Dunkirk Research Paper

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‘The Battle of Dunkirk’ was initially the retaking of Europe from the Germans but later turned into the evacuation of the allied troops trapped on Dunkirk. I believe that Dunkirk was a disaster for the Allies' army generals but it was a triumph for allied civilians and especially the soldiers' families. In that situation, it was a triumph, as out of all the soldiers trapped on the beaches 330,000 of them were evacuated, however it was a huge defeat as it made Britain appears cowardly and weak. The British government never planned on having to retreat and evacuate there troops at the beginning of the counter against Germanys advancing army.
However as source B7 shows, the battle of Dunkirk can be interpreted as a triumph E.G Winston Churchill, called the battle of Dunkirk a "miracle" whilst speaking in front of the British public, Churchill sent out numerous messages to parliament, giving the message that how Dunkirk was won by spirit and immaculate discipline, He uses clever word devices to reinforced the support and morale of his country he does this by portraying Dunkirk as a vict...

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