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  • Energy Resources

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    Petroleum and geothermal energy are both things we use every day. We have based our lives on them and other resources like them. Petroleum is one of the world’s primary sources of fuel for transportation. In its natural form, petroleum is a flammable yellow to black mixture. It is not man made it occurs naturally in the earth’s surface. It is also known as crude oil. ("What is petroleum," 2008) Petroleum can be both mined and drilled. It is found deep in the earth. It is extremely expensive

  • Energy Resources

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    We need fossil fuels for everyday life, Coal is used for to smelt metals, transporting materials, and for heat and light. There is many alternate energy sources like nuclear energy it can be very useful in the future. It makes energy by splitting the atoms of uranium. There is many ways to conserve and recycle resources. I have an Idea to keep more of our trees by using Ipads instead of paper . Coal is a black or brown rock. There are many different types of coal including Anthracite, Bituminous

  • Energy Resource

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    realized that Earth provides us with all the energy we could possibly need so that we can live our everyday lives. Fossil fuels have been a major resource for energy for quite some time, but now we are running out of them. To fix this problem, we must find new sources to meet our energy needs. Earth has many different features that can produce not just fossil fuels, but also clean burning and renewable energies. There are many different options for getting energy, and if we explore each method, we will

  • Energy Resources: Switzerland

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    Energy Resources: Switzerland Electricity production: Hydropower and nuclear energy account for 95% of Switzerland’s electricity production with 56% of electricity production coming from hydropower and 39% from nuclear power. Hydropower, obtained from the energy produced by moving water, is widely used in Switzerland due to the country’s topography and high levels of rainfall. There are 556 hydropower plants in Switzerland with the majority of hydroelectricity production coming from mountainous

  • Energy Resources

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    There are all types of energy resources that can help us make life easier. What I will be talking about is natural gas, which is a fossil fuel and I will talk about how it is used and how we can conserve it. I will be doing the same with geothermal energy about how it is used and how we can conserve it. Natural Gas is a colorless, odorless and it is a vital source that when it is burned it gives off a lot of energy. It is a nonrenewable resource because it is a fossil fuel. Also it is made of methane

  • Importance Of Energy Resources

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    What is energy resources Natural resources are useful raw materials that we get from the Earth. They appear without any intervention from human, Instead, human can use and modify natural resources in ways that we can get benefit from another word they are opportunities of an area offers to generate electricity depending on its natural circumstances. Natural energy resources can be divided in two essential types. • Renewable • Nonrenewable Let’s see why there is a noticeable increase in resources

  • Energy Resources

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    tar. It could also be as thin as water. (THE NEED PROJECT, 2013) Petroleum is a big source of energy today. Petroleum produces fourty percent of our energy today. (Osakagas, 2013) We use it to produce gas for our vehicles. (THE PETROLEUM ZONE , 2013) Petroleum has a very high level of energy. (Institute for Energy Research, 2013) Burning one gallon of gas produces nineteen pounds of carbon dioxide. (, 2013) Petroleum is used in makeup. (THE NEED PROJECT, 2013) Petroleum is found at depths

  • Renewable Energy Resources

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    has a constantly increasing energy demand; rising population in the UK and, since industrial revolution in 19th century, technological advances have rendered older “fuel-less” technologies obsolete. Where the UK sources its own energy from is becoming increasingly significant as indigenous energy reserves diminish, not to mention the implications of “peak oil” of worldwide resources. Figure 1 UK Energy Demand Variation 1970-2001 (DTI, 2001) Figure 2 UK Energy Mix 1990-2006 (Dukes, 2008)

  • Energy Demands: Alternative Energy Resources

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    Can growing energy demands be met safely and efficiently? My talk today is about energy especially about energy demands. What is energy? In physics, energy is defined as the capacity to do work. This capacity is very important to our daily lives, business, and education and even for the national security. This is why it is so important for world to meet the growing demands of the energy. According to Global future studies & research stated that there are 1.3 billion people are living without electricity

  • Exploring Energy Resources

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    fossil fuel is something-such as coal or a gas-that is now the remains of the once living organisms. Those organisms formed in the geological past. (Illinois Coal Association, 2013) Coal is an important resource that we use in our lives. Coal is something that we use all the time. Coal produces energy when burned, which then powers what we use, want and in some cases, need. (Illinois Coal Association, 2013) Coal is generally a dark colored rock. When burned—it produces heat. The chemical make-up of