Editor Essays

  • A Career as an Editor In Chief

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    Being an editor isn’t like most jobs. The days are long, the work is overwhelming, and at sometimes it can be the hardest thing in your life to deal with, or so people say. With the job as an editor comes great responsibility, the need for a special skill set, and the drive to do what you love, whatever it may be. Since the beginning of time, there has always been that one guy who always seems to have his eye on you, it’s because he does. His job is to assist, correct, and at the end of the day

  • John Clare and the Ubiquitous Editor

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    John Clare and the Ubiquitous Editor Editors have always played an important and powerful role in the works of John Clare, from Clare’s own time until the present. An Invite to Eternity presents a model of that relationship between text and editor in microcosm, from its composition inside the walls of a mental institution to its transcription by an asylum attendant, to its early publication and its modern re-presentation today. Written in the 1840s, no extant manuscript of the poem exists in Clare’s

  • Letter To The Editor About the Industrial Revolution

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    To the Editor: Working conditions today are usually good and pretty safe, right? That’s what we know, is that all factories are safe, that all of the laws are followed, and that everything is great. Look at what you are wearing today, maybe a jacket mad in the U.S., a t-shirt made in Malaysia, jeans made in Mexico, and socks made in China. To stay competitive, large companies contract out to manufacturers all over the world to buy at the lowest possible costs. This often ends in horrible working

  • letter from john foulcher to editor

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    Dear Editor My name is John Foulcher, renowned Australian poet. I have recently been surfing the World Wide Web and by accident I come up with your site, “Online Anthology of Australian Poets”. The subject matter of poetry attracted me to wonder around your website. I believe my poetry should be included in your collection for I have lived and breathed Australian culture for just over 50 years now, I have recorded my way of life in my poems, and in particular I have a specific poem to refer to you

  • Stress and Responsibility: A Year as Co-Chief Editor

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    I initially thought this year’s yearbook was going to be a bit more challenging than last year, but less stressful; however, my expectation was very wrong. Sadly, this year was very stressful, but I was a Co-Chief Editor, so that definitely added to the stress. This year I expected I would contribute by talking to staff members, answering questions, and checking a few spreads on the weekends or nightly. I assumed Katie and I would split the final checks and each of us goes around helping staff members

  • Harry Forster Chapin: Musician, Song Writer, Film Editor and Political Activist

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    (1942-1981), he managed to distinguish himself as a creative genius in multiple fields, ultimately leaving a distinct mark on this world, though he received only moderate public recognition. Professionally, he was a musical performer and songwriter, a film editor, and a political activist and lobbyist, able to reach remarkable heights in all three fields. In the field of music, Chapin rose to stardom as a rock and roll performer and songwriter during the 1970's, introducing the world to a new style of music

  • Live and Breathe Fashion

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    came to be. If ones striving to become a fashion editor one has to have prior knowledge in the fashion industry, but sometimes some editors may take into consideration of ones knowledge and passion and get a feel for the industry. Hiring for candidates, editors are always looking for positive energy and positive attitudes. Editors want to feel the employee is eager about the clothing or whatever it happens to be that the editors are working on. Editors crave someone who shows love and enjoys the aspect

  • Decreasing Newspaper Readership

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    argument here. “They are the reason we produce the paper in the first place,” Noah Bombard, editor of The Beacon in Acton, said. Many newspapers across the country have had yearly decreases in readership and circulation numbers for years. These decreases have added up causing newspaper editors to worry. “We’ve lost 5,000 subscribers in the last decade. That’s not unusual,” James H. Smith, executive editor, The Record-Journal in Meriden, Conn., said. Ten years ago, the Record-Journal’s subscribers

  • Editing the World One Magazine at a Time

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    style. I aspire to become the editor of a major fashion magazine similar to Elle or Vogue. Throughout this essay, I discuss the various ways and requirements to one day editing my own fashion magazine. The job environment for an editor continues to vary due to the advancement of technology. Many editors are able to work from home and the road, but often they also have a main office. Editors are required to travel often to conduct onsite research. Sometimes editors of large cooperation’s have many

  • The Role of Women in Society Expressed in a Magazine

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    in a magazine therefore showing that this article is a gossip article which therefore shows that editors think women like conversational articles. This increases a larger range of women audience, and therefore telling us that women enjoy ‘gossip’ magazines therefore telling us they like to get involved in public ideas and therefore take part and interest in society’s problems. However the editors also increase their audience by placing degrading ideas towards women therefore portraying an idea

