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For many Americans, the Great Depression caused many struggles that needed improvement. “The Great Depression was a traumatic experience for many of the men and women of the 1930s and exercised a profound influence on the generation that lived through it” (Himmelberg 3). It was traumatic because families lost jobs and lifestyles. As a way for help; they reached out to the White House to contact Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) and his wife, Eleanor. Around this time, Franklin became disabled because he contracted Polio. Eleanor had taken this opportunity to get involved to help her husband’s figure and to create one of her own. Eleanor was born on October 11, 1884. Eleanor’s parents, Anna Hall and Elliot Roosevelt had two children after, Elliot Roosevelt and Gracie Hall Roosevelt. Eleanor’s childhood was not perfect. Her mother died of Diphtheria and her father died because of alcohol problems when she was eight years old (Brick, “The Biography of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt”). Moving to New York to live with her grandmother, Eleanor received a great education. As a child she had a private tutor, Frederic Roser, to teach her literature and math from 1889-1890 (First Lady Biography: Eleanor Roosevelt). She also attended Allenswood Girl’s Academy in London from 1899-1902 where she studied languages, fine arts, and literature (“Eleanor Roosevelt Biography”, Bio.com). Her education was very important because, later on in life she wrote many books, articles, spoke at major events for the public and more. Eleanor married her distant cousin, FDR the 32nd President and had six children together (Tyle, "Eleanor Roosevelt”). He was a major influence to her (“Eleanor Roosevelt Biography”, Bio.com) along with her uncle, President Theodore Roosevelt th...

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...tensive archive of personal letters between the two women that does indicate an intense emotional relationship at the least” (First Lady Biography: Eleanor Roosevelt). Concluding Eleanor did not have the perfect life and maybe there is more to Eleanor Roosevelt’s life story than what the public could actually see.
Eleanor Roosevelt positively proved to be both a social and political advocate for media, education, women’s suffrages, and politics throughout her life time. She related herself to lower classes to make everyone feel equal, although she was a high superiority. There is more to Eleanor Roosevelt and how she truly impacted history and current day. She was a role model and a caring person admired by many. Furthermore, Eleanor Roosevelt greatly helped sufferers and controversial issues. Thanks to her she has enhanced success for generations to follow after.

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