Elevator Essays

  • The Elevator

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    beating wildly as she neared the elevator. “Get a grip Batts,” she said to herself. “Its not like you’re the only person here.” Which was true, a lot of lawarys burned the midnight oil at Smith & Johnson, working hard to prove their case. Still, she hesated at the elevator. Amy has always feared elevators. Who could blame her? Think about it for a minute. You enter a steel cage. You are cut off from all help. You don’t know anyone else in the elevator. Still, she stood there, forced

  • Elevator History

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    An elevator is a mechanism for moving people and freight from level to level in a building or any other structure. The first elevator-like structure was built in 236 BC by the Archimeds. This construction was a hoist operated by ropes and pulleys. However, the first pragmatic elevator was not developed until the 19th century. Though sensible, this elevator has been modified many times throughout the course of history and is still updated with all of the new advancements in math and technology. From

  • The Invention of the Elevator

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    people up to higher levels. The invention of the elevator has had a great contribution towards the solution of this problem, which not only allows people to have the ability to get to higher floors, and also decreases the amount of land being used in our small city. Besides these solutions that the elevator has contributed greatly to, the elevator has also impacted strongly on a few aspects in our society, including environmental and social issues. Elevators are machines which are built to help people

  • Breaking The Elevator Etiquette

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    Practicing correct elevator etiquette is simple: allow people inside exit first before getting in, select the number of your floor and/or select it for others, face forward, make room for other people, respect people’s personal space and, wait silently. At the elevator it is strictly expected for individuals to face forward, thus, making eye contact and invading personal space for too long may be uncomfortable. Consequently, my partner and I decided to break this norm, but, not only that we went

  • How The Elevator Changed America

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    Have you ever stepped into an elevator? Do you stand there and zone out? Or maybe instead you focus on what’s happening around you. Do you notice the heavy push against your feet, and realize you're moving through a dark and hollow hole in the middle of a building? It only takes ninety seconds to undergo this experience that profoundly changed America. The elevator is responsible for shaping modern life in ways that most people take advantage of. Daniel Levinson Wilk, a professor of history at the

  • Otis Elevator

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    Question 1: What kind of company is Otis? OTIS Elevators started out in 1853 by the invention of the “safety brake elevator.” Their core business is designing, installing and provide service within the industry of elevators, escalators and walkways. Today OTIS operates worldwide, with headquarter in the U.S. and different facilities located in European and Asian countries. Through this they have managed to become market leaders in their field. Throughout time the business focus of OTIS have changed

  • The Haunted Elevators at the University of Maryland

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    The Haunted Elevators at the University of Maryland The following story was told by a University of Maryland senior, told to her before moving into her dormitory freshman year. The girl, an Indian born and raised in Maryland, now twenty one years old, recounted the story in a coffee shop in a dimly lit corner over a cup of black coffee late at night. I heard this story at orientation, when coming into Maryland. We were in Denton hall when the tour guide started telling us this story about

  • An Overview of the Indian Elevator Market

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    An Overview of the Indian Elevator Market Since the liberalization of the Indian economy in 1991, there has been a great increase in the demand for elevators, also the government had imposed a ban on collapsible gate elevators, thus creating a path for international players to capture this segment. During this period Schindler was trying to establish at 100% subsidiary to start its operations in India. Indian customers are considered to be price sensitive and majority of the market preferred single

  • Why Do We Need An Elevator Into Space?

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    idea of an elevator into space is not a new one. First contemplated by a Russian scientist in 1895, it was not truly popularized until Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Fountains of Paradise in 1978. The idea is so simple, it seems absurd. A tether is extended from the surface of the earth, and using a combination of gravity and centrifugal force, is extended outwards. Vehicles can then scale this tether, removing the need for costly rockets. Arthur C. Clarke claims that the space elevator is an attainable

  • Roller Coaster Ride-Personal Narrative

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    rollercoaster ride I just entered, but then again, not all great love stories start with a prince charming. We arrived at the building that house all the elevators that take you behind the caves and shows you what the falls look like from the other side. Everything but the door was all glass. We waited in line as people filed into the elevators,

  • A Trip to the Dentist's Office

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    to remind me of my 11:00 AM dental appointment. I sigh and tell her I will be there on time. I enter the brick building and walk over to the elevator; I push the up button and patiently wait. The elevator door promptly opens, and I get in. I push the button with a number two on it, and the doors close… up I go. Once on the second floor, I exit the elevator. Even before I go into Dr.Taylor’s office, I can immediately smell the mixture of wintergreen-flavored toothpaste and bleach out in the hall.

