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  • Constructivism, Educational Research, and John Dewey

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    Constructivism, Educational Research, and John Dewey ABSTRACT: Schools are expected to transmit knowledge to younger generations. They are, however, also increasingly criticized for distributing so-called inert knowledge, i.e., knowledge that is accessed only in a restricted set of contexts even though it is applicable to a wide variety of domains. The causes of limited knowledge transfer are mostly attributed to the dis-embeddedness of learning situations in schools. Instructional procedures

  • The Importance Of Educational Research

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    First of all, research is the orderly enquiry of a subject issue for the purpose of supplementing to knowledge. Also, Educational Research is to explain informative problem in methodical and technical kind, it is to realise, explain, predict and command human behaviour. According to Kaul (1984) educational research is to realise, interpret and forecast human behaviour. Moreover, Educational research furthermore hunts for to find the best ways that endow us to evolve both qualitative and quantitative

  • Planning, Conducting and Evaluating Educational Research

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    planning that occurs behind educational research is an intricate process thus in addition to establishing a research problem and purpose and reviewing literature, inquirers must determine the best experimental design that fits their needs. Even though experiments may share characteristics, “their use and application vary depending on the type of design used” (Creswell, 2008, p. 310). Therefore understanding the types of experimental designs commonly used to inquiry about educational thematic is useful to

  • Mixed Methodology in the Field of Educational Research

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    legitimacy of both qualitative and quantitative research in social and human sciences, mixed methods research, employing the combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches, has gained popularity." (Creswell, p. 203). Describe the development of mixed methodology in educational research. Discuss the steps that need to be taken to develop a viable mixed methods research study. Evaluate and justify the appropriateness of a mixed methodology research design for a study regarding teacher's and administrator's

  • Research on early fathers and mothers involvement and childs later educational outcomes

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    British Journal of Educational Psychology releases a report on a research that was conducted by Eirini Flouri and Ann Buchanan dealing with the correlation of early interaction of parents and the future assessment of their children in school. Previous to this article, little research was given to the individual long-term contribution that early parent involvement had in a child’s success in school. Flouri and Buchanan had three particular goals in mind while completing this research: (1) To explore

  • Social Promotion

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    repeats a grade level they are often taught the same skills in the exact same manner from the previous year, thus leading them through another unsuccessful year. While most teachers know that educational research indicates that retention can be ineffective, if not harmful, they feel there are insufficient educational alternatives (#2 pg. 4). It is estimated that between 15 and 19 percent of students are retained each year and as many as 50 percent of students in large urban areas are usually retained

  • Evaluation of Sources Addressing Sleep and Performance

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    it was found that a paper titled “Sleep-Wake Patterns and Academic Performance in University Students”, which was presented to the European Conference on Educational Research, is overall the most useful source represented to research the topic. While points, claims, and statistics may be found within all of the sources used for the research, the sheer amount of referenced studies and works within the “Sleep-Wake” paper lends weight to it’s usefulness as a reliable source. One of the otherfactor

  • The Kodály Concept for Harp

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    Listening or playing to complex music from early childhood may improve a child's ability to learn, memorize, think logically, and be more creative generally. Such is the belief engendered by the cutting edge of today's educational research. Much of today's published educational research centers around the development of a child's neurological capacity to learn. For example, in Owensboro, Kentucky, all children in Daviess County's elementary schools received piano lessons in the year 1997-98. The idea

  • Importance and Benefits of Educational Research

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    Importance and Benefits of Educational Research “When a student is ready, the teacher appears” is an ancient Buddhist proverb that is packed with wisdom (Smith, 2002). No matter how hard a teacher tries, if the student is not ready to learn, chances are good he or she will not bet. Luckily, students are present in the classroom because they want to be. Introduction When school-age children first enter the classroom, there is apprehension and uncertainty. What they have learned from informal education

  • Educational Inequality Research Paper

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    Why is There Educational Inequality? Intro: For several years I have been interested in the very question I posted as the title of this paper; why is there educational inequality amongst young adults after high school? In a capitalistic society such as the United States of America, people of one group seek a higher degree of education after high school than other groups. The groups I am speaking of, are of a certain socioeconomic status or different economic classes within a society. The group that

