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    stories that can easily be compared and contrasted to the movie Easy Rider. Easy Rider is the 1960’s "Road Film" tale of a search for freedom in a corrupt and conformist America. "The Crucible" can relate to the world seen in Easy Rider. Unlike "The Crucible" Edith Wharton’s "Roman Fever" would not understand the world represented in Easy Rider.      In the movie Easy Rider Jack Nicholoson’s character George Hanson comes in contact with

  • Comparing On the Road and Easy Rider

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    Parallels in On the Road and Easy Rider               Released more than a decade apart, Kerouac's On the Road and Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider are replete with parallels. Both depict characters whose beliefs are not quite uniform with those of society; in both cases these characters set out in search of "kicks" but become part of something larger along the way. More importantly, these two texts each comment insightfully on the culture of their respective times. But all these similarities become

  • Hidden Messages in Easy Rider

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    What are the hidden messages in Easy Rider There are many symbols of freedom and individuality in Dennis Hoppers movie Easy Rider. The movie Easy Rider revolves around two bikers, Wyatt and Billy, making a trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans, to attend Mardi Gras. The first scene in the movie involves the two protagonists selling a large amount of cocaine to a gentleman in a Rolls Royce. After the drug deal two the bikers begin their journey to Mardi Gras, but not before Wyatt removes his watch

  • Thelma And Louise And Easy Rider Comparison

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    INTERTEXTUAL ANALYSIS OF EASY RIDER AND THELMA & LOUISE: COUNTERCULTURE IN ROAD MOVIES The road movie embodies the human desire for travel and progression. The vehicle of journey is a contemporary metaphor of personal transformation that oftentimes mirrors socio-cultural desires and fears. Thomas Schatz believes that one “cannot consider either the filmmaking process or films themselves in isolation from their economic, technological, and industrial context.” This statement is especially applicable

  • easy rider: a pursuit of American identity

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    Easy Rider: An Epic journey into the unknown For the American dream Easy Rider is the late 1960s "road film" tale of a search for freedom (or the illusion of freedom) and an identity in America, in the midst of paranoia, bigotry and violence. The story, of filmmakers' Fonda/Hopper creation, centers around the self-styled, counter-cultured, neo-frontiersmen of the painfully fashionable late 60s. As for the meaning of Easy rider, Peter Fonda (Wyatt) said in an interview with Rolling Stone

  • Analysis of Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider

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    Analysis of Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider The movie “Easy Rider” revolves around two bikers making a trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans, to attend Mardi Gras. The first scene in the film involves the two main characters selling a good amount of cocaine to a man in Rolls Royce. After the drug deal the bikers begin their journey to Mardi Gras, but not before one of them removes his watch and throws it on the ground. I found this indicative of his pursuit of freedom, because time serves only to constrain

  • Film Analysis Of Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider

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    Introduction The myth of American(USA) superiority and exceptionalism has existed since the early foundation days. The rush towards the Pacific provided an easy way to sustain this theory, and for a long time it was assumed that westward growth was the best sign of success. In fact, some of the earliest films to hold captive the American citizens were spectacles of U.S. positivism, where good always triumphed over evil. By adapting the standard Hollywood ‘road’ movie narrative (east to west), incorporating

  • Exploring Post-War Economy Through The Graduate And Easy Rider

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    various reasons, including: affluence, leisure time, easy access to literature, and higher education. These topics have been touched upon far too much for me to mention them in my paper, and I will save you the boring read. The real question is, why? Why after being handed everything, why after being groomed for this new world where America was at the head of power, why would they throw this away for a system that was unproven and idealistic? The easy answer would be that they were tripping...hard,

  • Analyzation of Southern Arizona Folk Arts

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    view the folk arts more closely and to analyze how the author of the web exhibit portrays them to the audience. Two extremely different and non-related folk arts, yet excellent and important representations of the Hispanic culture are low rider vehicles and food. Easy comprehension ,unique organization, and friendly and humorous tone are used to present the folk arts. The author also uses ethos and pathos to appeal to the reader and portray the Hispanic culture better. These tactics are all used to provide

  • Counter-Culture Youth Pic

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    This trend in production started in the late 1960’s as a result of the economic and cultural influences on the film industry of that time. The following essay looks at how those influences helped to shape a new genre in the film industry, sighting Easy Rider as a main example, and suggests some possible reasons for the relatively short popularity of the genre.      “The standard story of the counterculture begins with an account of the social order against which it rebelled