Film Analysis Of Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider

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Introduction The myth of American(USA) superiority and exceptionalism has existed since the early foundation days. The rush towards the Pacific provided an easy way to sustain this theory, and for a long time it was assumed that westward growth was the best sign of success. In fact, some of the earliest films to hold captive the American citizens were spectacles of U.S. positivism, where good always triumphed over evil. By adapting the standard Hollywood ‘road’ movie narrative (east to west), incorporating modern music as non-diegetic sound and utilizing shocking scenes – both socially and in terms of ignoring every written and unwritten filming law - Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider stands as a testament to the changes going on in the US during the late 1960s and creates a certain distance to the previous way of seeing America. Background Behind the Movie With the collaboration of Denis Hopper…show more content…
Apart of being a solid picture in and of itself, this is a film that is important for historical and artistic reasons and like The Godfather or Star Wars(1977) are, it is an essential piece of American film history. It shows the divergence in society and how it’s handled by the different communities. So this movie doesn’t only still thrive from the film critical viewpoint but also still reflects human social behaviors that didn’t change in the last 40 years. The only continuity during the movie is brought by the bikes and costumes of the three main characters, with the only omission being the missing motorcycles in the campfire scene due to a theft of the bikes during the last weeks of filming. After Billy gets hit and Captain America hands down is jacket to cover him, he drives of for aid and gets consequently executed himself and his motorcycle bursts in pieces. The continuity is broken, they tried to grasp for freedom and unleash the chains of society, still society found them and got them

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