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  • Ella Enchanted

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    Ella Enchanted Once upon a time there was a girl named Ella Enchanted. She was so beautiful. Her mother died so she moved with her stepmother and step sisters and her 1 real sister. One day her fairy godmother gave her a gift. She had to take it or she will be turned into a rat. So of course she took it .the gift was kind of like a spell. It was kind of like a spell because the spell / gift was to be obedient, so for an example if someone told her to jump she would have to jump. After ever

  • Ella Baker

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    The book Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement: A Radical Democratic Vision, by Dr. Barbara Ransby was an incredible and extremely moving book. I really enjoy learning about history and significant people who have impacted the history and culture of our country. However, I have never learned of Ella Baker nor have I ever heard her name mentioned once. Barbara Ransby's book provides a well-structured and insightful biography of one of the most important, yet least well-known, leaders of the

  • Ella Ella Fitzgerald´s Music

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    Ella Jane Fitzgerald was born April 25, 1917 (“Ella Fitzgerald”). The location was Newport News, Virginia. She was born to be the daughter of Temperance “Tempie” and William Fitzgerald (“This Day in History”). As a child, Ella and her mother moved to Yonkers, New York to live with her mother’s new husband after William Fitzgerald’s death. She grew up there for most of her childhood. Although today Ella is known as the “Queen of Jazz, ” she lived a normal childhood. When she was younger, she collected

  • Ella Baker

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    Ella Baker Ella Josephine Baker was born in Virginia, and at the age of seven Ella Baker moved with her family to Littleton, South Carolina, where they settled on her grandparent's farmland her grandparents had worked as slaves. Ella Baker's early life was steeped in Southern black culture. Her most vivid childhood memories were of the strong traditions of self-help, mutual cooperation, and sharing of economic resources that encompassed her entire community. Because there

  • The Life of Ella Baker

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    Give light and people will find the way, Said Ella Baker. She was a woman, who even in the darkest hour, gave light to people everywhere. Being a Civil Rights activist in the 1930’s, she was one of the leading figures in the Civil Rights Movement. She dedicated her life to fighting for freedom and equality, and she deserves to be recognized worldwide. Ella Baker was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1903. She always had strong opinions, and “followed her own mind”. However, she was influenced by her

  • Ella Fitzgerald

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    Ella Fitzgerald To some, Ella Fitzgerald had a hard life from the moment she was born. To others, Ella had it made. Ella Fitzgerald was born April 25th 1917 in Virginia. Soon afterwards, her parents separated and Ella followed her mother to Yonkers, New York. Ella was barely a teenager when her mother died. While still coping with this tragedy, Ella found herself failing school and having frequent run-ins with the police. She was also abused by her caretakers while in

  • Ella Fitzgerald

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    Ella Fitzgerald Singer. Born April 25, 1917, in Newport News, Virginia. (Though many biographical sources give her birth date as 1918, her birth certificate and school records show her to have been born a year earlier.) Often referred to as the "first lady of song," Fitzgerald enjoyed a career that stretched over six decades. With her lucid intonation and a range of three octaves, she became the preeminent jazz singer of her generation, recording over 2,000 songs, selling over 40 million albums

  • Biogrpahy of Ella Wheeler

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    of the Rosicrucian movement in the 20th century in America. “The new thought poetess” better known as Ella Wheeler born November 5, 1850. In the village of Johnstown, Rocky County, Wisconsin. Daughter of Marcus H. Wheeler and Sarah Pratt wheeler; Ella was the youngest of two brothers and two sisters. The wheelers in 1852 settled in Dane county, Wisconsin in the town of Westport. That is where Ella grew up and in the home she builds up her reputation as a writer/poet. Ever since she was very young

  • Biography Of Ella Fitzgerald

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    "When I'm on stage I feel at home" - Ella Fitzgerald ELLA FITZGERALD Entitled "The First Lady of Song," Ella Fitzgerald was the most famous female jazz singer in the United States for about more than half a century. In her life time, she won more than 10 Grammy Awards, and also earned the title “The First Lady of Song.”Her voice was flexible, wide-ranging, prefect and ageless. She could sing sultry ballads, jazz, blue, and imitate every several instruments. She worked with all the jazz musicians

  • Ella Fitzgerald - The Gold Collection

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    Ella Fitzgerald - The Gold Collection The overall illusion of Ella Fitzgerald’s The Gold Collection album is a reflection of the trials and tribulations of love. The collection consists of many tracks that have passionate lyrical value, that the words instantly relate to those moments in life when you are struggling with devotion for a significant other. The album is arranged in a precise manner, where those melancholy and heartrending songs are preceded by upbeat, catchy tunes, that even with