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  • Elias Chocour's Blood Brothers

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    Elias Chocour's Blood Brothers Elias Chocour’s novel, Blood Brothers, represents his point of view on the contemporary Palestinian position regarding the holy land of Israel. The book traces the transformation of Chocour’s life, from a Melkite Christian Palestinian boy into a powerful spiritual leader and innovative agent in facilitating better race relations in the region. He shows how Palestinian’ needs were left out during the formation of the State of Israel, and how their plight is highly

  • On The Waterfront, by Elia Kazan

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    For a near-championship boxer to fall from the limelight after a defeat is fairly common, but to lose due to his own brother betting against him is unheard of. Elia Kazan’s On the Waterfront portrays the role of this former fighter living his life as a bum under a local mob boss. This movie stands out from how movies are portrayed today. It didn’t have a lot of fast chase scenes, immense battles, or over-the-top special effects. This movie focused on its characters, by portraying their reactions

  • Alaska: Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Rights-of-Way Law-of-Way Law

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    Alaska: Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Rights-of-Way Law In Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, there are over 1 million acres of non-federal inholdings to which access is, and has been a major issue of controversy. Park managers and landowners alike are trying to reach an agreement which would provide for the access to private property, as well as towns such as Nabesna, McCarthy, and Kennecott. The following information will be used to convince park managers and conservationist

  • Elia Kazan vs. The House Un-American Activities Committee

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    late 1940′s and early 1950′s in order to ostensibly eliminate Communism from the United States. Hollywood was intimately involved in the HUAC hearings, and one of those targeted most viciously in the controversy was acclaimed film and theater director Elia Kazan. Despite an illustrious career in which he directed nearly two dozen films, among them such classics as A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront and East of Eden, and collaborated with Pulitzer-prize winning playwrights Arthur Miller and

  • Elias Strorm

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    1. Elias Strorm was the grandfather of David Strorm, and the way he had arrived at Waknuk was pretty interesting. Elias Strorm came to Waknuk mostly because he did not believe in the East’s' ungodly ways of life. Elias was a very religious man, and he wanted to be involved in a religious community. He wanted to live in a less complicated, steady, secure and reliable region, which was unlike the one he, was living in. He came across Waknuk (which was undeveloped at the time) brought all of his belongings

  • Franz Kafka's Life Reflected in his Work, The Metamorphosis

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    Franz Kafka's Life Reflected in his Work, The Metamorphosis The Metamorphosis written by Franz Kafka is considered one of the few great, poetic works of the twentieth century. Addressing The Metamorphosis, Elias Canetti, a Nobel Prize-winning author, has commented, "In The Metamorphosis Kafka has reached the height of his mastery: he has written something which he could never surpass, because there is nothing which The Metamorphosis could be surpassed by - one of the few great, perfect poetic

  • Elias Speech Analysis

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    Holland made initial contact with Elias at Lyman Elementary. Present was Elias Speech Therapist Ms. DeYoung. Elias commented that he was a big boy and that he was very fast. He commented that he likes to run from his mom. Elias stated that he runs from his mom because he does not like mom. He commented that she beats his "ass". He commented that he is hit with a belt and hand. He commented that he like his dad because is not mean because he gives him his cell phone. Elias lives with Angele, Sissy, Jovanny

  • Defying the Disney Image: The Testimony of Walt Disney

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    named Señora Isabelle Zamora. His father, Elias, met Isabelle in California of that same year and the two carried on an affair that ended with the birth of Walt. Later, Elias brought the two back to Chicago, Illinois where Isabelle became a housekeeper for the Disney family. Walt was assimilated into the Disney household and treated as the biological son of Elias and Flora Disney. Isabelle was with the family for years, being passed on from the Elias and Flora household to the Walt and Lillian

  • Elias Merhige's Begotten

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    E. Elias Merhige’s Begotten (1990) opens with a preface that evokes the absence of meaning of past discourse in the immediacy of the present.[1] These words, however esoteric, express the aesthetical theme of reincarnation. Primarily, this theme is evinced through the decayed and ambiguous ontological status of the image. Indeed, Merhige’s Begotten is notable for its challenging cinematography that obscures the events on-screen. Through this ambiguous ontology, and in conjunction with its own implicit

  • Cherokee Phoenix

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    staff of three to four people throughout its duration, often dismissing and rehiring printers. However, the most noteworthy of these were the people who first employed by the paper: journeyman printer John F. Wheeler, printer Isaac Harris, and editor Elias Boudinot. These men helped to further Cherokee nationalism by using a simple syllabery script, developed by a mixed blood Cherokee named Sequayah, that allowed the Cherokee language to be written. The Phoenix was not only printed in Cherokee but

