Economic Importance

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  • Importance Of Economics In Economics

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    Economics is the study and understanding of the economy such as the governmental system, money marketing, trades such as production and financial market. The traditional economic system is based on customs, beliefs, and ways that people have been doing things for century’s. when the government has control over the aspect over the production and makes all the decisions and ways to control the economy. With the market of the economic system an individual owns the production and they will make economic

  • Importance Of Economic Growth And Economic Development

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    detail several important components such as economic growth and economic development. For this, we will analyze some of the most outstanding theories in this field, with authors such as Adam Smith, Kuznets and Georgescu-Roegen. We will also highlight several studies that attempt to demonstrate the close relationship that economic growth has in the environment and what are the repercussions that global warming, also called climate change, has had on economic growth. Finally, we will briefly look at some

  • The Economic Importance Of Tourism

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    highly relevant part of economic development for many countries. In the recent years the contribution of travel and tourism in terms of overall GDP has been higher than 50% for several small island countries such as Maldives, Antiqua and Barbuda, or Seychelles. Thus, it is very important for countries that tend to be more tourism oriented to understand the factors that influence tourism performance. Understanding these factors is of significant importance for increasing the economic benefits in the tourism

  • Importance Of Retail Economics

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    5.5 Importance of Retail Economics Retailing has a tremendous impact on the economy. It involves high annual sales and employment. Retail involves the selling of goods to end users. While meeting the needs of customers, following are some of the functions performed by a retailer: Customer Convenience: Perhaps the most important role of bringing the ready to be consumed goods to the doorstep of the consumer is performed by the retail community. Consumers benefit from retailing as retailers perform

  • The Importance Of Economic Development

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    wrong to think of economic development as a growth process only. Economic development is a process where we improve the over all life of people and try to overcome absolute poverty. Economic development is about increasing income and health care of the individuals. Economic growth is part of economic development it focus on the increase of economic products and service outputs. Economic development includes economic growth; but high economic growth does not mean that the economic development is high

  • Importance Of Managerial Economics

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    Economic Fundamentals Akawak Ejigu California Southern University Economic Fundamentals Review of Subject The increasing complexity of today’s world of business brought forth greater challenges for both the firm and its managers. The rapid rate of technological and digital advance as well as greater focus on product innovation and processes that influence marketing and sales techniques have contributed to the increasing complexity in the business environment. This complex environment together

  • Economics And Education: The Importance Of Economics In School Education

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    Background to the Study Economics is an important subject in the school curriculum as it is considered a body of knowledge that is useful to the nation. It is also a fundamental subject which acts as a basic necessity for better understanding developmental process, not only at the individual level but at the national level. According to Harper (2001), Economics is a social science that studies the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Knowledge of economics is essential to every

  • Google Economic Importance

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    Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG, NASDAQ: GOOGL), is an international information technology pioneer that specializes in what way individuals access and interrelate with information over a wide variety of platforms. Google has changed a lot since it first started. In 1996 Google's creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin made BackRub, the first version of Google. It was online for a year before they renamed it Google. The company continued to change after that by releasing Google Toolbar and Google AdWords

  • The Importance Of Economic Globalization

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    Diamond described the world as a “Polder” (15), economic globalization connects the whole earth together. Some people believe the economic globalization will make the environment worse because during the development of the economy an abundance of pollution will endanger our environment. However, others believe the economic globalization will help our environment flourish and become better because it would help stimulate the growth of the economy. And allow the development of technology and create

  • Importance Of Financial Economics

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    Financial Economics: an Introduction Financial Economics is the branch of Economics that analyses the use and distribution of resources in markets by taking into account the interrelationship of financial variables such as prices, interest rates and shares. Financial economic decisions are usually made in an uncertain environment by evaluating how time, risk, opportunity costs and information can create incentives and disincentives. In this context, the field of Finance acts like an economic time machine