  • When In Doubt, Simply Walk Up Nine Flights Of Stairs

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    gotten into an awkward situation? If so, then the comedic short film, The Elevator would be the perfect representation of that moment in your life. This award winning short, directed by Greg Glienna, begins with a very slim man walking toward the elevator. The character’s name is unknown, which allows viewers to better identify with this strange man with no name. He presses the button and patiently waits for the elevator doors to open. When the doors finally open, he walks inside. The closeup

  • The Intuitionist Lila Mae Essay

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    across the term “elevator”, people of modernity will believe that it is an important invention in the development of society. They believe elevator is an essential technology in their daily life. However, Lila Mae thinks elevator isn’t just an essential technology. She believes the elevator is the core of her career, the core of the city and what brings the city moving forward. Lila Mae is also an intuitionist which she believes “Intuitionism is about communicating with the elevator on a nonmaterial

  • Entrapment

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    due to elevator entrapment. About seventy six percent of those people who used those elevators were lethargic. The other twenty four percent had legitimate reasons for using the elevator. Elevators should only be used when you are physically disabled. American’s all over the world try to take the easy way out of any exercise. Elevators have become a major part of everyday life for many Americans. Entrapment occurs when there is too much weight or to many people. Getting trapped in an elevator causes

  • Custom Fabricators, Inc. Case

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    Custom Fabricators, Inc. Case As Ben Lawson, CEO of Custom Fabricators, Inc., drove back to his home in South Indianapolis, he thought about the day. I’ve done a lot of business with Orleans Elevator in Bloomington over the years but just wonder how long this will continue. I have much invested in my manufacturing plant located right next to their plant, but now that United Technologies [the parent company of Orleans] is all into this FreeMarkets Internet purchasing system, I just wonder

  • y8

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    With dark hair and tanned skin, Paolo looked too relaxed to have lived in Paris for long. But would this happy-go-lucky Italian also exhibit qualities of a killer? As Clémence continued scrutinizing his photo and profile on her smartphone, the elevator stopped this time and Arthur got in before she had time to panic. Arthur was wearing a pink dress shirt with a fuchsia sweater tied around his neck. “Bonjour,” he said in his usual stiff way. “I don’t think you’re wearing enough pink,” Clémence

  • How to Annoy People

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    Have you ever wished you could just annoy the hell out of people in a lengthy elevator ride, a boring class, the people in the bathroom, or just about anywhere? Well, follow these instructions and you might end up being the most obnoxious, exasperating, and maddening person to your co-humans. Sure, it might be childish and immature, but it’s for a worthy cause; your entertainment. Also, think of it this way, your victims will be grateful by the fact that they now have something to say when they are

  • Man With A Movie Camera Analysis

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    “Man with a Movie Camera” is a documentary film with no story line and no actors, directed by Soviet director Dziga Vertov. Vertov 's feature film, produced by the film studio VUFKU, presents urban life in the Soviet cities of Kiev, Kharkov, Moscow and Odessa.[1] From dawn to dusk Soviet citizens are shown at work and at play, and interacting with the machinery of modern life. To the extent that it can be said to have "characters," they are the cameramen of the title, the film editor, and the modern

  • Creative Writing: The Runaways Project

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    was definitely no longer in denial that Hayden may have done this on purpose. My anger meter was beyond full and anyone who stood in my way were simply looking for trouble at this point. Stage two, anger. I was practically carried by Gerald to the elevator and all the way to the Spa, I struggled to escape from his grasp and screamed at him but he remained silent the entire time. Upon arrival he had ordered several people to hold me down onto a hospital bed. I attempted to kick and punch whoever was

  • matrix

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    are holding Morphius captive. Neo and Trinity are trying to rescue Morphius. When they walk into the building they must first get through the security guards before they can do anything else. After that they get on the elevator and then stop it. They then get on top of the elevator and shoot the wires after they attach a clamp that will take them to the top of the building. This sequence begins with a ground level pull back dolly shot of Neo entering a building through rotating doors. The camera