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  • Battle of Dunkirk

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    Battle of Dunkirk 1. Sources A, B and C give 3 different individual accounts on what the battle for Dunkirk was like, and together they help to paint an overall picture of the situation of the British. The evacuation of troops from Dunkirk became necessary after the total defeat of the British and French forces in May 1940 by the new Blitzkrieg tactics of the German army. Its rapid breakthrough had cut off the main allied forces from their bases leaving them with no

  • The Battle of Dunkirk

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    The Battle of Dunkirk Who could have ever imagined 'Dunkirk' a word containing only a few letters, a word which caused immense havoc, annihilation, death and suffering could signify something so powerful, a word of great reverence, a word of saviour, hope and spirit for the British. Was Dunkirk a defeat or victory? There are countless views on Dunkirk, some say its defeat, other say it was a victory or perhaps even both. Either way the price that troops, civilians and

  • Describing Dunkirk

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    Describing Dunkirk From what I have learned about Dunkirk, it is possible to say that it could have been seen as a victory and also a defeat for the British. When the Second World War first began in September 1939 Germany had started to invade Poland and as a result of this France and Britain joined in an alliance and declared war on Germany. By the 10th May 1940 Germany had begun their invasion of France using the Blitzkrieg Method. On the 20th May Germany had

  • Describing Dunkirk

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    Describing Dunkirk On the 20th May 1940the allied troops were trapped by the Germans on the Northern coast of France. The allies consisted of the British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F), the Belgian Army and the ten best divisions of the French Army. It was on this day that Churchill gave the command for the evacuation to take place, to Britain by ship, following advice from Lord Gort (leader of the B.E.F). Rommel was advancing from the north and Degaudier from the south

  • Miracle of Dunkirk

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    From May 27 to June 4, 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s characterization of the state of affairs at Dunkirk went from “a colossal military disaster” to “a miracle of deliverance.” Truly something remarkable had happened, namely, the successful evacuation of 340 000 Allied troops from the French port of Dunkirk, codenamed Operation Dynamo. On May 10, 1940, the Wehrmacht (German army) rapidly conquered Belgium and the Netherlands with their lightning-speed blitzkrieg tactics while

  • The Battle of Dunkirk

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    The Battle of Dunkirk In my opinion the battle of Dunkirk can be seen as both a deliverance and disaster. It can be seen as a deliverance by the fact that the British and French survived which is a great feat on it's own, because seeing what predicament the British and French were in, it was likely they were going to lose. They turned the tables and 338,000 men were saved. On the other hand, it can be seen as a disaster because out of the 338,000 men saved 139,997

  • Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain

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    Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain Dunkirk began the 24th May 1940, when French and English soldiers were trapped on the beach of Dunkirk fighting a losing battle against the Germans. So the British launched a desperate attempt to evacuate them back to British soil where they would be safe, known as operation dynamo. Soldiers were rescued from the beaches in France by the thousands; overall 350,000 were brought back to England with 139,997 French, almost all the BEF

  • Evaluating the Success of Dunkirk

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    Evaluating the Success of Dunkirk There are many opinions on how successful Dunkirk was; one point of view can be argued that it was a defeat for the British. There are many meanings to defeat; these include lose of troops and equipment, demoralisation of troops and a disorderly nature

  • The Events at Dunkirk in June 1940

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    The Events at Dunkirk in June 1940 It is very difficult to give a direct answer about whether Dunkirk was or was not a crushing victory for the German army. Some sources agree with this interpretation and suggest that it was a great victory for Hitler. These sources mention the great number of equipment captured as well as the vast amount of soldiers imprisoned by the German army during the ‘Blitzkrieg’. An example of this is in source D7 describing exactly the

  • Dunkirk Research Paper

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    ‘The Battle of Dunkirk’ was initially the retaking of Europe from the Germans but later turned into the evacuation of the allied troops trapped on Dunkirk. I believe that Dunkirk was a disaster for the Allies' army generals but it was a triumph for allied civilians and especially the soldiers' families. In that situation, it was a triumph, as out of all the soldiers trapped on the beaches 330,000 of them were evacuated, however it was a huge defeat as it made Britain appears cowardly and weak. The