  • Power And Conflict In Carol Ann Duffy's Poem 'War Photographer'

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    How does Duffy use language to present the themes of power and conflict in her poem ‘War Photographer’ In the first stanza, Duffy uses juxtaposition and metaphors to portray a theme of conflict. The poet’s use of juxtaposition, “Spools of suffering set out in ordered rows”, could suggest that the photographer is feeling a sense of inner conflict. When Duffy uses the noun ‘spools’ it could suggest that the conflict and suffering is ceaseless; the suffering he witnessed is forever imprinted in his

  • Roy Wilkins and the NAACP: A Life Dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement

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    porter), waiter, stockyard laborer, and a night editor. While in college he worked as the night editor (to help pay his way through) of the Minnesota Daily, the school paper and a black weekly, the St. Paul Appeal. After working all these odd jobs he managed to put himself through college. After graduation, he took a position as a journalist for the Kansas City Call, a black weekly paper. He stayed there for seven years, acting as managing editor from 1923 until 1931. Although the job at the

  • College Essay On Video Editing

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    I would like to be a video editor because I think it would be a great experience. It would help me make videos much better looking for an audience. I would love this as a lifetime job and do editing for big businesses like FOX or YouTube, things like that. I want to be a video editor because I have always fantasized of being a big person and doing a job with computers. I love working and making films better. I used to make videos better for people when I lived in Houston. Video editing has gone a

  • Yearbook Editor Application Essay

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    I turned in an application for the position of yearbook editor at my high school at the end of junior year. The two current editors and my yearbook teacher interviewed me for the position. These editors were my friends of course, but I was still so nervous, I wanted to prove to them that I was an eligible candidate. I got a few laughs in but tried to keep it as professional as I could. A few days passed and I had begun questioning the status of my application. One day in class, my teacher called

  • Fiction in Magazines

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    Fiction in Magazines In developing a discussion on magazine fiction, it is first necessary to develop strong reasoning as to why this is a relevant topic at all. If one is to discuss fiction in books, which many people have, why does the subject of magazine fiction even have to be brought up? Aren't the two of them one and the same? The answer to this is no. It is true that magazine fiction and book fiction have much in common, but they have many differences as well. For instance, the medium

  • Book Editor Interview

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    If you love books, a book editor would be a perfect job. A book editor reads the unpublished drafts to see if the book is good enough to be published and sold in stores. When you´re a book editor you have to have amazing grammar and patience. I interviewed a book editor called Paul Jonson and I was pretty surprised by what he told me about his job and about how he started working. I had an interview with Paul Johnson on July 12th of 2016, and I asked him how he started and he said “I started by

  • Copy Editor College Essay

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    Do you ever wonder what authors do with their books once they're finished writing? Or if there’s anyone else that helps them proofread their work? Well, there is a specific job that does exactly that; they are called editors. An editor is someone who loves words, books, and is a critical reader. One day I hope to work for a small company so I am able to gain experience. Then, I want to move to a big city and work for a large company. I might even consider coming back to a small town and starting

  • Being An Acumen Editor Essay

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    I can handle being an Acumen editor because I have experience in an editorial position and also in design. During the 2016-2017 school year, I held an editorial position and was responsible for helping fellow reporters with their writing. The Acumen allows for editors to design with more free reign than some of the Hilite. I have a background in design, I have designed for the Acumen in the past and I am currently a part of the design team for the Acumen, as well. These experiences, I believe, have

  • Max Perkins: Editor of Genius

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    Max Perkins: Editor of Genius Max Perkins once wrote to Thomas Wolfe that "[t]here could be nothing so important as a book can be." Perkins lived and died believing this, as A. Scott Berg attests with his book, Max Perkins: Editor of Genius. Berg's book begins by describing a rainy evening in mid-Manhattan where a class of budding editors and publishers awaits the infamous Maxwell Perkins for a discussion on editing. Here Berg reveals Perkins as "unlikely for his profession: he was a terrible speller

  • The Importance Of Being A Book Editor

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    that fits my passions and values is being a book editor. To learn more about this career, it will be helpful to understand more about its history, the requirements to have this job, the job description, and whether or not this career seems to fit into my future goals, values, and passions. Knowing the background of the job can help you understand it