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  • Eleanor Maccoby

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    Eleanor Maccoby is a renowned psychologist, with publications dating from 1957 to today. She specializes on the socialization of children, developmental change in personality and behavior, relationships of couples after divorce, and parent-child interactions. In this review I focus on her work examining the socialization of children, and parent-child interactions. I link her work between the socialization of children, from their interactions with their parents and with other children, to the interactions

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine

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    Eleanor of Aquitaine Much has been written about the historical life of Eleanor of Aquitane. Her life, Undoubtedly reads like legend, at least in part because it is. It is fairly safe to say that the world had never seen a woman like Eleanor of Aquitane, and it is doubtful that there has been a woman since who could rival her power, intelligence, beauty and sheer force of will. Like many other women of her time Eleanor came from a long line of noble and royal blood. Her lineage can be traced

  • Eleanor Marx

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    Eleanor Marx Eleanor Marx has not been remembered as an economist. Her life, though more so her death, has captured the imaginations and curiosities of novelists and biographers and her existence has been cast into the role of the “tragic socialist.” Yet, as the daughter of Karl Marx, she was a prominent writer and activist for socialist reform. She edited Marx’s unpublished texts after his death and contributed several articles of her own on economic topics. Similarly, in her daily interactions

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Eleanor Roosevelt was a honest person who had responsibility and compassion towards her husband , family and her fellow man, whatever their social status. She used great citizenship and initiative actions in dealing with anyone who was fortunate enough to make her acquaintance. Eleanor Roosevelt is an outspoken advocate of social justice. During the years she has taken over a lot of responsibility. For someone who spent thefirst third of her life as shy and timid, she showed great courage

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Although Eleanor Roosevelt served as first lady from 1932 to 1945, her influence lasted much longer than expected. Eleanor became her husband’s ears and eyes during her husband’s presidency and aided human rights during her entire life. She did what no other First Lady, or woman had dared to do before; she challenged society’s wrong doings. Many respected her; President Truman had called her “the First Lady of the World (Freedman, 168).” Eleanor Roosevelt was an amazing first lady who helped her

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt’s work has made a significant impact on the interpersonal domain. Her work touched the lives of millions of Americans and influenced many aspects of American politics. She was a master of her domain, interacting with millions and breaking down many barriers. Her work can be considered creative because it was so unconventional. She took on roles that were considered untraditional for women, and with an innovative approach. I admire her work as a leader, a woman

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine

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    Eleanor of Aquitaine In an age when men were considered to be superior to women, Eleanor of Aquitaine proved that conclusion wrong by becoming one the greatest queens ever known in history, first as the Queen of France and later as the Queen of England. But many queens during the medieval ages were not able to accomplish what Eleanor did in her lifetime. How did Eleanor become such a powerful queen during the period in which she lived. Eleanor was the eldest of three offspring of William X

  • Eleanor Wilner's On Ethnic Definitions

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    "On Ethnic Definitions" is one of the shortest poems in Eleanor Wilner's anthology Reversing the Spell, but it is arguably one of the most powerful. In "Definitions," Wilner addresses issues of Jewish identity. As the title implies, she defines the Jewish people in ten lines. The nature of her definition is not immediately obvious, however. At first, readers unfamiliar with Jewish theology may believe that Wilner's definition is a bleak one that centers around death. It does at first appear that

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine

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    Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most powerful women of the Dark Ages. She was married to one the best kings of the Dark Ages, Henry II. Growing up, she was well educated and was raised in one of Europe’s most cultured courts. She gained a vast inheritance when her only brother and father died. Being the eldest of the siblings, at fifteen-years-old, Eleanor had become the most eligible heiress in Europe. To help grasp how powerful Eleanor was, the characteristics of a powerful entity need to be

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

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    As a child, Eleanor felt she was the ugly duckling. Insecure and shy, she lost both of her parents as a young girl. Her mother, Anna Hall, died of diphtheria along with her brother Elliot Jr. Two years later her father died. Elliot Roosevelt died of illness, alcohol, and despair. He missed his family. Eleanor was shipped to stay with her strict and proper grandmother. Despite the family trying to make Eleanor feel at home, she continued to feel lonely and empty. It wasn't until she was sent to boarding

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

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    I. Introduction William Jay Jacobs, the author of “Eleanor Roosevelt”, was born in 1933. He has written many biographies of people like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, ad Eleanor Roosevelt. Jacobs especially admired Eleanor Roosevelt. He described her as a “woman of courage” who was able to “turn her pain into strength”. Jacobs says that by this biography and others, he is able to “reach a very special audience: young people searching for role models, trying to understand themselves”.

