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  • Mr. Duffy

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    of forced circumstance that grew out of a previous choice they made, but when it comes down to it loneliness is never truly desired. In the short stories A Painful Case and Eveline we see examples of each type of loneliness. In A Painful Case Mr. Duffy for the most part of his life chooses to be alone. In Eveline, Eveline seems to be lonely because she’s unable to leave her duties to her family. In both stories the main characters display their desire to have someone near but when they’re finally

  • Children of the Forest by Kevin Duffy

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    "Children of the Forest" by Kevin Duffy "Children of the Forest" is a narrative written by Kevin Duffy. This book is a written testament of an anthropologist's everyday dealings with an African tribe by the name of the Mbuti Pygmies. My purpose in this paper is to inform the reader of Kevin Duffy's findings while in the Ituri rainforest. Kevin Duffy is one of the first and only scientists to have ever been in close contact with the Mbuti. If an Mbuti tribesman does not want to be found,

  • Valentine and Stealing - By Carol Ann Duffy

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    By Carol-Ann Duffy FOR IDEAS ONLY, DO NOT COPY In ‘Valentine’ and ‘Stealing’, Carol-Ann Duffy uses an extended metaphor which helps the reader relate to what the poet is trying to get across, and to understand what the feelings are of the narrator. Both poems also focus on the thoughts and emotions of the ‘speaker’, both are structured as conversational pieces, meaning you could just use it to talk to someone, and could imagine the reactions of the person they’re talking to. Duffy also never reveals

  • Disability as Power in the Works of Mary Duffy, Frida Kahlo, and Vassar Millar

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    change how they are going to be. When "disabled" people succeed, it is commonly thought that those individuals are amazing for overcoming their disabilities and thriving in life. Is this really what they are doing? The following three women, Mary Duffy, Frieda Kahlo, and Vassar Miller transform their disabilities into the ability to create complex forms of art that force the audience to gain a different perspective on disabilities. Their disabilities become their power. The artists use this power

  • Duffy Little Red Cap poem

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    Duffy Little Red Cap poem In “Little Red Cap” discuss the use of imagery, syntax and structure. Plan: Introduction to the collection of poems Similarities and differences between this poem and original fairytale Imagery – how has Duffy used the words used to create pictures in the reader’s head? Syntax – word order. Why has she written sentences the way she has? Emphasis on a particular word. Structure – length of stanzas “Little Red Cap” is written by Carol Ann Duffy found in

  • Carol Ann Duffy

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    Carol Ann Duffy Carol Ann Duffy was born in Glasgow on 23rd. December 1965 .she is widely commended as Britain's leading female poet. She has studied philosophy at Liverpool University. Her mother was Mary Black, an Irish. And her father was called Frank Duffy. She has four younger brothers. She attended St Austin Roman Catholic Primary School, Stafford from 1962 to 1967, after which she attended St Joseph's convent school, Stafford. She was encouraged in poetry by her teacher June

  • Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy

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    Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy In his darkroom he is finally alone with spools of suffering set out in ordered rows. The only light is red and softly glows, as though this were a church and he a priest preparing to intone a Mass. Belfast. Beirut. Phnom Penh. All flesh is grass. He has a job to do. Solutions slop in trays beneath his hands which did not tremble then though seem to now. Rural England. Home again to ordinary pain which simple weather

  • Valentine, by Ann Duffy and First Love by John Clare

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    Valentine is by Ann Duffy. The first thing that caught my attention was the title “Valentine”. Usually when you would hear that word your head would be thinking hearts, love, romance, and choclates etc but not in this case. In this poem it describes love as an onion and this is the constant imagery. The poets aim was to use the onion as a symbol of love rather than the everyday, typical gifts. I think the poem might have been written by a male but adapted by a female poet. My reason for

  • Before you were mine by Carol Ann Duffy

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    Before you were mine by Carol Ann Duffy Before you were mine ==================== 'Before you were mine' is a poem written by Carol Ann Duffy. It’s a retrospective poignant dramatic monologue, which tells us about her mother's life ten years before Duffy was born. The title suggests that it's a love poem which shows the strong mother and daughter relationship that they had. The poem starts off with a positive image. "…laugh on with your pals Maggie McGeeney and Jean Duff…". This shows

  • Compare 4 poems (1 Duffy/ 1 Armitage/ 2 Pre 1914) which you have found

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    Compare 4 poems (1 Duffy/ 1 Armitage/ 2 Pre 1914) which you have found interesting because of the way they are structured and the language used. In this essay, I am going to compare four poems, which are " Stealing" by Carol Ann Duffy, "Hitcher" by Simon Armitage, "My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning and "The Laboratory" by Robert Browning that I have found interesting as the way they are structured and the language used. The four poems all have similarities between themselves, as they

