorm (CDC, 2014). They affect thousands of people every year and give little or no warnings. These natural disasters come with many risks and preparation efforts by individuals, families, communities, cities, and organizations are needed to properly survive, combat, and be ready for them. Steps should be taken

  • Holocaust as the Worst Manmade Disaster

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    Holocaust as the Worst Manmade Disaster The Holocaust was a terrible historical event. It took the lives of many innocent people. As Nazi Germany gained control of one country after another in World War II, many civilians were killed. These crimes weren't as bad as the massive and deliberate and well-planned killing of more than fifteen million people. Although the Holocaust was the worst manmade disaster in recent history, it taught the world the value of human life. The main goal of