  • Comparsion of Tennessee Williams´ A Streetcar Named Desire the Play or Movie

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    Williams in cementing his position as one of the most proficient and respected playwrights existing in contemporary theater (Kolin 1993). For Tennessee Williams this play proved to be his first work which was translated and produced as a movie by Elia Kazan. Owing to high intensity emotional plot and subtle yet powerful acting by its lead cast ensured that the movie became a blockbuster. Tennessee has woven a plot set in New Orleans around three characters Blanche, her brother-in-law Stanley and

  • On The Waterfront Film Analysis

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    On the Waterfront directed by Elia Kazan about a man that once felt he owed something to the mob and now he wants to control his life. This film is a classic mobster movie that is well known for the filming techniques used whilst shooting. The method acting, the lighting, and the camera angles establish the plot. Stella Adler taught her student, Elia Kazan, the principles of method acting. The method created by a Russian director, Konstantin Stanislavsky, has actors become the character and have

  • Exploring Pain in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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    Exploring Pain in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," written by Tennessee Williams is a brilliant play about a dysfunctional family that is forces to deal with hidden deceptions and hypocrisy.  The issues that this play revolves around transcend time and region. By 1955 Tennessee Williams was already a well known and respected playwright. Theatergoers, as well as critics, had enthusiastically anticipated the arrival of "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof." Many loved the play, but they

  • Autobiographical Elements of Essays of Elia

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    The most charming beauty of romantic literature is the trait of its being intensely autobiographical and subjective. Similarly, "Essays of Elia" unfold the life history and idiosyncratic mind of Charles Lamb in a semi-factual way. The real delight for the Romantic comes from his infusion of fact and fiction as, otherwise, his essays would have become mere boring and passionless statements about his personal and private life. Our charm and fascination do not grow less, for we are never too close

  • Film Analysis: A Streetcar Named Desire

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    The 1951 film, A Streetcar Named Desire, is the adaptation of Tennessee William’s famous play of the same name. The film feels genuine when compared with the play and this is because Williams and Elia Kazan also brought the stage production to life. The film is almost the play word for word. I found that for most of the film I could follow along with the script. I enjoyed the fact that the film did not deviate from the play and only added a few minor scenes, such as the confrontation between Stanley

  • On the Waterfront

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    Interpersonal relationships are a potent entity that wildly flutter, like a liberated pigeon, through the miserable docks of Elia Kazan’s 1954 film ‘On the Waterfront,’ shaping the moral metamorphosis of protagonist Terry Malloy – from an analysts perspective, the ‘power’ source of the film. Terry’s voyage from an inarticulate and diminished “bum” to a gallant “contender,” is the pedestal that the film gyrates around, however, it is palpable that Terry – a man branded with his primitive mores - is

  • The Civilizing Process By Norbert Elias

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    DP Summary: The Civilizing Process by Norbert Elias Social scientist, Norbert Elias, examines in part two of his book, The Civilizing Process, the development of manners and the subsequent ‘civilizing’ of Western Europe since the middle ages. This journey in time is an attempt to understand what actually happened to humanity during several transitional periods. Elias perceives the development of western civilization in three historical stages. (From the middle ages with a progression to the renaissance

  • Biography of Walter Elias Disney

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    man who changed people's life, and imagined new things and never gave up on his dreams. Walt Disney inspires people not give up on their dreams just like he never did when people told him he couldn't. Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois, to his father, Elias Disney, and his mother, Flora Call Disney. Walt was one of five children, four boys and a girl.” (Brad A.) “The Disney family moved to Marceline, Missouri when Walt was born. Mr. Walt lived most of his childhood

  • The Real Walt Disney

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    The Real Walt Disney Walt Disney as a real man. Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to his parents, Elias Disney an Irish Canadian and Flora Call Disney, a German American. Walt was one of four children. Walt and his brother Roy and sister Ruth grew up in Chicago, where they attended Benton Grammar School together. He worked hard throughout his schooling and helped support his family during difficult times. When Walt was 23 years old, he and his sweetheart, Lilly

  • Elias Howe And The Sewing Machine

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    with a problem that they face. These inventions, in turn, spawn other inventions and innovation. It is these types of inventions that have the most impact on society have arisen from this. Here are three to remind you. The Sewing Machine Although Elias Howe is credited with the invention of the sewing machine, he actually wasn’t the first inventor of it. According to the Cambridge History website, as many as four patents for sewing machine prototypes existed before he invented the machine that would