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  • Earnings Management

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    evidences of managers manipulating the earnings for various reasons. “Earnings management is the choice by a manager of accounting policies, or real actions, affecting earnings so as to achieve some specific reported earnings objective” (Scott, 2012, p. 423). Managers play an important role in the company because they have control over the accounting policies, thus, the managers can manipulate the income. There are different viewpoints about earnings management. Some people think it will protect

  • Essay On Earnings Management

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    The main basis of this definition involves the interests of management towards stakeholders and contractual outcomes. Earnings management decisions rely on the intent of the managers, which can include reflecting the financial results positively to investors or for the firm to meet contractual obligations. Earnings management is the manipulation, through a selection of accounting policies, to achieve a desired financial reporting result. Accruals can be classified as matching financial activities

  • Importance Of Earnings Management

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    Today’s World, earnings management can be defined simply as “an accounting process whereby managers manipulate reported earnings to obtain some private gain.” Most companies today take part in earnings management in order to maximize profits and stock value and reduce fluctuations. In the United States companies must comply with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles; however, there is room for interpretation and judgment, which leads to earnings management. Although earnings management does not

  • Ethics in Earnings Management

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    concern. With that goal in mind, management must continually report sustained or improved earnings to stakeholders to ensure constant and new investments in the company’s future (Geiger & van der Laan Smith, 2010). The pressure to report positive results can lead management to engage in earnings management activities to alter short-term results to meet the goals set forth (Geiger & van der Laan Smith, 2010). In addition to the pressures on company management, broad accounting principles introduce

  • Earnings Management Case Study

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    Schipper (1989) gives a well accepted definition of ‘earnings management’. According to him, the managers of a company often intercede in the external financial report of the firm and thus they safeguard their personal interests. This process of managerial intervention in the annual reporting process is better termed as earnings management. After a decade, in 1999 Healy and Wahlen, echo the same and affirm that the manager’s discretionary power may well influence the accounting reports of a company

  • Earnings Management In Accounting

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    Introduction Earnings management is a popular project that studied by fields of both economy and accounting. Although the concept of earnings management is still controversial in the accounting fields, the basic purpose can be concluded from the two authority definitions by Scott (n.d.) and Schipper (n.d.). According to Scott (n.d.), a scholar of accounting in America, earnings management refers to the behaviors that allowed by GAAP standard, maximizing the self-interest of managers or the enterprise

  • Ethics of Earnings Management

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    I enjoyed the conversation on GAAP and earnings management relating to the case “Be Careful What You Wish For: From the Middle”. The conversation was brief, but got me thinking on the ethics of earnings management. GAAP accounting is to reflect in good faith the company’s actual financial status and present reality as is. It is not to present a manipulated set of numbers that paint a pretty picture. GAAP requires recording of revenue when there is persuasive evidence of an arrangement, assurance

  • The Pros And Cons Of Earnings Management

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    Earnings Management is the concept where through the use of accounting methods under the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) standard set by FASB, companies are able to skew the results on their financial statements to look more favorable, create a positive view of the company’s financial standing and operation. Paul Rosenfield, a CPA who was the director of the AICPA accounting standards, says that GAAP is a system that has two flaws in regard to earnings management; realization and

  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

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    fresh, glazed, yeast-raised doughnuts, known as "Hot Original Glazed”, Krispy Kreme also make more than a dozen other varieties of yeast-raised and cake doughnuts. But the company is currently going through financial turmoil along with possible earnings management. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts recently announced that they are slashing 125-130 jobs, the vast majority in Winston-Salem. The company is eliminating one-fourth of their staff in order to cut costs. Also, they recently sold their corporate jet to a

  • Maytag Case Analysis

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    would be the one to answer the questions and ease the shareholders’ mind. Ralph Hake, Chair and CEO of Maytag Corporation, made his speech and voiced two goals. These goals were to return the corporation to the historic earnings levels under Leonard Hadley and exceed those earnings. These goals would take the effort of everyone within the Maytag Corporation to make this possible. His speech spoke of problems that the company had encountered and was addressing. They were not going to let the company

