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    El Nino We live on an incredibly large planet. Even broader than the size of the planet are the amount of changes and relationships between humans, animals, environment, weather, and the effects of each. Many times with busy schedules and modern lifestyles we forget the interaction that goes on between any number of concepts or ideas. We fail to realize that a specific weather occurrence in the Pacific Ocean can have an effect on every day life in the United States. El Nino is one of the largest

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    In today’s society the weather phenomenon known as, El Nino, is often misunderstood. Even worse a significant portion of the world does not even know what is. The common man would most likely not be able to tell you whether or not it is environmental phenomenon or simply something you order at Taco Bell. If we cannot accurately define the effects of El Nino it is impossible for us to conclude on whether or not it is something we should be concerned about. Understanding how and why it takes place

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    El Nino This morning, before writing this essay, I spent a considerable amount of time watering my wilting garden. Meanwhile, the New York Yankees have been rained out for their third consecutive game. And out in California? Rain, no rain, rain, no rain... Why are we suffering such severe weather this summer? In case you have not heard, we are experiencing a weather phenomenon called El Nino. What is El Nino, and How Long Will This Last? According to Michael McPhaden, director of the Tropical

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    El Nino El Nino has been a reoccurring phenomenon for centuries. Man has only started to realize how much of the worlds weather is effected by it. The term El Nino refers to an irregular warming of the seas surface. During the last 40 years there have been 10 significant El Nino occurrences. Most affecting the coast of South America. Water temperatures increase along the coast as far as the Galapagos islands. Weak events will raise the water temperature 2 to 4 degrees Celsius and will have minor

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    El Nino Typically, the level of ocean water around the world is higher in the western Pacific and lower in the eastern, near the Western coast of South and North America. This is due primarily to the presence of easterly winds in the Pacific, which drag the surface water westward and raise the thermocline relatively all the way up to the surface in the east and dampen it in the west. During El Nino conditions, however, the easterlies move east, reducing the continuing interaction between wind and

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    El Nino Reports that the state finds El Dorado Irrigation District's drinking water system primitive, outdated and an avenue for hazardous pollutants sent El Dorado County residents scrambling for more information Wednesday. The message that pregnant, elderly and sick residents should boil their water or buy it bottled was buried in fine print in the 28,000 notices mailed in September to EID customers. Dozens of residents called EID offices Wednesday after The Bee obtained a copy of a state

  • El Ninos Wrath

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    El Nino’s Wrath Microscopic, photosynthetic phytoplankton produce seventy one percent of the world’s Oxygen. A reduction in the world’s phytoplankton population would be detrimental to all terrestrial and aquatic life. The event known as El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a complex interplay between the ocean and the atmosphere causing a reversal in the trade winds, which in turn moves warm water masses to opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean. Better known for it’s atmospheric effects, El Nino

  • Hurricane: El Niño

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    El Nino may be returning to affect weather worldwide Waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean are warming, a change that could mean a return of the El Nino, a climate phenomenon that can affect weather worldwide. The warming was reported Thursday by the federal Climate Prediction Center, a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The agency said El Nino (pronounced El NEEN-yo) could occur by early spring, but any impact on the United States would be unlikely before late summer

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    El Niño Questions 1. Who is the author of the article? Debra Black is the author of the article regarding El Niño. 2. What is El Niño? El Niño is a weak and warm current off the Western Coast of South America (Ecuador and Peru). 3. Where is El Niño currently located? As El Niño occurs every two to seven years, it is therefore difficult to determine its current location without the use of satellites. However, El Niño forms in the Pacific Ocean. 4. When is El Niño expected to occur in Toronto? The

  • El Nino and Global Warming

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    El Nino and Global Warming El Nino has been known to wreak havoc al around the world, from Australia to Africa to the United States of America, and despite its approximate regularity, it is still not possible to predict exactly when it will appear or how much damage will be caused. Meteorologists discovered in the late 19th century that El Nino weather events appeared to be occurring approximately every ten to fifteen years but in the late 19th century this gradually changed to a strong