Elite Athletes

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  • Effects of Training and Genetics on Elite Athletes

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    Every elite athlete makes it look easy. Splashing through the water or striding gracefully down the track making it look effortless. Some people assume they are “naturals,” that their perfect DNA sequence is what has brought them to this level. Others argue that hard work and drive is what has made the difference, separating the elite from the average. These thoughts are the ones that give rise to the age-old nature vs. nurture debate. Countless hours of studies and research has concluded: it’s

  • Elite Athletes are Being Paid too Much

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    Are elite athletes/sports men or women being paid too much if not how are there high salaries justified, if so, why, and how could there money be put to better use? To most people one million dollars a lot of money, to most people one thousand dollars is a lot, but even though it is hard to believe, to some people these figures mean nothing. It is no secret that professional athletes particularly those who play soccer, golf, and race F1 cars make big bucks, but people do not realize to what extent

  • Elite Athlete and The World Anti-Doping Agency

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    In order to be considered an elite athlete, you must have the best time, speed, agility and endurance. You must be able to perform above average and you must be able to crush your opponent; after all, there is no such thing as second best. Sadly, this pressure of being the champion is forcing many athletes all over the world to turn to supplements to help them achieve this goal. The problem is, some of these supplements have little research to back them up or are entirely illegal. Thus making the

  • Perfectionism and Athlete Burnout in Elite Sports: The Mediating Role of Self-Determined Motivation

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    and negative variables; the pressure to perform for a result leads to the negative variable of higher expectations on the athlete. Stress and the pressure to perform are both contributing factors to higher anxiety levels, overtraining, and burnout in athletes (Weinberg & Gould, 2007). In some cases, “higher expectations also appear to increase the amount of stress an athlete may experience, and higher levels of stress are generally related to higher levels of state anxiety and burnout” (Jones & Hanton

  • The Use of Technology in Both the Training Methods and Training Environment of Elite Athletes in Global Sport

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    Technology in Both the Training Methods and Training Environment of Elite Athletes in Global Sport Technology is used to help advance elite athletes, by achieving the maximum for the individuals needs. Both with the training methods and environments technology is being used more and more, for example simulated competition environments. Although such technology is becoming increasingly popular with elite athletes, the provision of it depends very much on how much money is

  • The Difficulty of Gymnastics

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    sport of gymnastics that exceed all other sports. The strength, flexibility, speed, power, and the intense training and competition all play factors in what make gymnastics so difficult. This sport requires as much or more than most other collegiate athletes while the teams receive much less money than that of a football team. The first point will introduce the massive benefits of gymnastics such as increasing bone mineral density and lean tissue in the body. Next, a study on the immense number of injuries

  • Crossfit: Forging Elite Fitness

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    Crossfit: Forging Elite Fitness Elite athletes to grandmothers can use the Crossfit method of fitness to achieve their fitness goals. It is the best and most well rounded fitness program there is in achieving general fitness. Whatever your fitness level and goals, Crossfit has something to offer everyone. Since its inception it has grown in popularity and has helped many reach maximum levels of fitness. This is why Crossfit is the best fitness program there is. Body: The Crossfit Fitness

  • Core stability

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    Coaches and elite athletes forever seek to optimise performance and prevent injury through preventative measures. Core stability encompasses the capacity to govern the situation and movement of the trunk over the pelvis for optimal production, transfer and control of force and motion to external regions. Central core for stabilisation and force production is becoming progressively important to the sporting industry. Core stability is portrayed as critical for efficient biomechanical performance

  • Drugs in sport

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    detect doping, athletes continue to use illicit substances. In fact, copious surveys suggest that the usage of performance enhancing substances has increased substantially over the past 50 years. This substantial increase could be attributed to the evolution of modern medicine during this period (Waddington, 2000). Whilst the incidence of substance usage is likely to vary substantially from one sport to another, it is evident that doping is widespread, and, in some sports, many athletes are likely to

  • Genetic Screening and Physiological Testing in Young Athletes

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    I was stretching when I heard an overenthusiastic mother gloating on behalf of her daughter stating that her daughter was smart and capable of becoming an elite figure skater when one coach explained, “She doesn’t have the right body.” Followed by the unmistakable whimpering of a little girl crying and an arguing parent, it was clear the little girl did not meet the standard of flexibility and body composition to reach the upper echelon of figure skating that her mother expected and she wanted. Flexibility