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was known for many things and got tasks done on time. She was an outstanding woman and helped a lot with women’s rights. She always loved helping people and doing what’s best for them. She was a role model for many women and helped people with disadvantages. She was an important person for everyone with her personal life, her job, and had many accomplishments. Her personal life was full of interesting and amazing things. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October

  • Eleanor Roosevelt and her Accomplishments

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    Eleanor Roosevelt and her Accoplishments As the wife of a popular United States president, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City, October 11, 1884, and died November 7, 1962. She was an active worker for social causes. She was the niece of President Theodore Roosevelt, and was raised by her maternal grandmother after the premature death of her parents. In 1905 she married her cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They had six children, but one of them died in infancy. Although she was

  • Eleanor Rigby: The Song Analysis Of Eleanor Rigby

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    the real Jesus that had the same views as before – well, Eleanor Rigby wouldn’t mean that much to him.” (John Lennin) Eleanor Rigby Is justifiably known as one of the Beetles most timeless compositions to this date. This song marked a shift in the optimism of the Beatles “happy go lucky” tune in their previous works, and in its place it presented an almost dark cynical feel. Written by Paul McCartney and produced by George Lennin; Eleanor Rigby was composed in the basement of John Asher’s family

  • Eleanor Of Aquitaine Thesis

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    Eleanor of Aquitaine History Thesis Paper Eleanor of Aquitaine was born into an esteemed French family from which she inherited the region of Aquitaine and became one of the most influential female figures in history (Eleanor of Aquitaine Marries Henry II). Through two marriages and many children, Eleanor of Aquitaine managed to become the queen of France as well as the queen of England; her complicated life and titles would later lead to centuries of war (Eleanor, Historic World leaders). Even

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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    because families lost jobs and lifestyles. As a way for help; they reached out to the White House to contact Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) and his wife, Eleanor. Around this time, Franklin became disabled because he contracted Polio. Eleanor had taken this opportunity to get involved to help her husband’s figure and to create one of her own. Eleanor was born on October 11, 1884. Eleanor’s parents, Anna Hall and Elliot Roosevelt had two children after, Elliot Roosevelt and Gracie Hall Roosevelt. Eleanor’s

  • An Essay On Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Mr. Martin English 2H 7 April 2014 Eleanor Roosevelt On March 17, 1905 , Eleanor Roosevelt married her fifth cousin once removed, Franklin Roosevelt. Intimate relationships between family members is greatly looked down upon and often associated with ignorance and ways of the past. However without her marriage to Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt would have never became the woman she is today. Eleanor is one of America’s most influential and impactful women. Eleanor rose to her position of high esteem

  • Eleanor Of Aquitaine Essay

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    Eleanor of Aquitaine (also known as Eleanor of Guyenne) was one strongest and most influential woman of her time, who contributed a plethora of movements to society (“Eleanor of Aquitaine | Queen Consort of France and England”). She introduced countless ideas to the culture of the Middle Ages, for which it is so strongly associated with; from her social instructions of her story The Act of Courtly Love to her being a major role in the fighting of a Crusade. Eleanor was a woman of strong stature and

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes

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    Eleanor Roosevelt “A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”(Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes). Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884. She had brown hair, blue eyes, and was five feet ten inches tall. On March 17, 1905 she married Franklin D. Roosevelt. She gave birth to six children. Mrs. Roosevelt went through World War I, the Great Depression, the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, and World War II. Eleanor also played a role in the Civil

  • The Power Of Eleanor Of Aquitaine

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    Eleanor of Aquitaine was an outstanding woman who lived from 1122 to 1204, contributing greatly to politics and the arts. She was a queen who influenced the face of England and France for centuries to come. Few women of her time were able to maintain control over their personal choices, especially the wealthy, as they were often married off as teenagers. Women were a means for men to achieve greater control over more land. However, Eleanor of Aquitaine had power over her life and decisions because