  • Why does Carol Ann Duffy put Little Red Cap at the beginning of the

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    Why does Carol Ann Duffy put Little Red Cap at the beginning of the collection and Demeter at the end? How effective do you think they are as first and last poems? In Carol Ann Duffy’s collection of poems, “The Worlds Wife” the first and last poems are vital to the collection. The opening poem must successfully introduce the themes and style of poems in the collection and the final poem should conclude the collection. Little Red Cap successfully introduces themes that are present throughout

  • Oppression and Conflict of Holocaust Represented in the Poem, Shooting Star by Carol Ann Duffy

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    The poem "shooting stars" by Carol Ann. Duffy is characterized by a constant use of imagery that helps the reader understand the oppression and conflict represented in the Holocaust. The poem is from the point of view of a woman that died and was a victims of the Nazis, and makes the public relive and comprehend the time of suffering of the Jewish by Hitler in order to accomplish his final solution, in order to make the readers feel sorry for them. The first stanza opens up by saying "after I no

  • Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

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    Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a young 21st century music composer. She is a United Kingdom, as well as, American, soul, R&B, and pop sensation. She has won numerous Grammy nominations and awards in her early career, being only twenty-five years old. Adele will have many more awards to come to her in her future career. Adele has had at least five number one hits since she was signed at just nineteen years old. As she emerged into her teen years she had many inspirations. Adele was born on May 5, 1988

  • Carol Ann Duffy's Revision of Masculinist Representations of Female Identity

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    Carol Ann Duffy's Revision of Masculinist Representations of Female Identity Carol Ann Duffy is one of the freshest and bravest talents to emerge in British poetry —any poetry — for years', writes Eavan Boland (Duffy, 1994, cover). This courage is manifest in Duffy’s ability and desire to revise masculinist representations of female identity and her engagement with feminine discourse, a concept which, as Sara Mills points out: has moved away from viewing women as simply an oppressed group, as

  • Scottish Culture

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    helped to prove that the Gaelic language could have traditional expression (Fraser 185). Douglas Dunn and Liz Lochhead appeared during the 1960s and 1970s as revered poets of the time (Fraser 185). Within recent years, Robert Crawford, Carol Anne Duffy, and Don Patterson have created their own reputations as Scottish poets (Fraser 185). One of the most notable Scottish writers of all time is Robert Burns (Fraser 185). Known as the “immortal Rabbie”, Burns wrote the words to “Auld Lang Syne,” the

  • Fragments of A Painful Case and Paper Pills

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    Pills" Although James Joyce and Sherwood Anderson situate their subjects in very different milieux (Joyce's in Dublin; Anderson's in Winesburg, Ohio), two of their subjects speak the same language of idiosyncrasy. In Joyce's "A Painful Case," Mr. Duffy keeps on his desk "a little sheaf of papers held together by a brass pin. In these sheets a sentence was inscribed from time to time and, in an ironical moment, the headline of an advertisement for Bile Beans had been pasted on to the first sheet"

  • Comparing Carol Ann Duffy's Havisham and Robert Browning's The Laboratory

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    Duffy's Havisham and Robert Browning's The Laboratory In the poem “Havisham”, Carol Ann Duffy presents the subject as an old, embittered woman with “ropes on the back of her hands”. In “The Laboratory” by Robert Browning the subject is a strong and determined, but very jealous and embittered, young woman. Both poems are written in the first person in the form of a dramatic monologue. Carol Ann Duffy writes about the feelings of rejection, isolation and desolation that a woman who has been jilted

  • War Photographer by Ms. Duffy

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    War Photographer by Ms. Duffy This poem is the only one by Ms. Duffy (in this selection) which is written in the third person. It is about a person who is clearly not the poet. The surface subject of the poem is the war photographer of the title but at a deeper level the poem explores the difference between "Rural England" and places where wars are fought (Northern Ireland, the Lebanon and Cambodia), between the comfort or indifference of the newspaper editor and its readers and the suffering

  • The poems' Valentine and In Mrs. Tilchers' Class both experience

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    stanza. From this we can see that both poems are conforming to normal standard, by starting off very positively. In "Valentine" Carol Ann Duffy starts off the poem by describing the state of the relationship and uses the words 'like the careful undressing of love' to create a simile of sexual nature. As the poem progresses, we find out that Carol Ann Duffy is, in fact, ending the relationship with the person concerned. She uses phrases like 'possessive' and 'lethal', which certainly does not

  • Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy

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    To what extent does Carol Ann Duffy’s poem ‘Medusa’ challenge stereotypical masculine and feminine attributes? The World Wife anthology written by Carol Ann Duffy, challenges the established exemplification of prevailing characteristics found in both genders, in a patriarchal society. Duffy manipulates some of these characteristics in the poem through the mythological allusion of medusa. The innocence of womanhood is overshadowed by the protagonists’ related violent imageries; instead, she is seen