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  • Nursing Practicum Proposal

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    learning styles. Nursing educators must shape students to become critical thinkers and there are a host of approaches for instructors to develop needed teaching skills (Kostovich et al., 2007). There are many models of education styles; one to fashion teaching after is from Kolb’s model in 1985 which suggests matching learning methods to teaching approaches. However, educators need to become proficient in identifying individual student learning styles. Nursing educators should also recognize their

  • Importance Of Situation In The Practicum Experience

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    Entry #3 Is I begin this final entry, it is important to reflect on the objectives that were developed at the beginning of this practicum. Using the National League of Nurses (NLN) core competencies as listed in the Scope of Practice for Nurse Educators, three objectives were developed that utilized several of the core competencies listed in this document (NLN, 2012). 1. Objective 1 (Met) – Evaluate student learning through the interrater reliability when grading 10 baccalaureate students’ weekly

  • Nurse Educators

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    education. The webinar titled “Succeeding as a Nurse Educator” was presented by Diane Billings, EdD, RN, FAAN. The three objectives for the webinar were to be able to “differentiate between the roles of faculty appointment: teaching, service, and scholarship; implement strategies for working smarter, not harder; and develop a career plan for success as a nurse educator” (Billings, 2013). The webinar started by discussing the role of the nurse educator, at which point Boyer’s four pillars of scholarship

  • Becoming An Educator

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    Becoming An Educator Waking up every morning, excited, motivated and ready to go to school. This is how I felt as a child and now how I want to make other children feel. When I attended school all children loved to be there, but in today's society that isn't the case. So many of the rules in school today have changed. So many issues have arose in today's society like war and violence that students are scared to be at school where they feel unsafe but I , as a future educator would like to

  • Reflection On Teacher And Paraeducators

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    It’s common to observe teachers and parapeducators working together in an educational setting. Paparaeducators are tasked with numerous roles, which includes spending 47% of their time instructing (Carter, O’Rourke, Sisco, & Pelsue, D, 2009). However, paraeducators remain inadequately trained and supervised to perform many of these tasks, whereas teachers have not received any training on how to supervise paraeducators working in their classroom. (Dettmer, Knackendoffel, Thurston, 2013) After several

  • A Successful Educator

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    The primary goal of an educator is to provide a student with the tools needed to accomplish lifelong goals as an adult. Specifically, each teacher is charged the responsibility to equip a student with the knowledge and skills that will contribute to his/her cumulative educational goals. All too often, students do not come to school with an unconditional love of learning. The educators therefore, have the ominous task of educating, motivating and coaching the often disinterested young person.

  • Examining the Educator

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    One of the final problems identified in the topic of decreasing educational standards is the lack of educational competency. Educational competency is defined as a measure of excellence in the knowledge of individual educators and the ability of said educators to instruct students so that students are able to apply the knowledge to their own individual abilities; students should gain the ability to forge connections in the subject beyond the curricular base. Research also proposes than an adequate

  • The Personification of an Educator

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    The Personification of an Educator In modern society, a high-quality education is imperative to the well being of those within that society. An essential part of a high-quality education is the function of the teacher in the classroom. How a teacher functions within a classroom determines how students learn, what students learn, and how they apply that which they have learned. Therefore, because I am seeking a profession in the field of education, I think I must consider the nature of students

  • An Effective Educator

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    why, others who aren't effective and don't know why, and a third are effective but aren't quite sure why." After five years at Fessenden, I felt like the latter. Therefore, I decided to attend graduate school in order to become a more effective educator. Theory, practicum, and research aside, graduate school was an epiphany for me. It confirmed in me that leading a school was more than a choice; it was a calling. After earning my degree, I took a middle school job at Harvard-Westlake, where

  • Secondary Educators

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    Being a secondary school educator, or high school teacher as it is commonly referred to, can be a rewarding career. One holding a position in this field can expect many benefits and opportunities associated with being a teacher. The path to becoming an educator has been published for review in many places. The salary information and work environment are also readily available. Becoming an educator starts with the applicant’s education. Most states require at least a Bachelor’s degree in order to