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  • The Bostion Elections and Results of the Casino

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    During the Mayor election of Boston on last Tuesday, November 05th there was a referendum about the construction of a casino in East Boston and Revere area. In order to have the license to start the construction of the casino the citizens of both towns had to vote and decide if the project will be aloud. Pro-casino citizens in East Boston where confident they will get more than sixty percent of the votes. The citizens of Revere that agree with the project had a big number of votes in their favor

  • What Factors Affect Voter Turnout and Election Results

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    Voter turnout, as well as election results, depend upon and are effected by several different factors. Everything from family status to beliefs about abortion can determine how a person will vote. In my presentation, however, I focused on three aspects that effect voter turnout and elections. I found, in my research, that a voter's age, sex and party identification greatly factor into how a person will cast his or her vote. Men and women differ greatly in many aspects of life, and voting is one

  • Fraudulent Elections: A Look at Russia, Iran and Nigeria

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    Despite the governments’ attempts to portray a democratic front, the obvious corruption and fraud involved in the presidential elections over the last few years in Russia, Iran, and Nigeria expose the reality of the situations. In examining the election processes of these three countries, one can clearly see that the electoral body is not independent of the party in power. The poor electoral processes have snowballed into a legitimacy crisis in Nigeria and full-fledged riots in Russia and Iran; though

  • The Disagreement Between Lenin and Zinoviev/Kamenev

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    support would not be possible. Lenin goes on to say that 'the majority of people began quickly to go over to the side of the Bolsheviks.' The Bolsheviks were becoming more popular after the 'July Days' revolution and Lenin states that the election results for Petrograd and 'borough councils in Moscow' demonstrated this. Lenin believed that the Bolsheviks were already popular enough for a revolution to be successful and that a majority vote of fifty-one percent was not needed for the revolution

  • Campaigns and Elections

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    Campaigns and Elections Political campaigns are very significant in American politics and elections. It is the period before the electorate makes political decisions in the form of elections. The attention of the citizens towards politics intensifies as the date of the elections draws near. The salience of voters improves as the election date draws near and could manifest in the form of increased media attention. Political discussions, campaign interest, strength of the intention to vote, and knowledge

  • The Unhinged Election of 2000

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    Every four years, The United States holds an election in order to find the new president whom is to run the country. The elections are important to Americans because it can change the future for many generations. In 2000, the two candidates were: George W. Bush for the Republican Party and Al Gore, former vice president, for the Democratic Party. This Presidential Election was one of the most suspenseful and unclear presidential elections for more than a century. To make it even burrier than it already

  • Presidential Election

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    In 2004, the election has been the “biggest” news of the year. In 2000, the presidential election was marred by turmoil and scandal over the Florida punch card votes and alleged racial discrimination acts against minorities at the polls. The article, “Poll: U.S. Voters Skeptical of Elections” revisits the horror of the 2000 election and examines the current position of voters, Republicans, and Democrats on the accuracy of our (the U.S.) voting methods. The article states that six out of every ten

  • Do Political Campaign Contributions Impact the Outcome of Elections?

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    Do Political Campaign Contributions Impact the Outcome of Elections? In the process of searching for a research question that has the possibility of gaining positive results one must find a dependent variable in addition to several independent variables that might be a direct cause or a factor in the dependent variable. In observing major political elections throughout my life I have noticed a recurring trend. In many elections one candidate outspends their opponent in an attempt to gain victory

  • Unfairness in the Electoral College

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    If you think on the Election Day, you just voted for US president, than you are mistaken, just like millions of Americans who hope their votes would pick next president. When voting for President, we actually vote for state electors who hold Electoral votes. Electoral votes are the votes that decide victory of candidate in election. This Electoral College System has limited democracy to people in major three ways. Electoral college holds an ability to alter result of Election over popular votes,

  • The Nature of Elections in Rural Areas of China

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    article explains the nature of elections in rural areas of China and what are some aspects that affect voter turnout by citizens in the villages. The decision to vote was mainly affected by the newly available elections in Chinese villages. The Chinese peasants were faced with a particular system, elections and voting systems, in which they had no vague understanding of and with little to no experience. The article further explains that the introduction of elections in the villages provoked Chinese