  • Accounting

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    of financial reporting. Levitt’s speech emphasized the importance of clear financial reporting to those gathered at New York University. Reporting which has bowed to the pressures and tricks of earnings management. Levitt specifically addresses five of the most popular tricks used by firms to smooth earnings. Secondly, Levitt outlines an eight part action plan to recover the integrity of financial reporting in the U.S. market place. What are the basic objectives of financial reporting? Generally accepted

  • FPL Group

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    healthy utility, so the company did its best to explain to investors why it had taken such an unusual step. Table 1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Year Dividend Earnings Dividend Dividend Earnings Dividend Dividend per share per share payout ratio payout (%) per share payout payout (%) before ratio extraordi- nary items -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Developing a Successful Slamball Facility

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    Once the facility is centralized I should be able to attract the morning workers, teenagers, and the fine athletes of Atlanta. The Slamball business plan will detail start up expenses, year one projected earnings, year one projected... ... middle of paper ... ...opment and management team follow these for mentioned steps than Slamball is likely to be a success in Atlanta. Developing and sustaining a business is an ongoing learning experience, and Slamball will make the necessary changes in

  • Harley Davidson

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    Overview Harley-Davidson’s management had much to be proud of as the company wrapped up its Open Road Tour centennial celebration that began in July 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia, and ended on the 2003 Memorial Day Weekend in Harley’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 14-month Open Road Tour drew large crowds of Harley owners in each of its five stops in North America and additional stops in Australia, Japan, Spain, and Germany. Also during its 2003 centennial year, Harley-Davidson was named to Fortune’s

  • Women's Role In 1920

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    starting to change. After World War One it was called the "Jazz Age", known for new music and dancing styles. It was also known as the "Golden Twenties" or "Roaring Twenties" and everyone seemed to have money. Both single and married women we earning higher- paying jobs. Women were much more than just staying home with their kids and doing house work. They become independent both financially and literally. Women also earned the right to vote in 1920 after the Nineteenth Amendment was

  • Hiring In-Laws: A Bad Idea

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    fairly simple. They owned a clothing manufacturing company that made camouflage apparel. They were contracted suppliers of clothing to the military since the business opened its doors during World War II. Daniel O'Shea, the company president, was earning a "comfortable living" in 1970 when began making plans to select his successor. His two daughters had no interest in the day-to-day operations of the company. As a result his decision to choose his son, a levelheaded recent M.B.A., was easy. His

  • Basic Finance

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    the financial performance of the company. Management is responsible for creating and maintaining both capital and operational budgets. Employees are required to maintain certain standards of productivity. Customers are affected by finances as well. Consider gas prices, and how increased costs in production are passed on to the consumer. When looking at a company's finances, there are essentially four items to consider: the income statement, the price earnings ratio, the balance sheet, and the statement

  • Whether a Cut in Corp Tax Rate be Beneficial

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    analysis of the benefits or detriments obtained by two companies due to the reduction. There is a basic relationship between the market volume and corporate tax rates. A decrease in the corporate rates would allow companies to pay less on their earnings, leaving them with more Net Income (NI). With this increase in net income, a company can afford to invest in other areas or it allows them to repurchase their stock. By repurchasing stock, the market volume drops by the amount of stock that has been

  • Hal Riney & Partners, Inc

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    cable TV - $23.75 million. Nowadays, the average percentage of earning for advertising agencies is approximately between .05% to 1% of the total billings. With a billing of $475 million, it would be logical to assume that Hal Riney & Partners earns approximately $2.375 million to $4.75 million. With the acquisition of several new accounts including Acer Group and Sprint Spectrum, Hal Riney’s billing is now approaching $600 million. Management Profiles - The chairman and CEO of Hal Riney & Partners, Inc

  • Is Financial Compensation Beneficial Or Detrimental In An Empowerment

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    Motivation Motivation is a force which pushes a person to take a particular course of action, i.e. being motivated to go to school, to get something out of it, be it, to learn new things or just to get a good job out of it at the end which will bring high earnings. A basic model of motivation is shown below: NEED                    BEHAVIOR                    REWARD This shows motivation in action, from the previous example we can show that the need is the desire to learn or to get a good job, the behavior