  • Digital Access Divide

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    Digital Access Divide Technology is a vital part of education and the workforce. The digital divide is putting some students at risk for lacking vital vocational and educational skills. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration states that currently about half of Americans are online (ClickZ, 2002). According to a report from the New York Times (2003), United States President, George W. Bush seemed to be satisfied with this number. He tried to eliminate the technology access

  • The Conclusions Drawn By The National Reading Panel's Study On Effective Reading

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    place in hopes of finding ways to bring the levels back up to par. One course of action is conducting research on the manner resulting in the suggestions of possible solutions to the reading problem. Of multiple studies conducted on the matter, one that stands out to be both direct and promising is the study conducted by the National Reading Panel. “The main goal of more formal educational research is to test theory and to advance scientific knowledge” (Samuels & Farstrup, 1992, p 5). As a result

  • Educational Research Paper: Students with Behavioral Issues

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    Abstract Behavior issues are a big topic among teachers, and parents alike. Behaviors can affect the student exhibiting the behavior, the other students, the teachers, administrators, and parents. Behavior is the actions and reactions of an organism, usually in relation to its environment. The real source of behavior is still somewhat a mystery; behavioral issues are said to be psychological, emotional, environmental, or psychosocial, and even heredity. Some behavioral issues are also known as

  • Application: Comparative Look at Action Research

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    Research can be seen as an orderly approach to investigate a subject matter for the purpose of obtaining and adding new knowledge (Ross, 2005 Ed). Research in education, is very dynamic because of the change we experienced in the 21st century classroom. “The movement of people and the transition of culture and language to the classroom and how we deal with it are answer through the use of researches” (Opie, 2003). The paradigm shift in the job market to a more technological advance environment the

  • Special Education In Canada

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    Is there a clear research problem/question and what is it? Why it is considered important? The rationale, according to the author of the research, is to make a comparison of strategies and delivery of education for students in the province of Alberta, Canada and the country of Finland, in the European Union. Unlike Finland, as an independent country, Alberta is only one of the provinces in Canada. However, the situation in governing the education is comparable between Alberta and Finland - this is

  • Compare And Contrast Essay

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    One research study can have different version. That’s because when that research study is out for the public to know regarding what the researchers found out in their study of certain societal issue, different forms of media interpret it into their own interpretation before publishing to the public to consume. As a consumer of news sometimes it is overwhelming and confusing to read the different version of one study because different media outlets tend to take the words out of context. However, not

  • The Overuse of Technology in Our Daily Life

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    angles. From making disincentive our kids about valance, school shooting, lake of sexual boundaries, depression, lake of educational stander and so much more are all caused by the overuse of technology. After making my research questions, and reading the articles about the overuse and said effect of technology for my annotated bibliography, I will be able to present my research paper about the harms’ of technology and internet. My thesis will focus on the negative sid... ... middle of paper ...

  • Training Research Memo

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    for research on the effectiveness of the ongoing training and education programs at the organization where it establishes the research problem that will be addressed by the study. The memo also creates the significance of the research to different stakeholders by identifying the advantages that will emerge from the execution of the current research. There is also the review of the secondary and primary research approached that will be conducted on the proposed study and some of the research findings

  • Qualitative Critique

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    The research article chosen for critique is entitled “an educational programme for decreasing catheter-related bloodstream infections in intensive care units: a pre- and post- intervention observational study” by Shimoyama et. al, which published on 8 May 2017. This essay is a research paper using guideline of critique process (Boswell & Cannon, 2011). The title is clearly presented and describes the research as a whole which includes independent and dependent variables and has total word count

  • Critical Analysis Of The Article: Three Logics Of Instructional Leadership

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    term instructional leadership and what is the definition for principals to be instructional leaders. The methodology of the research was completed through alternative data collection and an analysis cycle. The three concepts of structure of leadership in the institutional environment were prevailing logic, entrepreneur logic, and social justice logic. First, the research shows the relationship between environment organization and how the difference of the organization is within the inside school