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    many other people in the world who might disagree. What would they want the most of? you ask. Well, that depends on whom you ask.      When you take a trip half way around the world, the values are totally different. The Eastern religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, to name a few, practice very different beliefs. They are more centered on love thy neighbor than the Christian Religion. This is not to say that Christians are wrong or act wrongfully, it just says that the difference

  • The Eastern Chipmunk

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    The Eastern Chipmunk The Eastern chipmunk is a small rodent of the Sciuridae family. This chipmunk is closely related to the red and grey fox, the flying squirrel, and the woodchuck. Its Taxonomic name is Tamias Striatus. The word Tamias, Means collector or keeper and Striatus refers to its bold stripes and coloring. The body of the average Eastern Chipmunk is about 8 to 10 inches long, the weigh about 2 ½ to 4 ounces. The ears are rounded with ears that stick straight up. It has short legs

  • Eastern Turkey

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    Eastern Turkey is a region that quickly takes you back into a different time. Unlike Ankara and Istanbul, the landscape is dotted by small villages and cities much like America at the turn of the 20th century—or at least it was that way when we lived there. There were few roads and fewer automobiles. Village phone numbers were often only three numbers—and sometimes only two. The rolling hills and ancient limestone formations were reminders of creation’s beauty and diversity. If you remember the roadrunner

  • The Eastern Indigo Snake

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    The eastern indigo snake is the longest snake species native to the united states. With a habitat that covers much of the east coast and all of florida, some of the longest eastern indigos push nearly 9.5 feet. While this fact may invoke fear in many, humans do not have much to fear. Eastern indigos are non-venomous, and only eat small animals including bird eggs. Humans are actually more deadly to them. Even though they aren't the cutest or most sought-after pet, they play an important and irreplaceable

  • Eastern Timber Wolf

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    Eastern Timber Wolf For nearly 100 years, the forests of the State of Maine have seen close to none eastern timber wolves. The animals that once roamed the woods are gone and may never return. This is why in 1969 the eastern timber wolf was placed on the endangered species list. With great efforts, maybe someday, the eastern timber wolf may inhabit the woods of Maine again. The eastern timber wolfs scientific name is Canis lupus lycaon. It is a sub-species of the Canis lupis, or Gray

  • Drought Eastern Africa

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    The world should be pulling their resources together because the way the drought is affecting the Eastern Africa’s people is killing them. Reasonable one can not live in conditions where there is minimal food and water. People need to get their basic needs to survive and Eastern Africa is far from the ideal place to do so due to drought. The Eastern Africa people have limited crops which are mostly failing due to lack of water, little cattle herds due to the hot conditions and poor ground to

  • Eastern Orthodox Church

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    Eastern Orthodox Church Behind the elaborate fresco paintings and splendid architecture, Eastern Orthodox Church has played a significant role in the preservation of Christian tradition throughout history. Since the transfer of the imperial capitol of the Roman Empire from Rome to Constantinople, the Eastern Orthodox Christianity has evolved into a distinct branch of Christianity (Steeves). As Timothy Ware, the author of The Orthodox Church, suggests, major intellectual, cultural, and social developments

  • Eastern Cougars, Maybe

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    Eastern Cougars, Maybe (1) Most Field and Stream enthusiasts know that cougars are a fast and agile animal that can live for many years with no real predator other than humans. Another name for the cougar is the well used mountain lion which many Eastern states have named stores, schools, and even sports teams after. The distinction that the Mississippi river stops cougars from traveling into Eastern states can’t be proven because there are many animals in the West that are in the East

  • The Eastern War And Its Effects

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    The Eastern War and its Effects A Critical Review of Vejas Liulevicius’s War Land on the Eastern Front: Culture, National Identity and German Occupation in World War 1 Vejas Liulevicius. War Land on the Eastern Front: Culture, National Identity and German Occupation in World War 1. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2000, pp. 300, ISBN: 9786610162123. This is one of the first books to examine the details of the eastern front during World War One. The majority of the great

  • Eastern European Conclusions

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    Eastern European Conclusions The year 1989 represents a paradox of the modern history. Not long ago the USSR was the biggest fear of the whole world. The Soviet Union exemplified an enormous political, economical, and military power. The revolution of 1917 gave birth to a giant child. That creation walked the earth very fast, and, by the end of 1960, it enforced communist structures all over the world. China, Cuba, Poland, Czechoslovakia illustrate ramifications of the system. In 1989 the child